London Rapper Reportedly Under Investigation For Foley Beheading

The mainstream rags are reporting that Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, or L Jinny, the rapper son of an alleged Egyptian terrorist, is under investigation in connection with the beheading of US journalist James Foley. You can read various accounts online, but remember this is a "reported story", meaning there is only one source and one report, with every newspaper effectively copying from the other. That's not to say it's bogus, of course.

L Jinny earlier this year posted an image on Twitter of himself holding a severed head alongside the caption: “Chillin’ with my homie or what’s left of him.”

His father, Adel Abdul Bary, was extradited from the UK to the US two years ago on charges of terrorism for his alleged roles in the bombings of two US embassies in East Africa in 1998.

YouTube has been removing L Jinny's music videos in response to the story. If you're inclined, you'll find them somewhere. 

UPDATE: The plot thickens...

Black Josh - #blahblahblackjosh

Black Josh has already impressed with Eczema and Paul Scholes, both of which you'll find on his awaited mixtape,  #blahblahblackjosh.

Mike GLC Has Something To Say

When Tulisa Contostavlos's cocaine trial imploded on a technicality last month, the former N-Dubz singer must have felt the sweetest relief of her life. And while the case is likely to hang over whatever career she has left, it's looking like she can put the whole sorry affair behind her. She will be painted as the victim of the "fake sheikh" Sun reporter Mazher Mahmood's unscrupulous pursuit of a scoop.

This is fair. While Mahmood's deception has uncovered match-fixing and corruption in the past, going after Tulisa was totally without merit. All it really served to show was pop stars have access to cocaine, a drug that proliferates the media and, at some point or another, many a news desk. Wheedling a celebrity into a drug deal that you yourself instigated is desperate, if not unexpected from the Sun given its history of disseminating poison. It may sell papers, but it's not of genuine public interest (it's hard to see how a court could back a public interest defence on Mahmood's part if he'd libelled Contostavlos, for instance). Not to mention the fact that Mahmood lied under oath.

But while Tulisa will walk away from this as the silly little girl who should have known better, Michael Coombs, the supplier implicated in the sting, has found himself in a very different position.

Ed Sheeran - Don't feat. Rick Ross (Remix)

Ed Sheeran has already made himself cozy among the grime fraternity. Now he's making a ruddy good fist of cracking the States, bringing in Rick Rubin to produce on Don't and with Rozay hopping on the single's remix. 

Talk of an unlikely album with Game is sounding more credible. 

Blak Twang's Dettwork South East Set For Release

Back in the mid-90s - long before his breakout with So Rotten, and even prior to Red Letters - Blak Twang was set to blow with his debut, Dettwork South East. First came the video for Queen's Head alongside a nascent Roots Manuva.

Then journalists applauded the album... And then nothing.

The botched release left promo cassettes and test pressings in the hands of a few media types and that was it. Since then the album has gained mythic status but was lost to a new, digital generation.

Nearly 20 years on and Dettwork South East is finally going to see the light of day, with the original tracklist (plus a Harry Love-produced bonus) and packaging intact. This piece of UK rap history is now up for pre-order.

Here's what Blak Twang had to say on it:

"For the ‘Dettwork SouthEast’ album to finally get a release now, as it deserved when it was first recorded in 1996, is quite incredible. The reason this has been possible is really due to the fans, who have been the never-ending fuel that have kept the fire blazing and the engines running.  It was the genesis of my career and really defined what I’ve gone on to achieve since then, so for everyone to get behind this project and truly believe in it has been amazing!”

Rustie - Attak feat. Danny Brown (Video)

Warp Records will be releasing Rustie's Green Language to the masses on 24 August.  

Jam Baxter & Jon Phonics - Fresh Flesh

Anyone familiar with either of these men's work will know this is a dream team in the making. Not content with conquering the rap scene, Phonics now has his feet firmly in the country's forward-thinking beat fraternity. As for Baxter, with his nonchalant poetry, he's the jewel in High Focus's crown.  

Fresh Flesh will be with you on the 20th of August, with the first sample, Rush, below.  

Cappo - Boot EP Remixes

Boot Records waste no time in following up their collaborative project alongside Cappo with this set of remixes. Telemachus, Jehst, Mr Brown and Sam Zircon all get a look in.

Onoe Caponoe - The Staircase To Nowhere

The psychonaut of British rap has strapped on his jetpack once again. You may recall the video Onoe Caponoe put out for Ghost In Ma Hallway last month. Well you'll find that alongside all new delic material. Enter the Funk Mafi's tryptamine palace and put your feet up.

Somehow this slipped under our radar. Spotted over at Wordplay.

Bandcamp stream/download: Onoe Caponoe - The Staircase To Nowhere

Kyza - Hibernation

New music from Kyza is always welcome round here. After a couple of years in hibernation sharpening his skills on the boards, Mr Sayso returns with his first entirely self-produced project. 

The rapid-fire SPEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!..... and wistful Demons jump out on this and prove the former Terra Firma heavyweight's autonomy is a step forward.  

Bandcamp stream/download: Kyza - Hibernation 

Oh George, what have you done?

George Osborne, head of this fine nation's finances and architect of the austerity years, is in a spot of bother. It would seem that a former escort agency madame and dominatrix, whose services he (allegedly) used before his ascent to the furthest heights of politics, has leaked a pair of somewhat compromising photos.

One shows our chancellor (allegedly) dancing to Spandau Ballet (allegedly) in the flat of Natalie Rowe. Behold:

Apparently the man bending out of shot is snuffing coke up his hooter, while George minces like he's on top of the world. Who can guess why he might feel so exalted?

Another shows him apparently wasted, awkwardly embracing a female (allegedly) in Rowe's apartment. George has previously claimed he scarcely knows Rowe; Rowe begs to differ:

Since publishing the photos, she has been arrested, although it is not clear exactly on what grounds. This isn't the first time she has been harassed by police either. Ahead of the publication of her tell-all autobiography, Chief Whip, Rowe's flat was raided for two hours, ostensibly after a drug tip-off from a member of public. No charges were brought.

It would appear the establishment is doing everything it can to suppress this grubby little story, but these pictures won't be going anywhere. I suspect our chancellor might want to file a right to privacy application with Google.

Oh George, what have you done?