Trellion - Yup (Video)

"There's a skill in giving this little fuck, sweg level on a trillion."

Sonnyjim - Live @ The Bonanza (prod. Micall Parknsun) (Video)

What's fucking with this? Not a lot. Sonnyjim and Micall Parknsun are Live @ The Bonanza. Be sure to cop a copy of the EP for four bunters when you're done watching the video for the title track. 

VVV - Anguish Gang (Video)

If you haven't already happened upon Cappo's latest project, VVV, well this is about as good an introduction as any. Capps, Juga-Naut and Vandal Savage are the triumvirate and are just as happy riding the quantized hi-hats and claps of Anguish Gang as they are tackling the more classic feel of Tripple VVV, which, incidentally, you can download for a reasonable £299.95.

Danny Seth - I Arise Because (Video)

This is tough. Danny Seth is on a mission to crack the States with his forthcoming album, Perception. Selling snow to eskimos comes to mind, but with tunes like this, a bent for contemporary production and a post-Drake delivery, he may have a decent chance of whipping up some attention over the pond. 

Lee Scott - Don't Make Me (prod. Dirty Dike) (Video)

Here's another cut off Lee Scott and Dirty Dike's Butter Fly set, in which Dike channels his inner DJ Muggs for the beat and the pair set off in their astro whip with chicks ahoy. 

Ramson Badbonez - Thanks To You (Video)

Ramson reunites with the Boot Records camp for his forthcoming Silva Surfa project, produced by Jazz T and Zygote. The LP is up for pre-order now

Lee Scott - Butter Fly (prod. Dirty Dike) (Video)

Here's the title track from cultist Lee Scott and Dirty Dike's joint project, Butter Fly, for release on High Focus. Getcha pre-orders in here

Roots Manuva - Facety 4:11 (prod. Four Tet)

Roots Manuva joins electronic music maestro Four Tet for his latest offering, a frenetic and brief piece that clocks in at a little over two and a half minutes. Cop from Ninja Tune for this and a B-side produced by Machinedrum. 

A Brief Timeline of the Chipmunk Fuckery

So Chip went at Tinie over some subliminals.

Some people including Big Narstie thought it was a dick move. 

Chip stood his ground. 

Some people laughed. 

And others responded on track. Bugzy Malone bodied this, no?

To be continued... 

Flako - Natureboy

London-based producer Flako has just presented his debut album proper with Natureboy, a work that takes his sound beyond the confines of an Akai's rubber pads, building on his former sound on Mesektet and other releases.

Try the LP and be sure to check for Kuku, below, which is a proper belter.

P Money - Gimme 2 Minutes (Video)

As if trouncing Big H at Lord of the Mics wasn't enough, P goes in on the former Meridian Crew member once again, even questioning the snitching between his former associates in connection with a shooting a decade ago

Off P Money's Originators EP. 

The Purist - Pyrex Scholar

You should already know what this is about. 2x features from Roc Marci, Your Old Droog, Freddie Gibbs, Maffew Ragazino, new name Tree and some butter beats to boot.

Joker Starr - MACKnificent

So it looks like Joker Starr has something of a concept album in the works, and by the sounds of the above, DJ IQ has provided a batch of on-point beats for the project. 

You can pre-order MACKnificent here

The Purist - Patina feat. Roc Marciano

The Purist adds to his excellent Roc Marciano collaboration Change with his new excellent Marci collaboration Patina, which you'll find on the Brit producer's Pyrex Scholar album due for release next week.

Before then, read what he had to say to Passion of the Weiss.

Kano - Hail (prod. Rustie) (Video)

Kano and Rustie's headbanger Hail gets the video treatment. Thrown in the mix is an equally monstrous new banger, that looks like it's probably called New Banger, previewed in the motor with Giggs and Ghetts on deck. Sounds like Rustie's lit a fire in K's belly.

Rewd Adams - Hunger Pains 2 (Mixtape)

It's been a good while since Rewd Adams made his introduction with Hunger Pains, back when he was known as Skandal. With three projects now under his belt he returns from a three year hiatus with the sequel to his debut. 

You can pre-order an unblended version ahead of its release on the 23rd of this month. Until then, check the DJ MK mix. 

MilkMakerz - The Anthems

The MilkMakerz - Jon Phonics and DJ Milktray - welcome you to their world, a place where sample chops, heavy bass and staccato percussion live side by side, and where Pen N Pixel inspired covers is a must. 

