Dream Mclean - D.W.I.D. feat. Professor Green & CAS (Video)

Dream Mclean does what he does, and what he does is bring Pro Green and CAS along for the ride on his latest banger from Greyscale, the album that he's releasing on Chase & Status's MTA Records next week.

For all the #deadteam members, CAS makes his appearance around 3:05. 

Jam Baxter - Leash prod. Chemo (Video)

There've been rumblings of a Jam Baxter-meets-Chemo project for a while now. Well the time is nigh. ... So We Ate Them Whole is available for pre-order ahead of its release on 1 December, with lead track Leash, a grisly boom trap affair, now up for grabs. 

A recap of why the MOBOs are a farce

We've spoken on why the MOBO Awards are a total nonsense in the past, but it feels good to vent so let's recap. 

If you shortlist one act who is on the indie grind in the same category as an artist sponsored by a major label, then PR the arse off the awards so that every last UK daily promotes it in their pages – print or otherwise – then you open it up to the public vote, who do you honestly think will win that category?

So it comes as no surprise that Ella Eyre took home the Best Newcomer award, leaving a number of hopefuls, including the excellent and hugely credible Little Simz, empty-handed. Why is this important?

Let's go back a few months. People were up in arms when BBC 1Xtra crowned Ed Sheeran the king of its power list earlier this year. And rightly so. He doesn't represent 1Xtra or its audience. That's not to shit on the guy's chips, but collaborating with Game, doing an album with a load of grime MCs and being popular does not mean you make or represent black music. It means you are peripheral to it and, in fact, benefitting from it. But you are not it. In fact, you are part of the dilution-for-profit of a musical genre. Let's be clear, this has nothing to do with race. If Ed Sheeran was an incredible rapper or R&B singer he would have been given his due.

Here's an extreme. U2 had one of the most popular albums this year by default, thanks to Apple. They make rock & roll. Rock & roll owes its roots to blues and rhythm & blues. Should U2 also be shortlisted for the MOBOs? No, because even though there's a tenuous link to black music, they do not make it.

Again, it's not a racial issue. It's not the POBOs (People Of Black Origin Awards). It comes down to the music. But Ella Eyre, like a long list of acts who have signed record deals, doesn't make black music. She sung on Rudimental's pop & bass hit and makes music for Middle England. There's nothing wrong with that. If she doesn't, someone else will. More power to Ella Eyre and those seeking a career in music by selling mp3s and gig tickets to the masses. But can we honestly say, with complete conviction, that she makes black music?

As a commercial venture, the MOBOs need mass appeal to exist (their main sponsor HTC wouldn't put its name to them otherwise). And in doing so, they undermine those very artists they're supposed to promote.

British black music needs a successor to the MOBOs. They serve no one's interests but their own.

As an addendum: the best thing to come out of the whole sorry affair was Skepta winning Best Video for That's Not Me, one of a small handful of genuine grime anthems released this year.

At least someone on the judging panel had the foresight to put it forward. It took £80 to make and looks like it cost a lot less. But radio-listening Middle England likely couldn't tell you who Scorcher or FKA Twigs are, let alone what their videos look like, which made it all the more easy for the people to get behind Skepta's budget vid and have him win the vote.


Charles Edison - Took The Light

Charles Edison pops back up on our radar with Took The Light, a neat and sunny sub-two-minute beat taken from the nascent producer's forthcoming project, Lightbulbs.

You may have caught wind of a Doors remix project called Love H​.​E​.​R Madly by one Figment a ways back. Rumour has it they are one and the same.

So This Is What That Vine Video Was All About

Last month a video of Tinchy Stryder skanking with the Chuckle Brothers surfaced. Well lo and behold, this is what it was all about. They say that no idea is original, but...

Is this the most unlikely collaboration on record?

Dream McLean - D.W.I.D. feat. Professor Green & CAS

This is the first sample of Dream McLean's Greyscale EP, due out next month. Professor Green is given temporary respite from the shackles of his Virgin contract, but it's half-dead demigod CAS who's arguably the biggest draw here.

If Greyscale is anything like Weatherman then it'll be well worth a listen.

Little Simz - The Square (Video)

We've been mucking in over at the much better read, much better written Potholes In My Blog over in New York from time to time of late. For the sake of economy, we'll likely double up whatever's relevant over here. On that note:

For whatever the MOBO Awards are worth, it would be a shame if Barz Simson didn’t take home best newcomer. She may not have drawn the same attention as category rival FKA Twigs or have an anthem on her hands like Meridian Dan (who strictly speaking is no newcomer, popping up on lost grime classics). 

But the North Londoner has been hard at work the last four years and is coming into her own. The Square (and Age 101:DROP 2, the EP where you’ll find this track) is yet another example of the UK rap vanguardist’s arrival. You can watch the one-shot video below.

Gilly - Freedom feat. Klashnekoff (Video)

For all those lacking in patience, K-Lash turns up at the 3:00 mark.