Pete Cannon & Dr Syntax - Do What We Wanna Do feat. Jehst & Del Tha Funky Homosapien

Pete Cannon, Dr Syntax, Jehst and Del Tha Funky Homosapien? Now that's a killer combo. Fitting then that this is off an album of the same name. Synners and Mr Cannon's joint LP will be with you from 3 March. Until then...

Bishop Nehru – You Stressin (prod. by Disclosure)

On paper this doesn't look like it would fit. The whipper snapper who encroached on Joey Badass's space as the new New York prodigy with an ear for yesteryear, and the duo who brought house back to the UK charts. But Disclosure deliver and it fits like a glove. 

Homeboy Sandman - Wade In The Water (prod. Paul White)

Longtime collaborators Homeboy Sandman and Paul White pick up where they left off, this time joining forces for a project called White Sands that's being readied for release on 25 February on Stones Throw. 

Sub Luna City - City Rivims Mk 1

If there's one British musician that captured pundits' imagination last year, it was King Krule. Talented beyond his years, what's most intriguing about the young singer-songwriter is not just his musical bent, but the breadth and depth of his influences and output. At the end of 2013 came a batch of beats under his DJ JD Sports alias. And now Sub Luna City with his companions.

Theme - Rapper's Worst Nightmare feat. Ray Vendetta & Tesla's Ghost (Video)

Theme pulls no punches over a thick, muddy beat from 7th Dan, Ray Vendetta and Tesla's Ghost showing up for duty. 

The Last Skeptik - Hero Mask (Video)

The Last Skeptik turns deranged stalker and would-be killer in this tidy thriller of a video for Hero Mask. Thanks For Trying is out not on BBE Records. 

Livin' Proof Remixes Vol.1

Not content with hosting one of the finest nights the capital has to offer, the DJs behind Livin' Proof have a penchant for production. To that end, here's the first volume of remixes crafted by residents Budgie, Snips & Khalil.


J.D. Reid - Mekong

If you're already familiar with J.D. Reid, you'll know he's one to watch in 2014. After cutting his teeth on the grime circuit, he's stepped back, allowed his sound to mature and has been steadily pushing new music. 

Analgesic freebie Mekong is a decent introduction if not and EP 88, featuring ItsNate, Piff Gang's Milkavelli and Denzel Himself, is well worth your time. Expect big things from this 24-year-old north Londoner. 

When Rap Ruled The World: A White Boy MC's Photo Album, 1986-1991

Ever heard the story about Flava Flav lavishing Scottish nippers with Maccy D's on a leg of one of Public Enemy's European tours? For the ultimate nerdgasm, you really should give this a look. It's a collection of stills from 3rd Bass's heyday, featuring all manner of golden era acts and curated by former cane-handling group member Prime Minister Pete Nice. This is bona fide rap history.

When Rap Ruled The World: A White Boy MC's Photo Album, 1986-1991