Wiley - Step Freestyles 1 - 20

After costing a few Warner Music execs their hairlines by leaking the most commerically appeasing album of his career last week over a tracklisting mix-up, Wiley gives away the latest and last freestyle of his second run of Steps. For anyone who's more Treddin... than Heatwave, the complete set is available below.

Wiley - Steps 1 - 20

ItsNate - Windy (Video)

ItsNate lets his windiest flow blow. The pulsing Windy can be found on Nate's most recent mixtape, Never Average Talking Excellent.

Paul White - Street Lights feat. Danny Brown

England's Paul White and Danny Brown add another song to their collaborative portfolio, Street Lights boasting big, thumping drums and the XXX rapper refraining from his squawkiest to paint a picture of dimly lit dead-end streets mixed with braggadocio. Expect an EP from Mr White by the name of Watch The Ants this summer, while this single will be available from 15 April.

The Last Skeptik - Who, What, and Why? (Documentary)

If you were ever ambivalent about the living enigma that is The Last Skeptik, this irrefutable documentary will put all of those doubts to bed... leaving you with more questions than answers in the process.

Be on the lookout for the man's forthcoming Thanks For Trying album.

Cappo / Sam Zircon - Swagbasco (Video)

"Cutting corners only leads to you going in circles."

It's been a pretty quiet year all things considered, but this has got to be a highlight. And it looks like Capps has an EP on the way that should be crisper than autumn.

Brothers Of The Stone - The Breeze (prod. Illinformed)

New one from Leaf Dog's Brothers Of The Stone, who will have an album making its way to you via High Focus in good time.

Chemo Presents... My Mate Does Beats Vol.2

Chemo returns with the second instalment of his My Mate Does Beats series, in which he rounds up his favourite creations from his favourite producer pals and bundles them with an exclusive T-shirt bearing the artwork. This selection takes in everything from dreamy boom bap to lemonface trap music via prog hop (?). Get the complete set stat. 

Shystie - Doppelganger

It seems that sassy Harlemite Azealia Banks has got a right gob on her. After falling out with Iggy Azalea, Angel Haze, Baauer and Rita Ora, the potty-mouthed vixen has now given collaborator Shystie the hump after slagging her off on Twitter over their video for Control It. While 140-character trolling is all the rage these days, the London MC has instead decided to take it to the studio for Doppelganger - and it sounds like she turned up. The gloves are off!

Don't Stay In...

The Great Hip Hop Hoax (Trailer)

In a pre-Twitter age it was possible to dupe the entertainment industry into thinking you were somebody you were not and avoid having your cover blown. That's precisely what Scots Gavin Bain and Billy Boyd did when they masqueraded as Californian rap duo Silibil ’N’ Brains in the early 2000s, eliciting coverage from MTV, landing a deal with Sony and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Green Day and David Walliams. Now they've finally come clean and Jeanie Finlay has documented the sham in her upcoming documentary, The Great Hip Hop Hoax.

Telemachus - Scarecrows feat. Roc Marciano (Harry Love Remix)

Fresh off getting the IKEA treatment, the Swedish furniture and horsemeatball hawker decking out the producer's studio, Harry Love has decided to rework the excellent Telemachus-produced and Marci-featuring Scarecrows. Check the video below before exchanging your email for the download. Did he trump the swooning original?

DOWNLOAD: Telemachus - Scarecrows feat. Roc Marciano (Harry Love Remix)

Onoe Caponoe - House Ov Funk / Flower Power (Video)

Onoe Catporno's offers up a double dose of otherworldly outings in this video for two tracks taken from his Willows Midnight Gallery album. See what the Funkadelic kingpin had to say when he checked in with UK All Day at the tail-end of last year.

Skillit - Do You Really Want This (Video)

Skillit clads himself in zebra-print lycra and stunts like Hulk Hogan - no, you don't really want it. Skillit Bang is stocked at all good supermarkets. And iTunes.

The Purist - Silian Braille feat. CAS (Video)

The Purist washes up a pitch-perfect rock for CAS to shot his hallmark hopeless and demoralised drug raps, in what's arguably the stand-out from the London producer's new TR-ill set.

Don't Stay In...

Set your reminders for the 23 March as a certified all-star line-up join the Doctor's Orders troop for a live one @ The Garage, Highbury.

RapperTagUK #25 - Sonnyjim

Say sayonara, it's Sonny.

Fliptrix - Heart Full Of Love (Video)

Flippers gives e'rryone a much needed dose of positivity. You already know the drill.