Would A UK Rapper Drop A Verse Like Kendrick?

DJ Snips, Teef and crew weigh in on whether someone from these shores could "do a Kendrick" after the Compton rapper set the hip hop world alight by naming his peers in song. The verse is a big event but a non-issue. As Skillz puts it, all rappers should always be going for the top spot - whether they specify names or not. Let's face it, we've spent the last three decades listening to MCs say they're the biggest and best, so what difference does the verse make now? It's implicit that Kendrick believes he's better than his peers and the feeling's surely mutual.

As for the UK, didn't Smiler already do this three years ago? In fact he went one further by explicitly insulting people.

Given how dull this year's cracking up to be for UK rap (don't act like you hadn't noticed), someone should snatch the top spot. It's sitting there for the taking and this scene's long overdue a shake-up.