Onoe Caponoe - Disappearing Jakob (Video)

The third video for Onoe's newly released High Focus debut, Planet Cattelle, is arguably the strongest preview. Chemo's wistful half-tempo dub is the ideal backdrop for this space cadet to tell a tale of a weed connect gone AWOL. 

But it's in Lord Of The Light that we've got an early contender for best video of the year, courtesy of Taztron Delix. Es pl├ítanos.

You can get the album here.

10 UK / US Collaborations We Want To See In 2015

We recently checked in with Complex to offer some expertise madly speculative thoughts on future UK-US collaborations, which was great fun. If any of these wind up happening, please send a finder's fee to ukallday at the Google Mail. 50% of everything will suffice. 

Read the article here and follow Complex and the top boy JP on Twitter, he's got all the premieres and that other good stuff on lock. 

Novelist x Mumdance - 1 Sec (Video)

Before last year things weren't looking good for grime. The bifurcation between those selling their grans for a spot in the charts and the vanguard of producers keeping a small fire burning with instrumentals left a huge gap to fill. 

Thankfully it was filled, largely owing to German Whip, That's Not Me, and On A Level. But it wasn't only old faces bringing things back. Stormzy planted his flag in the ground with Not That Deep and Where Do You Know Me From. Novelist is another name to watch.

On 1 Sec Mumdance produces one of the sparsest beats in grime's short history, and that's no bad thing. The pair's EP of the same name is now available on iTunes

Jazz T - The Lesson feat. Jehst, Zygote & Jyager (Video)

Jazz T and Zygote pull a typically chunky production out of the bag for Jehst to do the damn thing on. Watch out for Jazz's forthcoming album, Run The Changes, being readied for release next Monday and order yourself a 45 of The Lesson here.

The Four Owls - Think Twice (prod. DJ Premier) (Video)

The Four Owls send the UK hip hop scene into a spin with their latest offering, with none other than DJ Premier providing the beat. Verbs killt this one. 

Pre-order Natural Order, their follow-up to 2011's Nature's Greatest Mystery, here