Christmas Round-up

Between shovelling ungodly piles of food into your face, the casual napping and compulsory generosity, it's easy to miss the important things over the festive period. Like the value of giving all year round and not waiting for the passing of a calendar year to find motivation and inspiration. And, of course, music. So we've put together a collection of bits that may have gone unnoticed over the last week or so while you forced "just one last" chocolate down your overworked gullet. 

Download. Beat taken from Telemachus's My Mate Does Beats Vol 2.



And finally, after a run of distilled evil audio and some of the bleakest, most macabre videos to have ever spawned from this country, CAS ditched Commercial for The Number 23. The debut covers all of the demon rapper's most notable work to date and some new music you've yet to hear. Buy it now.

Onoe Caponoe - Global Delixia (Video)

Something peculiar this way comes. Here's a taste of what to expect from mask-wearing surrealist Onoe Caponoe's forthcoming project, Funkmafpunktrash Funkadelic Mathematix. Be on the lookout for that and see what makes this man tick here.

Dizzee Rascal - Bang Bang (Video)

"Sometimes it still feels like I'm falling, caught up in the eye of the storm and /
Never thought I could be so corny, why weren't there nobody to warn me?"

Raskit toes the line between accessible and credible on this one like it's nothing. And his UGK reunion on H-Town's a belter too. 

Lupe Fiasco - Old School Love feat. Ed Sheeran (Video)

Off Lupe's forthcoming Tetsuo & Youth. Looks like dude's not retiring after his spat with Chief Keef a year back. 

Disclosure - Latch (DJ Premier Remix)

Adolescent house revivalists Disclosure tap one DJ Premier for this remix to their wildly successful hit Latch. Premo keeps it simple with big, reverbed drums, taking the song back to R&B's 90s era.

Blossom - Dusk feat. Jehst (Video)

Project Mooncircle is just about ready to release Blossom's second album, The Longest Journey, which is being packaged with debut Blue Ballons in the new year. On Dusk the Polish producer collaborates with Jehst for this 4:33 of beautiful gloom.

Pre-order the double release here

The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family Gets Remix Treatment

Kidkanevil, M-Phazes, Om Unit, Mo Kolours, Mr Thing, ARP 101. Jehst is plenty well connected in this biz, so expect a list of esteemed producers on the upcoming remix to his The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family album. Pre-order your copy of the short-run cassette-only release here and peep Boot Recording's reworking of England below.


Melanin 9 - Amulets (Video)

The Summit perfectly crystallises the sound of 90s NY on Amulets, leaving M9 to weave together his vivid escapist imagery. Look out for the maxi-single early in the new year. 

Ramson Badbonez - Let The Others Know (Video)

Badbonez' audiobiography of fictional misfit Oscar the Slouch is now in stores. Fittingly, here's the concept album's closer, December song Let The Others Know. Cop the album here.

Piff Gang - Pizzy (Mixtape)

There's no denying Piff Gang's run over the past year and counting. The clique has relentlessly moved product and continue their onslaught with Pizzy, featuring production from mainstay Sumgii and some unexpected names in DJ MK and Rewd Adams, best known as a solo act in his own right.

Myke Forte - Darker Than Black (Black Album Remixed)

A decade on from the release of Jay's false farewell album, Myke Forte has taken it upon himself to marry his hallmarked soul beats to the project. While the LP has arguably been remixed more than any other in the genre, Myke's version is a welcome addition, Hov's voice sounding right at home on his spacious yet deliberate soundbeds. 

Blue Daisy - Psychotic Love (Video)

Typically mentioned alongside artists like Koreless, Mount Kimbie and other names to have emerged as dubstep inevitably burnt itself out, Blue Daisy has been progressing by exercising his vocal chords of late. Psychotic Love is the North Londoner's latest producer-on-the-mic offering and will be found on his EP of the same name in the new year. 

Baishe Kings - Vodka Lemon Lime (Video)

Masked misfits Baishe Kings champion their favourite tipple in the latest off their E.O.M. Mixtape, which you can pick up from Big Dada here.  

Delusionists - Messiah Complex (prod. Charles Edison)

What's more delusional than a messiah complex? Delusionists' new song, Messiah Complex. Ben Black bears a heavy cross as the second coming over Charles Edison's canny Kaa-sampling beat. The Essex producer is gearing up to release an instrumental work by the name of Lightbulbs, so look out for that. 

