Sold But Not Sold Out: Krept & Konan Play It By Their Own Rules

Just when it felt like UK rap was starting to give up on itself, Krept and Konan (also known as Play Dirty) reach a new milestone, at once raising the bar for everyone else and offering hope that artists can successfully play by their own rules.

With no major label backing in sight and just two net videos behind them, the pair have cracked the top 20 UK album charts with their latest mixtape, Young Kingz. It's no mean feat. The UK has long been cursed by its demographics - there simply isn't a big enough market at home to support unadulterated hip hop. It must first be filtered and repackaged to make any commercial impact. At least that has been the case until now.

Writing for the Guardian, Hattie Collins speaks to the unassuming duo from Thornton Heath, South London about how they managed to pull it off. A must read for anyone with even a passing interest in their winning formula. Salute.

Krept and Konan: the secrets of Young Kingz' success

Young Kingz is available now.