The Rap Monument - Pusha T

You'll have already seen that the good people at Noisey are hosting what looks to be a monumental rap event, a 38-minute track with the great and the good of hip hop contributing verses. Well the marathonic song is produced by beat mavens Hudson Mohawke and S-Type of bonnie Scotland. Above is arguably the most exciting sample so far, Terrence Thornton talking that King Push ish over something beastly from HudMo. The whole shebang should be a real treat.

Note that Hennessey are sponsoring. It looks like they're doing their best to retain their grip on the hip hop market after Jay Z hooked up an endorsement deal with rookie cognac brand D'usse. Seems like a shrewd move on Henny's part.

Cult Mountain - SMFDB (Video)

Piff Gang's Milkaveli, Lee Scott, Trellion and Sumgii unite for Cult Mountain,  and make their introduction via the suitably scuzzy VHS format. Let's hope there's more to come from this collaboration. 

Jam Baxter - Incoming (prod. Chemo) (Video)

More finely woven poetry from Jam Baxter off of his Chemo-produced album ...So We Ate Them Whole, available for pre-order now