The Mouse Outfit - Got Me Thinkin' feat. Sparkz (Video)

The Mouse Outfit's album Escape Music is hip hop made by musicians and Got Me Thinkin' is no different. Sparkz, who accounts for roughly half of the vocals next to Dr Syntax on the three-piece's LP, comes correct over a thick yet breezy backdrop.

Beyond The Beat: Stig Of The Dump

For the latest in his ongoing documentary series, Ed Andrews over at The Church of London digs beyond the music with Big Stig, who reflects on his first onstage experience, motivation to rap and... grapes looking like small testes.

Ramson Badbonez - Desperation (Video)

Badbonez stokes anticipation for A Year In The Life Of Oscar The Slouch on High Focus with this 8-bit lead in. The album's production will be handled entirely by Charlie Mac, who comes up trumps here. 

Remus - BitchesComeAndGo (Video)

New heat from Remus, who recently took to DJ Philly's Itch FM show with his uncle Chester to talk MFTC 5 and trade bars. Order your copy of the finale here and get along to Brixton Jamm for the album launch this Friday.

Mr Hackenbush and his nephew get to work around the 18:00 and 36:00 marks below.

K-Nite 13 - Tetris (Video)

K-Nite 13 commits this short but sweet number off his Reset EP to video, taking you on a whistle-stop tour round his home town of Walthamstow.

Piff Gang - Middle Finger (Video)

New Pizzy off the gang's forthcoming mixtape of the same name. This filmic video to Middle Finger sees a balaclava-clad posse ransack someone's house and joyride a Beemer before the big reveal...

Metabeats - Hookers feat. Action Bronson (V.I.P. Mix)

Metabeats reimagines his own work on this remix to the Action Bronson-featuring Hookers. The original can be found on the Welsh producer's album, Caviar Crackle, available here

Endemic - Capos feat. Roc Marciano, P.R. Terrorist & Kevlaar 7

Endemic goes stateside for this posse cut from his forthcoming compilation Terminal Illness 2, Marci turning up at the 1:00 mark with his butter-smooth pimp jive. 

Cyrus Malachi - Expressions EP

Cyrus Malachi makes a welcome return with a tight five-track EP, Astro Black handling all of the beats on the project, including the reflective, sunny jazz of standout Melanite Children

Show N Prove & Maxsta - Zimma Frame Remix

Ska meets trap in this Show N Prove remix, Maxsta making this shit his.

ItsNate - Savage (Video)

New Nate. Off of that So Slocal, intit.

Paul White - Get Your Head Round This feat. Trim (Video)

There'd been rumblings of Paul White collab'ing with former Roll Deep member Trim a few months back and it wound up on his Watch The Ants EP in July. Now comes the video, which takes in both cruising around an empty car park in a black Ford Capri to the sound of a jaunty bassoon.

Metabeats - Music feat. Ralph Rip Shit (Video)

"Grown men throw salutes like Zulu sticks."

Associated Minds deliver a double-whammy from Metabeats and Ralph Rip Shit, the two videos for Music taking in the summer and winter seasons. Given the cold outside, part one is above, but come this way if you want to warm your cockles.

Metabeats' Caviar Crackle, packed with acts from both sides of the Atlantic, is available now.

Joey Bada$$ - My Yout Remix (feat. Maverick Sabre)

Joey Bada$$ replaces Collie Buddz with Anglo-Irish singer Maverick Sabre for this revisit of My Yout, found on the NY rapper's Summer Knights EP.

Sonnyjim & Kosyne - Born Invincible (prod. Jaisu) (Video)

It's always official when EatGood passes through. Sonnyjim and Kosyne have just repackaged their joint EP It's About Time as a deluxe edition with tons more music and without the profanities edited out. Cop that here.  

Verb T - Old And Grumpy (Video)

Verb T rolls the clock forward a few decades to enjoy the curmudgeonly privileges reserved for ill-willed pensioners. I Remain is out now.

The Purist - Never Heard Of That feat. Tree

The Purist solidifies his rep with this collaboration featuring Chicago's so-called soul trap pioneer Tree. With his work now encompassing everyone from Action Bronson to CAS, the London producer has quickly earned his stripes as a studio maven with a knack for boom bap and way beyond. 

