Kanye West - Blood On The Leaves (prod. TNGHT)

If Yeezus proves one thing, it's that Kanye West and his music continue to divide. His new project builds on the experimentalism of 808s & Heartbreak and that in itself will be enough to put traditionalists off. The producer-on-the-mic has built a reputation for setting the musical zeitgeist, it's just that it often feels he keeps company with lesser sung trendsetters in the hope of capturing some of their sheen. The fact Rick Rubin said the project was rushed for submission doesn't help any either.

Whatever the consensus next week on Yeezus' official release - and there will no doubt be as many critics afraid to question Kanye's accepted genius as there will be disgruntled rap fans - at least the man's collaborators can't be held fully accountable for any blame. Blood On The Leaves is arguably the standout among a ragtag bunch of squealing, minimalist soundscapes and HudMo's hand in the song, with its stadium-rattling horns, is unmistakeable.