Blak Twang's Dettwork South East Set For Release

Back in the mid-90s - long before his breakout with So Rotten, and even prior to Red Letters - Blak Twang was set to blow with his debut, Dettwork South East. First came the video for Queen's Head alongside a nascent Roots Manuva.

Then journalists applauded the album... And then nothing.

The botched release left promo cassettes and test pressings in the hands of a few media types and that was it. Since then the album has gained mythic status but was lost to a new, digital generation.

Nearly 20 years on and Dettwork South East is finally going to see the light of day, with the original tracklist (plus a Harry Love-produced bonus) and packaging intact. This piece of UK rap history is now up for pre-order.

Here's what Blak Twang had to say on it:

"For the ‘Dettwork SouthEast’ album to finally get a release now, as it deserved when it was first recorded in 1996, is quite incredible. The reason this has been possible is really due to the fans, who have been the never-ending fuel that have kept the fire blazing and the engines running.  It was the genesis of my career and really defined what I’ve gone on to achieve since then, so for everyone to get behind this project and truly believe in it has been amazing!”