Harry Love - Homework Volume 1: Birthday Beats (Beat Tape)

The man behind so much of the UK's renaissance era has let a collection of his work go over on Bandcamp. This masterful collection can be yours for less than the price of a pint, worth it for the Done It Again instrumental alone.

Imperial & Kinetik - Go Hard feat. Tone Richardson

Unabashed determination from Imperial and Kinetik on this first taste of the pair's Pencils Not Pistols, due for release on 5 November. 

SB.TV inks venture capital deal

Even if Jamal Edwards has already made grand strides with SB.TV over the last seven years, they're about to get even bigger. The upstart has just received investment from Miroma Ventures, a venture capital firm based in London that already owns Pinterest among other companies.

So what do we know about the deal and what does it mean for SB.TV? Neither the investor or Edwards have disclosed the size of the investment, but  Miroma has committed to take part in a £1m financing at a later date. Since the company will be scaling up over time, this implies SB.TV has received something in the range of £500,000 or less, especially considering that Miroma has taken a minority stake.

And what can you do with £500,000? A fair bit when you consider the YouTube channel was set up with next to nothing. Half a million can get you a sales team to grow ad revenues, web bods to build you new apps and promoters to roll out events. That's not to mention the gains to be had from a Pinterest shareholder at your disposal – Miroma's founder Marc Boyan will take a seat on the board.

So what's the end game? When you look at News Corp's recent purchase of Vice, it wouldn't be surprising if other media groups wanted to take over SB.TV in due course – if they don't already.

The big question, however, will be how the channel continues to cater to what is still largely a hip hop and grime audience while at the same time growing. It already dominates that market in Britain. To go beyond it will mean diversifying and risks alienating a core readership and diluting the brand. That doesn't mean it can't succeed: Vice has no shortage of readers, it's just that Rupert Murdoch's money blunted its hipster edge, if only momentarily. For now, expect SB.TV to make its commanding presence felt even more.

To that end, The Economist's sister title Intelligent Life has just run Mr Edwards on their latest cover.

James Blake - Life Round Here feat. Chance The Rapper (Video)

Playing on the obvious oppositeness of his subjects, video director Nabil shoots James Blake and Chance The Rapper cruising around the sticks in an old US low-rider, to admirable effect. 

ItsNate - SoSlocal

ItsNate already offered up a taster of his latest work with the Ginuwine and Aaliyah-sampling AFTN a few weeks back. Now the North London MC shares SoSlocal in its entirety, taking up the mantle for the UK's vanguard. 

Lupe Fiasco - Old School Love (feat. Ed Sheeran)

After threatening to leave music behind for good in light of Chief Keef Keith's mocking of slain teen rapper Lil Jojo, Lupe is back for more. On this single he calls in a hook from red-bouffanted Brit strummer Ed Sheeran, and uses the same piano sample from fellow Chicagoan's Family Business, off 2004's College Dropout. Old School Love indeed.

Danny Brown - Dope Song (prod. Rustie) (Video)

Glasgow has had its stamp all over the last couple of weeks. Not only does Hudson Mohawke crop up in the liner notes of MNIMN, but his Lucky Me labelmate Rustie contributed three songs to the new Danny Brown album, Old.

Wizard & Scizzahz - Lobster Music Vol. 3 (Beat Tape)

New instros from Wizard and Scizzahz. Get in contact before someone else snaffles up the best of the bunch. 

Baishe Kings - 'Like' (Video)

Baishe Kings could well be an English Pharcyde crossed with who knows what. The latest act to sign to the ever unafraid Big Dada, their latest work, 'Like', can be found on mixtape E.O.M., which the record label is sponsoring. 

For all the "me too" acts and rappers that populate this country's cottage scene, it's refreshing to see an outfit that can stand tall on their own. 

Subculture Sage - Childhood

Misty-eyed nostalgia is arguably hip hop's biggest weakness. But instead of obsessing about the good ol' days when music sounded oh so much better, Subculture Sage's Childhood is a fond retrospective of those formative years when windmilling zoots in playgrounds and chugging 3l bottles of cider was par for the course. 