CAS - Nigella (Video)

CAS back. Footsie on the prod.s.

The half-dead shotter also made an appearance on former collaborator Faz Miyake's production Get It a short while ago, so check that. 

Skepta - Shutdown

Skepta's name has filled plenty of web space since that Brits performance had everyone and their nans opining on whether it was a righteous move in the face of a crusty and ignorant (and possibly racist) music establishment or tantamount to back-up dancing for an insufferable egotist. Or both. Either way, he now has a new anthem on his hands that will only give him more momentum.  

Under The Influence Trailer

A history lesson for all the youngers. No word of a release date just yet, but this has to be worth a watch when it sees the light of day later this year. 

Dream Mclean - D.W.I.D. feat. Professor Green & CAS (DJ IQ & Jetsun Remix)

DJ IQ and Jetsun give Dream Mclean's D.W.I.D. the remix treatment, warping a vocal sample to the nines until it sounds like some kind of demented nursery chant. This is completely different to the industrialist original and the perfect backdrop for CAS to show up on.

Grab Mclean's Greyscale album, and its predecessor Weatherman

Little Simz - Intervention (Video)

Two for the price of one here. Not only does Intervention off Little Simz' EP AGE 101: DROP 3|000 get brought to life, at the 2:56 mark we're treated to a new heater. 

And it appears to be something entirely fresh. You won't find it on The Theory Of... from late last month. You can't but respect this young lady's work rate and output. 

Lee Scott & Black Josh - Skedaddle (Video)

"It's all good tonight Matthew, I'm gonna be $weg."

Lee Scott and Black Josh are the B Movie Billionaires and you can find their EP of the same name over at Bandcamp, production handled by Baileys Brown. 

The Mouse Outfit - Credits Roll feat. Verb T (Video)

Next month the Mouse Outfit, the Manny nine-piece and production team, will release their LP Step Steadier

Triple Darkness - Reanimation (Video)

New gutter gutter from the Triple Darkness fam. 

An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space

It seems like an age ago that the Beatles and Wu were masterfully mashed together for Enter The Magical Mystery, a bootleg that caught the attention of the Guardian and the New York Times. The brains behind the project is back, this time pairing Liverpool's finest with a score and counting of legends from New York's 80s and 90s golden ages.

Stream below or download for laters. 

Jam Baxter - Caravan (Video)

This guy is a fooking problem. ... So We Ate Them Whole is available for your buying pleasure. 

Onoe Caponoe - Disappearing Jakob (Video)

The third video for Onoe's newly released High Focus debut, Planet Cattelle, is arguably the strongest preview. Chemo's wistful half-tempo dub is the ideal backdrop for this space cadet to tell a tale of a weed connect gone AWOL. 

But it's in Lord Of The Light that we've got an early contender for best video of the year, courtesy of Taztron Delix. Es pl├ítanos.

You can get the album here.

10 UK / US Collaborations We Want To See In 2015

We recently checked in with Complex to offer some expertise madly speculative thoughts on future UK-US collaborations, which was great fun. If any of these wind up happening, please send a finder's fee to ukallday at the Google Mail. 50% of everything will suffice. 

Read the article here and follow Complex and the top boy JP on Twitter, he's got all the premieres and that other good stuff on lock. 

Novelist x Mumdance - 1 Sec (Video)

Before last year things weren't looking good for grime. The bifurcation between those selling their grans for a spot in the charts and the vanguard of producers keeping a small fire burning with instrumentals left a huge gap to fill. 

Thankfully it was filled, largely owing to German Whip, That's Not Me, and On A Level. But it wasn't only old faces bringing things back. Stormzy planted his flag in the ground with Not That Deep and Where Do You Know Me From. Novelist is another name to watch.

On 1 Sec Mumdance produces one of the sparsest beats in grime's short history, and that's no bad thing. The pair's EP of the same name is now available on iTunes

Jazz T - The Lesson feat. Jehst, Zygote & Jyager (Video)

Jazz T and Zygote pull a typically chunky production out of the bag for Jehst to do the damn thing on. Watch out for Jazz's forthcoming album, Run The Changes, being readied for release next Monday and order yourself a 45 of The Lesson here.

The Four Owls - Think Twice (prod. DJ Premier) (Video)

The Four Owls send the UK hip hop scene into a spin with their latest offering, with none other than DJ Premier providing the beat. Verbs killt this one. 

Pre-order Natural Order, their follow-up to 2011's Nature's Greatest Mystery, here