Oh George, what have you done?

George Osborne, head of this fine nation's finances and architect of the austerity years, is in a spot of bother. It would seem that a former escort agency madame and dominatrix, whose services he (allegedly) used before his ascent to the furthest heights of politics, has leaked a pair of somewhat compromising photos.

One shows our chancellor (allegedly) dancing to Spandau Ballet (allegedly) in the flat of Natalie Rowe. Behold:

Apparently the man bending out of shot is snuffing coke up his hooter, while George minces like he's on top of the world. Who can guess why he might feel so exalted?

Another shows him apparently wasted, awkwardly embracing a female (allegedly) in Rowe's apartment. George has previously claimed he scarcely knows Rowe; Rowe begs to differ:

Since publishing the photos, she has been arrested, although it is not clear exactly on what grounds. This isn't the first time she has been harassed by police either. Ahead of the publication of her tell-all autobiography, Chief Whip, Rowe's flat was raided for two hours, ostensibly after a drug tip-off from a member of public. No charges were brought.

It would appear the establishment is doing everything it can to suppress this grubby little story, but these pictures won't be going anywhere. I suspect our chancellor might want to file a right to privacy application with Google.

Oh George, what have you done?