DJ Roast Beatz - Ear Play

DJ Roast Beatz has called on UK favourites Jehst, Stig of the Dump and Dabbla as well as longtime cohort Phoenix da Icefire for his latest offering. Not only that, ginger-bearded wonder Action Bronson features on Ear Play, due for release on 6 November. Check the snippets below. 

Estelle - I Don't Want To Stay feat. Jim Jones

Estelle and Dipset capo Jim Jones take on what sounds like a Timbaland throwback on this cut off her Waiting To Exhale EP.

Action Bronson X Telemachus - Get Off The PeePee (Albanian Horror Remix)

Ever heard an Albanian horror remix? Now's your chance. Telemachus reworks Get Off The PeePee by Bam Bam Bronson - who owes his lineage to the Balkan country. The jazz of the original is thrown out and replaced by a hefty break, cow bells and unnerving synths. A much darker affair all round. 

You can find this on Telemachus's Wordplay Sessions Vol.3, only available with subscriptions to the magazine. 

James Blake - Life Round Here Remix (feat. Chance The Rapper)

LSD enthusiast Chance The Rapper, who has been racking up online column inches of late with his Acid Rap album, has gone and hooked up with softly-sung post-dubstep virtuoso James Blake for this deft remix. Although you may not have thought it, it sounds like the pair were destined to work together from how snugly they fit together on this.

Verb T - I Remain (Video)

Verb T is lining up his seventh studio album, the laid back victory call of I Remain being the first sample of which.  

High Focus have retained just that, with recent Dead Players video Badman also making noise.

Sold But Not Sold Out: Krept & Konan Play It By Their Own Rules

Just when it felt like UK rap was starting to give up on itself, Krept and Konan (also known as Play Dirty) reach a new milestone, at once raising the bar for everyone else and offering hope that artists can successfully play by their own rules.

With no major label backing in sight and just two net videos behind them, the pair have cracked the top 20 UK album charts with their latest mixtape, Young Kingz. It's no mean feat. The UK has long been cursed by its demographics - there simply isn't a big enough market at home to support unadulterated hip hop. It must first be filtered and repackaged to make any commercial impact. At least that has been the case until now.

Writing for the Guardian, Hattie Collins speaks to the unassuming duo from Thornton Heath, South London about how they managed to pull it off. A must read for anyone with even a passing interest in their winning formula. Salute.

Krept and Konan: the secrets of Young Kingz' success

Young Kingz is available now.

CAS - You Might Be Scared (Video)

CAS leaves the twisted drug talk alone to deliver a withering social commentary in the first verse of his latest track, You Might Be Scared, after which he does what's he's best known for. And all of this over Breakage's immense remix of Claire Macquire's Ain't Nobody.

Shortee Blitz & Turkish Dcypha Present​.​.​. JAY​-​DILLA (Mixtape)

This one's a no-brainer. Shortee Blitz and Turkish Dcypha take their favourite Jay verses, pick some gems from Dilla's body of work and throw them all together. Job done. 

Chase & Status - Machine Gun (feat. Pusha T)

With Brand New Machine, two-man team Chase and Status are on their third album. And to get proceedings underway the Londoners have just given the world a peek at the project with this collaboration alongside Pusha Ton. The album lands on 7 October, MNIMN following the day after.

Onoe Caponoe - Funkymouse Returns (Video)

Onoe Caponoe summons the Funkymouse for his return, shotting cheese out of his cheddar-yellow motor and cruising around lesser visited astral planes. Peep our interview with the psych-rapper and his latest album, Willows Midnight Gallery

ItsNate - All For The Night (Video)

ItsNate drops the epilepsy-triggering video to All For The Night as he puts the finishing touches to SoSlocal, coming very soon.

Giggs - Yes Yes Yes (prod. Mark Ronson) (Video)

Giggs' unexpected collab with big band botherer Mark Ronson is now as official as they come, the pair having shared the video to the track.

Klashnekoff - Murda (Demo Version)

A decade on from the original's release, Harry Love has decided to share this demo of Klashnekoff's Murda. The phrase "seminal classic" is thrown about all too often, but it's difficult to overstate how important this song is. For many, this is when hip hop in Britain finally found itself. The demo is on a completely different vibe and as excellent as it is, it's hard to imagine this version having had the same impact and longevity as the assured masterpiece these two wound up making. 

