Micall Parknsun - The Come Up feat. Naughtz (Video)

Parky wastes no time following up his recent self-produced outing Me, Myself & Akai with his soon to be released mixtape I Should've Done This Time Ago. ApaTight handles the beat on this number.

Ghostpoet - Cold Win (Video)

By now Ghostpoet has mastered the eerie, twilight melancholy he gifted us on his first album. Cold Win, off his recently released Some Say I So I Say Light, is another example of his uniquely British spin on hip hop by way of the country's ever-changing dance scene.

Dead Players - Ever (Video)

Jammothy Baxtois, Dabbla and Ghost Town recently banded together to bring you Dead Players, this video for Ever seeing Baxter tangling with some sideways circus lasses.

Expect the album to be with you shortly.

Midas Touch - We Are (Video)

AKS, J The Exodus and Phoenix Da Icefire form like Voltron to bring you Midas Touch. We Are is considered, contemplative rap and the perfect introduction to what this trio stands for.

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Kuroisoul & Kinetik - London Mornings (Feat. Tone Richardson)

A London summer wake-up call from Kinetik, in this taster from his joint venture with Kuriosoul. The Cali producer and North Weezy rapper's project goes by the name of Hip Hop Is Forever and is available right now.

Elvis Costello & The Roots - Walk Us Uptown (Video)

The Roots and Brit new wave rocker Elvis Costello offer a glimpse into their forthcoming project, Wise Up Ghost, which the two sides decided to make after performing together on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

Fallon's programme has been an opportune platform for The Roots, not only in familiarising middle America with the band, but also in giving them the chance to show off their versatility.

Piff Gang - G

New Pizzy courtesy of Sumgii on the boards and Milkavelli, PhazeWhat and Skits. And don't forget, the gang's PG-13 is still hot off the press.

Cappo - G3tout

Gusto Grizwold eschews the break-heavy boom-bap method that's served him so well in this partnership with Theorist. Only a few weeks ago the Notts statesman showed his mettle on Un:Programmable Raw beside Sam Zircon, now he takes ten steps left for something completely different.

SBTV: Skooled By - Jehst

After stopping in with Blak Twang and Funky DL, SBTV now shines the light on the High Plains Drifter for its ongoing series aimed at schooling the younger generation on the architects.

You have to hand it to Jamal Edwards, not just for his entrepreneurship but also for covering the scene in toto.

CAS - Charlotte (Director's Cut)

If you thought the glimpses you've already had into CAS's drug-infested life have been grim thus far, you ain't seen nothing. Forget horrorcore rap, this must be the most macabre song committed to film, regardless of genre. Viewer discretion is advised and make sure you've let your dinner settle.