A.F.Q.B - Kate Upton Ruined My Life (EP)

The beauty of cross collaborations is that you never know what they're going to throw up next. Lately you've had Dead Players, Problem Child and now A Few Quiet Beers - better known as Illaman and The Last Skeptik, who contributes beats and rhymes on this unexpected seven-track EP. Cheers to that.

CAS - Seein' Double

Cas is dead. 

Kwabs - Perfect Ruin (Telemachus Remix)

Telemachus matches Kwab's equally poignant vocals on his reinterpretation of Perfect Ruin.

Dr Syntax & Pete Cannon - Grotty feat. Dirty Dike & Lunar C

Dike, Lunar C, Synners and Pete do the darned thing. Killer Combo out March 3.

Do Brits Get Hip Hop?

If the response to this video is anything to go by, people take themselves way too seriously or need to broaden their horizons. Possibly both. 

If you have sand in your fanny, watch this and work on your senses of perspective and humour.