Danny Brown - ODB (prod. Paul White) (Video)

He's drawn comparisons to ODB already. But here Danny Brown channels the bastard's spirit for what would have been the title track from his forthcoming album had he not reduced it to Old. Paul White challenges Danny's crazy by pulling something demented out the bag.

Would A UK Rapper Drop A Verse Like Kendrick?

DJ Snips, Teef and crew weigh in on whether someone from these shores could "do a Kendrick" after the Compton rapper set the hip hop world alight by naming his peers in song. The verse is a big event but a non-issue. As Skillz puts it, all rappers should always be going for the top spot - whether they specify names or not. Let's face it, we've spent the last three decades listening to MCs say they're the biggest and best, so what difference does the verse make now? It's implicit that Kendrick believes he's better than his peers and the feeling's surely mutual.

As for the UK, didn't Smiler already do this three years ago? In fact he went one further by explicitly insulting people.

Given how dull this year's cracking up to be for UK rap (don't act like you hadn't noticed), someone should snatch the top spot. It's sitting there for the taking and this scene's long overdue a shake-up.

Dephect Boom Bap Festival Mix 2013

With Boom Bap UK nearly upon us (13th - 15th September) for its second year, DJ Getz put together this exclusive mix featuring the great and the good of Blighty, old to new. Peep the tracklist below and if you like what you see, hit the link


1. Chester p - Intro

2. Klashnekoff - Murda

3. Rodney P - Murderer Style

4. Skinnyman - When I Give My Heart To You (Joe Buddha Remix)

5. Mystro Ft Jargon & Skinnyman - Word Out

6. Genesis Elijah Ft Klashnekoff - Jah Bless

7. Verb T - Delusion

8. Micall Parknsun - New

9. Fliptrix - Smooth Crash Landing

10. Dirty Dike - New Street

11. Jam Baxter Ft Leaf Dog - Who

12. Res & Datkid Ft Upfront - We Ain't Scared Of Who 

13. Cappo - Red Hot

14. Sonnyjim - Hold It Down

15.Brothers Of The Stone - Real Hip Hop

16. Jack Diggs Ft TPS - Memory Lane

17. Oliver Sudden - Call My Name

18. Rag N Bone Man & Leaf Dog Ft Sonnyjim - Digging For Gold

19. Smellington Piff - Piff Land

20. Tack Jetsun - Strange Cinema

21. LDZ Ft Jam Baxter - Beat Don't Bang

22. Fliptrix Ft Buggsy - Walk This Way

23. Theme ft Reveal, Tony D , M9 - Block Politics

24. Dubbledge ft Micall Parknsun - Scram

25. Dead Players Ft Dirty Dike & Edward Scissortounge - Velvet Swamp

26. Strange U - Klaatu Barada Nikto

27. Heavy Links Ft Cappo - Nuclear

28. J Man Ft Bva, Tommy Dockerz, Smellington Piff, Sean Peng & Index - Cougar Piss

29. M9 ft Triple Darkness - Heartless Island

Scrufizzer - Kick It (prod. Zed Bias) (Video)

Zed Bias does Scrufizzer a huge favour with this timeless house aesthetic, placing the MC's sound somewhere between the feel-good sounds of Preditah and the 4-to-the-floor revival Disclosure have recently found phenomenal success with in the charts. Pretty girls will dance their nuts off to this. Grime fans will openly curse it.

SBTV: Skooled By - Skinnyman

The skinniest man in UK hip hop dusts off some old bars for SBTV's series chronicling the scene's architects.

Wiley - Flying (Video)

After flirting with the charts for a second time, Wiley returns to Big Dada for this latest, jarring number for the grime faithfuls, due out 26 August.

Chris Fountain Is... The Phantom

Just in case you were wondering what the cause of today's nontroversy over Corrie suspending Tommy Duckworth was. It's not clear whether the young actor is paying just dues to Bushwick Bill or this is sincere, but he's fessed up to being an evildoer, more than likely to save his TV career. Which he should stick with. But then, who's taking this at face value? Are we really to believe he can bench-press a house? Or is he just acting... like in Coronation Street?

