Ghostpoet - MSI MUSMID

If Ghostpoet's debut revealed an uncanny resemblance to Roots Manuva vocally, it also introduced a man living on his own rock way over yonder. Expect more idiosyncrasies when he follows up with his second album, Some Say I So I Say Light.

The Last Skeptik - Park Champ (Video)

You can always count on Skeptik to deliver, his multi-faceted productions sounding the business with or without an MC onboard. On 29 April he will let Thanks For Trying off the leash, his first release on BBE Records.

A.H.Fly & Ralph Rip Shit - Floater

Sometimes all it takes is a chopped sample and thumping drums and that's none more evident with A.H. Fly, the man responsible for the beats on Universal Soldiers' stone-cold UKHH golden era classics. Good to hear he has a project with Ralph Rip Shit lined up.

Jon Phonics - FX With The Life feat. ItsNate (Video)

Downright tawdry fuck music from Jon Phonics and ItsNate. This pair seem to come up trumps when they collab so let's hope for more.

Metabeats - Passport feat. Vanity Jay (Video)

This video couldn't have thrown back to the late 80s more accurately if it had a crosshair and unmatched hand-eye co-ordination.

Metabeats' Caviar Crackle - featuring everyone from Dubbledge to Action Bronson and, of course, Vanity Jay - is waiting in the wings.

Take The Stage: Episode 3 - Micall Parknsun

For Ed Andrews' latest Take The Stage reel, Parky waxes lyrical about his personal grind, providing for his family and his most personal outing yet with new album Me Myself & Akai.

Dahlia Black - Fuck A Rap Song (Video)

Better known by his production handle Blue Daisy, Dahlia Black steps up to the mic for a rap song dubbed Fuck A Rap Song. That throaty delivery, moody, ponderous backdrop and demonic imagery place him somewhere between Golf Wang's Tyler and the Flatbush Zombies - but from Blighty.

IKEA Presents: Harry's Records

Ardent crate digger, DJ and producer Harry Love used to have vinyl storage and studio issues. That was until IKEA hooked man UP. Hopefully we can expect new material now that feng shui has been restored.