Onoe Caponoe - Ghosts In Ma Hallway (Video)

New funkadelic one from the ever otherworldly Onoe Caponoe.

Confucius MC - Write From The Start (Video)

Short and sweet new number from YNR's latest addition. If you weren't canny enough to pick up his album, The Highest Order, when it was up for free download a couple of weeks back, you can cough up the readies instead

Behind the Beats with The Drum Broker: Beat Butcha

Beat Butcha's ascent over the last five years has been nothing short of inspiring. See what the producer had to say in this interview with the Drum Broker, which has been selling his drum packs like hot cakes by all accounts. 

Problem Child - Energy (Video)

After a couple of stoney silent weeks with next to nothing worth a mention, Problem Child come through with a contender for best video of the year. Possibly even song too, as Sumgii continues to hone his new school, bass continuum-inspired beats. Sterling work. 

Cam'ron issues statement on no-show

Well that escalated quickly. If you made it to the Cam'ron gig this week or have your ears to the streets eyes to Twitter, you'll know it was a no-show. Why? Because the venue was full of goons seeking retribution.

You may remember a rumour that circulated a ways back, that Dipset's Juelz Santana and JR Writer were held hostage in London over a bad debt. The kidnapping apparently stemmed from So Solid's Megaman being short changed after fronting up cash for a booking that was later pulled.

Here's what Cam'ron had to say about the latest affair:

"So niggas brought 50 niggas to da show to jump me..in London? And rush da stage?!.. But me and juju was doing this..imum y’all better come wit..Lol.. Sorry to all my fans dat came to da show but as u can see they tried to line me up. And only da barber lines me up.. They had 15 niggas in front of da stage (that rushed the stage) and 35 niggas outside.. And I was wit 2 niggas..The people that brought me here were very very nice..but when I asked where the ’s was at?? (That they were suppose to have) they never showed them to me.. Not shitting on them cause they were cool.. But we can’t play when it gets down to hammer time.. So no I didn’t get robbed.. No I didn’t get jumped.. I was chillin doing da salsa wit #Juju..They tried to do my bro Juelz dirty.. Now me..foh.. Thx to da people who put me on to game!! To rest of London.. Love y’all..I really do and apologize again.. But y’all other niggas .. Lolololol y’all blew yak chance again.. Dumb ass gangsta’s lmfaoooo"

Lmfaoooo indeed. So you can pretty well be sure that Dipset won't be going anywhere near London until the alleged debt has been settled.

Anyone who's taken a cursory look at Megaman's background should know he's not to be fucked with, just ask Dizzee ("leave that on the island"), which is pretty much the moral of this story.