Danny Brown - Hand Stand (prod. Darq E Freaker)

No word yet as to whether this will be found on Danny Brown's upcoming Old LP, but nonetheless the shrill Detroiter reunites with London producer Darq E Freaker for this dancefloor anthem in the making. Twerk it.

Giggs - Yes Yes Yes (prod. Mark Ronson)

On paper this looks like an odd pairing. That is until you look back over Ronson's CV and see the past work he's done with everyone from Nas to Q-Tip. Taking inspiration from Just Blaze's clattering big band style, the socialite producer comes up trumps, which only leaves Giggs to get his distinguishable mumble on.

Dizzee Rascal - I Don't Need A Reason (Video)

Rasket returns to his roots by actually bothering to spit on one of his singles, a feat not pulled for at least five years.

SBTV: Skooled By - Chester P

Rodney P tracks down the people's champ for the latest instalment of SBTV's Skooled By series.

ItsNate - All For The Night

Slondon rapper ItsNate gives us a teaser of his upcoming project, SoSlocal.

Roots Manuva - Stolen Youth

Roots Manuva's music was set to the very first series of Skins five years ago. Now the man has written exclusively for the final episode of the  teen drama.

Midas Touch - Special Vibe (Video)

The freshly formed gold-fingered trio offer up their second track with Special Vibe.

Triple Darkness - Knuckle Dust (Video)

Triple Darkness plot their return with Knuckle Dust, all crew members delivering signature scriptures over ever-faithful dusty boom-bap production.

Action Bronson Performs For St. Hilda's East Community Centre

Bam Bam gatecrashes an old people's home in Shoreditch to liven up their afternoons with an unlikely performance of Strictly 4 My Jeeps. The hefty wordsmith may not have won them over with his music, but he certainly sets some eyes a'twinkling.

Wizard - King Raah

Wizard stays turnt all the way up. Not made for piss-weak laptop speakers.

Micall Parknsun - The Come Up feat. Naughtz (Video)

Parky wastes no time following up his recent self-produced outing Me, Myself & Akai with his soon to be released mixtape I Should've Done This Time Ago. ApaTight handles the beat on this number.

Ghostpoet - Cold Win (Video)

By now Ghostpoet has mastered the eerie, twilight melancholy he gifted us on his first album. Cold Win, off his recently released Some Say I So I Say Light, is another example of his uniquely British spin on hip hop by way of the country's ever-changing dance scene.

Dead Players - Ever (Video)

Jammothy Baxtois, Dabbla and Ghost Town recently banded together to bring you Dead Players, this video for Ever seeing Baxter tangling with some sideways circus lasses.

Expect the album to be with you shortly.

Midas Touch - We Are (Video)

AKS, J The Exodus and Phoenix Da Icefire form like Voltron to bring you Midas Touch. We Are is considered, contemplative rap and the perfect introduction to what this trio stands for.

Sign up to their mailing list for more.

Kuroisoul & Kinetik - London Mornings (Feat. Tone Richardson)

A London summer wake-up call from Kinetik, in this taster from his joint venture with Kuriosoul. The Cali producer and North Weezy rapper's project goes by the name of Hip Hop Is Forever and is available right now.

Elvis Costello & The Roots - Walk Us Uptown (Video)

The Roots and Brit new wave rocker Elvis Costello offer a glimpse into their forthcoming project, Wise Up Ghost, which the two sides decided to make after performing together on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

Fallon's programme has been an opportune platform for The Roots, not only in familiarising middle America with the band, but also in giving them the chance to show off their versatility.

Piff Gang - G

New Pizzy courtesy of Sumgii on the boards and Milkavelli, PhazeWhat and Skits. And don't forget, the gang's PG-13 is still hot off the press.

Cappo - G3tout

Gusto Grizwold eschews the break-heavy boom-bap method that's served him so well in this partnership with Theorist. Only a few weeks ago the Notts statesman showed his mettle on Un:Programmable Raw beside Sam Zircon, now he takes ten steps left for something completely different.

SBTV: Skooled By - Jehst

After stopping in with Blak Twang and Funky DL, SBTV now shines the light on the High Plains Drifter for its ongoing series aimed at schooling the younger generation on the architects.

You have to hand it to Jamal Edwards, not just for his entrepreneurship but also for covering the scene in toto.

