Pusha T - Wrath Of Caine Intro (prod. Dready)

"You laptop hot, just internet warm."

Former So Solid producer and Flipmode affiliate Dready blesses Pusha Ton with some beast music for the brief but unrelentingly boastful intro to his new mixtape.

Pusha T - Wrath Of Caine

The Purist - TR-ill (Stream Now)

A couple of days ago we posted The Purist's latest offering alongside Danny Brown. Now the producer's new project TR-ill - a nod to Roland's TR-808 by the sounds of the production and by the looks of the title - is available to stream ahead of its release. As well as Havoc, Mr Brown and Sean P, Tottenham's drug kingpin CAS also gets a look in on the EP on the sinister Silian Braille. Hit the link below for the full set.

The Purist - TR-ill

S.A.S. - Coming To America II (Side B) (Mixtape)

The €urogang lads deliver more US collaborations on their sequel to last year's Coming To America II (Side A).

S.A.S. - Coming To America II (Side B) 

Fliptrix - Hyperborean Dreams (Video)

Flippers channels the power of the gods with a new slice of digital mysticism. Another one off his latest LP, The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway.

The Purist – Jealousy feat. Danny Brown

After hooking Roc Marciano and Action Bronson up with unadulterated boom bap for last year's Double Feature EP, The Purist switches up the tempo for this Asian-tinged double-time collaboration with Detroit screwball Danny Brown. 

S.A.S. - Dungeon Party feat. Nicki Minaj

The S.A.S. lads enlist the help of YMCMB's in-house transexual to add some spit-shine to their latest track. Be on the look out for the pair's Coming To America II (B Side) mixtape at the end of the month. 

Barney Artist - Turn Your Head Around feat. Emmavie & Alfa Mist (Video)

Barney Artist's understated delivery complements Alfa Mist's sumptuous slice of neo-soul perfectly, all three vocalists sitting atop one of the warmest basslines this side of Like Water For Chocolate.

Get familiar: Barney Artist - BAEP

Roast Beatz - Pour Me feat. MysDiggi (Video)

Nimble-fingered producer DJ Roast Beatz takes it back to the essence with this uptempo party track about everybody's favourite past time, MysDiggi espousing the joys of boozing.

Expect more of the same from Roast, who is prepping the release of a new album that features bearded wonder Action Bronson as well as Jehst, Phoenix da Icefire, Stig of the Dump and a host of others.

Dirty Dike - Consequences (Video)

Dirty Dike reflects on time spent at Her Majesty's Pleasure over production from Mr Boss, who handled backdrops on the man's brand spanking new The Sloshpot EP.

Skillit Bang Coming Soon

Skillit kidnaps Cillit Bang ambassador Barry Scott to promo his upcoming official release, available in all good supermarkets from 25 February.

Black The Ripper - Married To The Marijuana (prod. Harry Love) (Video)

Some chunky buds feature in Samson's ode to the remedy. Remember kids, over time marijuana will make you an agoraphobe who's only happy to leave home to score more drugs.

Off Samson's album of the same name, which also features You Will Never Know.

Ty - Like You Never (Video)

UK rap's voice of reason and certified veteran Ty will be setting out his stall once again, this time Tru Thoughts putting out Like You Never Kick, Snare And An Idea come April. It feels good to have him back.

Twizzy - Make The World Spin (prod. Charlie Mac) (Video)

Great piece of work from Twizzy, whose worldly-wise rumination snugly fits Charlie Mac's pinpoint production, which is all sewn together with some stunning imagery courtesy of Chris Lucas.

Working Class Zero is out now.

Acoustic Levitation Through Vocal Discharge

Picked up by both The Smalls and London Short Film festivals, this mini-video pits beatboxer Wandan against the creative might of Kayalight Studios, a non-profit organisation established to pursue research into the sonic capabilities of human beings. That's right.

Don't Stay In...

If you're in London this Friday you might just have to flip a coin.

Kinetik - Fatherhood (Video)

More heartfelt grown-man music from Kinetik, who last year flew out to the States to link up with Kuriousoul and create an album. Expect more to follow this year.

Juelz Santana - God Will'n (Mixtape)

"What in cock's name is a Juelz Santana mixtape doing here?" I hear you cry. Well young scamp, despite credits to the contrary, rumour has it that the UK's very own Beat Butcha co-produced opening track Sho Nuff as he continues to strongarm the US with his signature bullyboy production. 

Mystro - UK Rap Up 2012 (Video)

You'll already have heard MysDiggalo wrapping up 2012 in fine form, but the UK Rap Up ain't nuffing without the video to walk you through the year's highlights.

Micall Parknsun - Return Of The Blaow! (Video)

Parky's first DIY set continues to shape up to be a real treat. Watch out for the release date on the 28th of this month.

Dream McLean - Sloe Gin

When it comes to homemade liqueurs I prefer damson gin, but what the hell do I know? Dream McLean continues to build on the buzz he caught from the Chase & Status remix to Network.

Black The Ripper - Real Recognise Real (Video)

One from the vaults and which can be found on Samson's appropriately titled Unreleased Shit Vol. 3. Married To The Marijuana will drop at the end of the month.

Nu Brand Flexxx - Air Max (Video)

Plenty of 87s and silk scarves but not a Rolex in sight by the looks of things... Oh well. Nu Brand Flexxx's The Trip is out now.

Fliptrix - The Realisation (Video)

One shot, one take. Respect the work rate.

The Road To The Interdimensional Piff Highway is out now.

Dizzee Rascal - Bassline Junkie (Video)

There are usually more appropriate ways of surmising music than resorting to coarse language, but this is fucking terrible. On the flip-side, the video is well worth a watch. Every cloud...

This features on Dizzee's new Dirtee Stank Vol.2 mixtape, along with Newham Generals, P Money and Frisco.

Camouflage Children x Yanaku - Just Tonight (Video)

The second offering from Camo Kids and producer Yanaku, who goes heavy on the 808s for a slice of the waviest. First up was the apocalyptic Scatter.

CAS - All Hallows (Video)

"I got that white girl, Abigail Clancy."

Plenty of quotables from the masked living-dead rapper from Tottenham - and a hair-raising video to boot.

Wizard - Lobster Music Vol. 2 (Beat Tape)

Picking up where they left off with volume one, Wizard and Scizzahz have collected a brand new bunch of  beats from the trap side of the fence. Some of these are stankface. Catch the preview on YouTube.

Mystro - UK Rap Up 2012

It's that time of year again - sit back, take stock and reflect on 12 months passed as Mysdiggi breaks down 2012.

The man's Mystrogen is in stores now.