Christmas Round-up

Between shovelling ungodly piles of food into your face, the casual napping and compulsory generosity, it's easy to miss the important things over the festive period. Like the value of giving all year round and not waiting for the passing of a calendar year to find motivation and inspiration. And, of course, music. So we've put together a collection of bits that may have gone unnoticed over the last week or so while you forced "just one last" chocolate down your overworked gullet. 

Download. Beat taken from Telemachus's My Mate Does Beats Vol 2.



And finally, after a run of distilled evil audio and some of the bleakest, most macabre videos to have ever spawned from this country, CAS ditched Commercial for The Number 23. The debut covers all of the demon rapper's most notable work to date and some new music you've yet to hear. Buy it now.