CAS - Charlotte (Director's Cut)

If you thought the glimpses you've already had into CAS's drug-infested life have been grim thus far, you ain't seen nothing. Forget horrorcore rap, this must be the most macabre song committed to film, regardless of genre. Viewer discretion is advised and make sure you've let your dinner settle.

Paul White - Find A Way feat. Homeboy Sandman (Video)

Writer's writer Homeboy Sandman connects with wayward production maestro Paul White in this latest taste of his forthcoming Watch The Ants EP.

Dream Mclean - Titanic (Video)

Dream Mclean is joined by cohort Siris for the second cut off his stellar Weatherman release, an EP that simultaneously manages to be current yet has a personality all of its own. Sponsored by Chase N Status's MTA Records, the project is available as a freebie as Mclean continues to build his buzz.

Drake - The Motion feat. Sampha

Drippy Drake fans will already have seen the Canadian offered up new material over the weekend, including The Motion featuring SBTRKT collaborator Sampha. It's not the first time Aubrey has drawn his inspiration from over here and Jamie xx, whose I'll Take Care Of U wound up on the Canadian Grammy Award-winning rapper's sophomore set, is said to be playing a role in album number three.

Metabeats - Caviar Crackle

Tomorrow sees the release of Metabeats' Caviar Crackle. The producer has Action Bronson, Oddisee, Von Pea, Dubbledge, Marv Won and a whole load more connoisseurs of his particular brand of neck-snap music around the table. 

Klimeks - Glare$

Riding a similar tide as Clams Casino and names on the Lucky Me roster, Klimeks shows he's worth his salt with this selection of the waviest. Expect future collaborations with Piff Gang and ItsNate. 

SBTV: Skooled By - Rodney P

"I know what the dream is, I seen it / 
we rob a lot like Jimmy Hoffa did The Teamsters."

After a couple of teasers, SBTV sets its Skooled By series in motion proper with an introduction from the doggist. Who better to kick off proceedings?

D.ablo - Fire feat. Essa (prod. Just Jack)

Believe it or not this uplifting, back-to-basics number from Terra Firma vocalist D.ablo and Essa was produced by none other than Just Jack, who you may remember singing all over the radio and tellybox a few years back. Go figure.

Kanye West - Blood On The Leaves (prod. TNGHT)

If Yeezus proves one thing, it's that Kanye West and his music continue to divide. His new project builds on the experimentalism of 808s & Heartbreak and that in itself will be enough to put traditionalists off. The producer-on-the-mic has built a reputation for setting the musical zeitgeist, it's just that it often feels he keeps company with lesser sung trendsetters in the hope of capturing some of their sheen. The fact Rick Rubin said the project was rushed for submission doesn't help any either.

Whatever the consensus next week on Yeezus' official release - and there will no doubt be as many critics afraid to question Kanye's accepted genius as there will be disgruntled rap fans - at least the man's collaborators can't be held fully accountable for any blame. Blood On The Leaves is arguably the standout among a ragtag bunch of squealing, minimalist soundscapes and HudMo's hand in the song, with its stadium-rattling horns, is unmistakeable.

Myke Forte - Pisces (Beat Tape)

And just like that, it's all over. Myke Forte drops off the final piece to the Zodiak puzzle. With 12 fully fledged beat tapes in all, one for each star sign, the project's been no mean feat. Such a persistent work ethic means you can expect to hear more from Myke in future. In the meantime, kick back to Pisces, take in the previous projects and look inside the his mind in our interview with the astro beatmaker

Rapper Tag UK #26 - Kosyne

You know the drill. Mind you, whatever happened to Strategy of Broke N English? Don't recall anyone ever passing up on the tag-in.

Ho hum.

Dirty Dike - Return Of The Twat (Video)

Dikestar and co. wreak havoc around Brighton, goaded on by Pete Cannon's drum-heavy, rambunctious production. Return Of The Twat is in stores now.

S.A.S. - Coolie High (Video)

€urogang show their love for Camp Lo's '97 sleeper hit Uptown Saturday Night, home to this number and the supreme Luchini.

Suspect Packages Goes Live

If you haven't already had a goosey gander at the big homie Disorda's brand spanking new site, you're a fool and a nincompoop. Check for regular updates on the latest UKHH releases, videos and all that other good stuff. And it's all under one roof.

