Klashnekoff - Murda (Demo Version)

A decade on from the original's release, Harry Love has decided to share this demo of Klashnekoff's Murda. The phrase "seminal classic" is thrown about all too often, but it's difficult to overstate how important this song is. For many, this is when hip hop in Britain finally found itself. The demo is on a completely different vibe and as excellent as it is, it's hard to imagine this version having had the same impact and longevity as the assured masterpiece these two wound up making. 

Danny Brown - ODB (prod. Paul White) (Video)

He's drawn comparisons to ODB already. But here Danny Brown channels the bastard's spirit for what would have been the title track from his forthcoming album had he not reduced it to Old. Paul White challenges Danny's crazy by pulling something demented out the bag.

Would A UK Rapper Drop A Verse Like Kendrick?

DJ Snips, Teef and crew weigh in on whether someone from these shores could "do a Kendrick" after the Compton rapper set the hip hop world alight by naming his peers in song. The verse is a big event but a non-issue. As Skillz puts it, all rappers should always be going for the top spot - whether they specify names or not. Let's face it, we've spent the last three decades listening to MCs say they're the biggest and best, so what difference does the verse make now? It's implicit that Kendrick believes he's better than his peers and the feeling's surely mutual.

As for the UK, didn't Smiler already do this three years ago? In fact he went one further by explicitly insulting people.

Given how dull this year's cracking up to be for UK rap (don't act like you hadn't noticed), someone should snatch the top spot. It's sitting there for the taking and this scene's long overdue a shake-up.

Dephect Boom Bap Festival Mix 2013

With Boom Bap UK nearly upon us (13th - 15th September) for its second year, DJ Getz put together this exclusive mix featuring the great and the good of Blighty, old to new. Peep the tracklist below and if you like what you see, hit the link


1. Chester p - Intro

2. Klashnekoff - Murda

3. Rodney P - Murderer Style

4. Skinnyman - When I Give My Heart To You (Joe Buddha Remix)

5. Mystro Ft Jargon & Skinnyman - Word Out

6. Genesis Elijah Ft Klashnekoff - Jah Bless

7. Verb T - Delusion

8. Micall Parknsun - New

9. Fliptrix - Smooth Crash Landing

10. Dirty Dike - New Street

11. Jam Baxter Ft Leaf Dog - Who

12. Res & Datkid Ft Upfront - We Ain't Scared Of Who 

13. Cappo - Red Hot

14. Sonnyjim - Hold It Down

15.Brothers Of The Stone - Real Hip Hop

16. Jack Diggs Ft TPS - Memory Lane

17. Oliver Sudden - Call My Name

18. Rag N Bone Man & Leaf Dog Ft Sonnyjim - Digging For Gold

19. Smellington Piff - Piff Land

20. Tack Jetsun - Strange Cinema

21. LDZ Ft Jam Baxter - Beat Don't Bang

22. Fliptrix Ft Buggsy - Walk This Way

23. Theme ft Reveal, Tony D , M9 - Block Politics

24. Dubbledge ft Micall Parknsun - Scram

25. Dead Players Ft Dirty Dike & Edward Scissortounge - Velvet Swamp

26. Strange U - Klaatu Barada Nikto

27. Heavy Links Ft Cappo - Nuclear

28. J Man Ft Bva, Tommy Dockerz, Smellington Piff, Sean Peng & Index - Cougar Piss

29. M9 ft Triple Darkness - Heartless Island

Scrufizzer - Kick It (prod. Zed Bias) (Video)

Zed Bias does Scrufizzer a huge favour with this timeless house aesthetic, placing the MC's sound somewhere between the feel-good sounds of Preditah and the 4-to-the-floor revival Disclosure have recently found phenomenal success with in the charts. Pretty girls will dance their nuts off to this. Grime fans will openly curse it.

SBTV: Skooled By - Skinnyman

The skinniest man in UK hip hop dusts off some old bars for SBTV's series chronicling the scene's architects.

Wiley - Flying (Video)

After flirting with the charts for a second time, Wiley returns to Big Dada for this latest, jarring number for the grime faithfuls, due out 26 August.

Chris Fountain Is... The Phantom

Just in case you were wondering what the cause of today's nontroversy over Corrie suspending Tommy Duckworth was. It's not clear whether the young actor is paying just dues to Bushwick Bill or this is sincere, but he's fessed up to being an evildoer, more than likely to save his TV career. Which he should stick with. But then, who's taking this at face value? Are we really to believe he can bench-press a house? Or is he just acting... like in Coronation Street?

Danny Brown - Hand Stand (prod. Darq E Freaker)

No word yet as to whether this will be found on Danny Brown's upcoming Old LP, but nonetheless the shrill Detroiter reunites with London producer Darq E Freaker for this dancefloor anthem in the making. Twerk it.

Giggs - Yes Yes Yes (prod. Mark Ronson)

On paper this looks like an odd pairing. That is until you look back over Ronson's CV and see the past work he's done with everyone from Nas to Q-Tip. Taking inspiration from Just Blaze's clattering big band style, the socialite producer comes up trumps, which only leaves Giggs to get his distinguishable mumble on.

Dizzee Rascal - I Don't Need A Reason (Video)

Rasket returns to his roots by actually bothering to spit on one of his singles, a feat not pulled for at least five years.

SBTV: Skooled By - Chester P

Rodney P tracks down the people's champ for the latest instalment of SBTV's Skooled By series.

ItsNate - All For The Night

Slondon rapper ItsNate gives us a teaser of his upcoming project, SoSlocal.

Roots Manuva - Stolen Youth

Roots Manuva's music was set to the very first series of Skins five years ago. Now the man has written exclusively for the final episode of the  teen drama.

Midas Touch - Special Vibe (Video)

The freshly formed gold-fingered trio offer up their second track with Special Vibe.

Triple Darkness - Knuckle Dust (Video)

Triple Darkness plot their return with Knuckle Dust, all crew members delivering signature scriptures over ever-faithful dusty boom-bap production.

Action Bronson Performs For St. Hilda's East Community Centre

Bam Bam gatecrashes an old people's home in Shoreditch to liven up their afternoons with an unlikely performance of Strictly 4 My Jeeps. The hefty wordsmith may not have won them over with his music, but he certainly sets some eyes a'twinkling.

Wizard - King Raah

Wizard stays turnt all the way up. Not made for piss-weak laptop speakers.