We had the pleasure of meeting Dis at the Suspect Packages bunker three years ago for this one-off interview. Get your read on.

Heavy Links - Nuclear feat. Cappo (Video)

Capps turns up at 1:19.

Heavy Links' new 12" is out now.

K-Nite 13 - Reset

Quaranteam member K-Nite strikes out on his own with a new solo project, which comes complete with the heavy Last Skeptik-produced, wayward-wrestler-name-checking Chris Benoit.   

Dream Mclean - Weatherman (Video)

Dream Mclean goes all Korean gangster flick in this accompaniment for Weatherman, the plinking, jangling lead off his new EP of the same name.

Myke Forte - Aquarius (Beat Tape)

Myke Forte is back with the penultimate instalment of his astrological beat tape series, this time the sign of Aquarius taking centre stage. Mr Forte's familiar digi-soul head-nod music dominates alongside more experimental sounds as he tests his boundaries.

Jessie J - Wild feat. Big Sean & Dizzee Rascal

Shorn, milky pop princess Jessie J cracks open the rolodex for her latest single, Rasket and spa enthusiast Big Sean joining proceedings. Swerve.

Al Dobson Jr and Creole+ - Japan Project (Beat Tape)

One-Handed Music has just pointed us in the direction of this neat little project from London's Al Dobson Jr and Creole+. Japan Project is a selection of beats dedicated to, and sampling music from, the Land of the Rising Sun. Arigatō.

In other news, OHM's Paul White is gearing up for the release of a new EP, so expect to hear some leaks in the near future.

Dream Mclean - Weatherman EP

After signing to Chase N Status's MTA label and giving us Sloe Gin, Essex's Dream Mclean steps things up with a full EP. And he comes up trumps, Weatherman taking the tried-and-tested trap aesthetic and going one further. Moody, aerial compositions from Johan Hugo, High Frequency and Jason Farsight offer Mclean a more than fitting platform to pitch his flag.

You can download the full EP from the man's site as of today. 

Telemachus - Tennis Season (Video & Free Download)

Ever seen a man playing ping pong with his own testicle bag? Well you have now.

Telemachus' album, In The Evening, is finally with us and to celebrate the release the studio hermit has given up a freebie with this troubling video. Tennis Season pairs broken drums with a guitar plucked straight from the South Pacific - a small taster of what to expect on the long-player 

Telemachus - Tennis Season

ItsNate - Easy feat. Milkavelli

ItsNate and Milkavelli continue to ride the crest of that new wave, each clocking in with a verse about how lemon squeezy this rap lark is for them. If you haven't already picked it up, Nate's Never Average Talking Excellent is in the ether.

Sonnyjim - Purple Patch 5 (prod. Kosyne) (Video)

It's been a minute since Sonnyjim last hit us with a Purple Patch, but he's back once again, this time Kosyne on production duties. The result? Pure, unadulterated head-nod hip hop from one of the brashest in the biz.

Name your price or head to iTunes and let Apple take a 35% cut.

The Last Skeptik - Lullaby feat. Jehst (Video)

Billy Brimstone takes a post on this thumping, rattling number off The Last Skeptik's Thanks For Trying, out now on BBE Records.

Win Tickets For The Beatnuts, Jeru & Afru-ra

The good people at Doctor's Orders have booked not one, not two, but three boom bap showcases for one night this Saturday @The Garage in Highbury. If you and a friend want to jump the queue, let us know at ukallday[at]gmail[dot]com what fat-bummed pop diva lifted The Beatnuts' Watch Out Now for her own single.

Dabbla - Blaze It Up (Video)

*Please smoke responsibly. 

Rag N Bone Man & Leaf Dog - Whatever's Left (Video)

Off the gravel-voiced crooner and boom bap specialist's Dog 'N' Bone EP.

Klimeks - 2010 - 2011 (Beat Tape)

Not happy with them lying unheard in his stash, Klimeks digs out some choice compositions made a couple of years back. With credits for ItsNate, Wretch32 and Piff Gang, expect to hear more from the Peterborough producer in due course.

Telemachus - The Selector Mix

Telemachus gives The Selector an exclusive mix that covers everything from Jam Baxter to Two Inch Punch via his own personal works. In The Evening coming 20 May.