Myke Forte - Zodiak: Capricorn (Beat Tape)

You can't talk British beats without mentioning Myke Forte's name. After a brief hiatus from his Zodiak  series to concentrate on the Cosmik Panda EP, he's polished off the next episode with Capricorn. Complete with dry snares, swing and plenty of thick, syrupy bass, it's more of what people have learnt to love from the Brummy beatnut.

ItsNate – NeverAverageTalkingExcellent (Mixtape)

More boundary blurring and new wave swaggery from ItsNate. Sure, NeverAverageTalkingExcellent might border on the kind of inane raps mastered by the likes of A$AP at times, but it's also unafraid and a welcome break from a genre broadly concerned with retreading well-worn conceits.

The astral-planing of Schemin' and bravado of lady-poaching anthem WSLTA should be enough to convince the doubters. If not, move along.

ItsNate – NeverAverageTalkingExcellent 

Samson - Throwaway Thoughts

The man with the sacred hair gets lackadaisical over an equally mellow beat, throwing out thoughts as they come to mind.

Pete Cannon - Stunts Blunts n Trap Music

Pete Cannon eschews his puritan hip hop roots for an up-to-the-minute sound, bypassing the popular trap aesthetic and ending up with an instrumental EP that's closer to the kind of electro experimentation  being spearheaded by the likes of TNGHT.

Melanin 9 - Organized Democracy (Video)

M9 keeps his sights firmly trained on the establishment, taking shots at perceived democracy and the powers used by the state to keep man on a leash. The Magna Carta LP drops on 3 December with contributions from Melanin's Triple Darkness family and Roc Marciano.

Verb T - Said & Done (Video)

The second single from Verb T's  Morning Process is available as part of a precursor to the album - the Said & Done EP. If you can't wait for the full release, get said extended player from iTunes now.

DJ Yoda - Happy feat. A Boy Called George (Video)

An odd pairing as cut-and-paste specialist DJ Yoda coaxes erstwhile popstar Boy George out of retirement. Expect Sway, Greg Nice and bearded wonder Action Bronson on his looming album, Chop Suey. 

Lunar C - Sewer Side Sex (Mixtape)

Few rappers succeed the transition from stage to studio. Here Leeds vocal pugilist Lunar C calls in everyone from Jack Flash to Dot Rotten and JME to help a hand. Does he pull it off? You call it.

Maxsta - Pop Off (prod. Show N Prove) (Video)

Having worked with Benny Banks and Maxsta previously on his I Wanna Rock breakout single, Show N Prove continues his steady ascent behind the boards.

Foreign Beggars - Apex (Video)

Say what you like about the Beggars (trend followers, purveyors of the easy win etc), but there ain't no flies on 'em. Spotting the sinking ship that UK hip hop became half a decade ago they broadened their portfolio. And it's doing their career wonders.

Rapper Tag UK #19 - Melanin 9

No shots but I'm not a fan of passing the baton between team members. I suppose it's only to be expected and M9 always delivers the goods.

It's a surprise that none of the High Focus roster has got a look-in yet. You've got Verb T, Fliptrix, Jambo and Dirty Dike and whichever way you cut it they've collectively been responsible for breathing new life into the UKHH scene.

Youngs Teflon - God Save The Queens (Video)

Who ever said the new school Britpack can't rework an absolute classic got it dead wrong. Youngs Teflon takes Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers and makes it his own. Let's just hope Premo doesn't do a Lord Finesse on the London MC.

Youngs' Trillin is on its way.

John Legend & Teyana Taylor - Bliss (prod. Hudson Mohawke)

After whispers of Hudson Mohawke buddying up with Kanye, officially adding keys to posse cut Mercy and remixing (and arguably improving) the lead single for a lark to create Lambo Furnace, now the Glaswegian has wound up on Cruel Summer with something original. Well, sort of.

Bliss lifts a beat called Ice Viper released three years ago, a surprise considering the anticipation that's been building for Cruel Summer. (Mr West also jacked Chief Keef's breakout hit I Don't Like.) 

It's not the first time one of America's largest rap artists has cannibalised tried-and-tested music from the UK by simply recording vocals over the top. Drake did the same last year on Take Care when he nabbed Jamie XX's I'll Take Care Of You for the title song.

Presumably that's the benefit of your largest market being unaware of avant-garde dance producers across the Atlantic. Let's see if the US continues to popularise sounds authored in the UK. I'm sure HudMo isn't complaining.

Dubbledge - Ten Toes Down (prod. Chemo) (Video)

"Ten toes down, two thumbs up / one mouth open, your mouth shut."

Dubble Dubble and Chemo. You can't really go wrong with that combo.

Funky DL - Def Lyricist (DJ 279 on cuts)

The sticking point with Funky DL was always that he rapped in an American accent. Yet when you think that his music stretches as far back as 1997, all that goes out the window. His legendary status is never in question.

Stig Of The Dump - Head Banger Boogy (prod. Pete Cannon) (Video)

Moshpit music from big Stig and Pete Cannon's Cannon Fodder EP. Catch the man in action when he hits up London and Leeds for the launch parties.

Kings Of The City - The Devil (Video)

Acoustic outfit Kings Of The City comfortably deliver a crossover sound, as much stadium-rock riffs and double-time indie as it is hip hop. The first half of their double EP No Guts No Glory is up for grabs, the second following soon.

ItsNate - Where She Learnt That At (Video)

ItsNate continues his new wave indie hustle, striking the balance between breaking from the blinkered trad hop crowd and not shamelessly copycatting MMG's swag (see Lethal B below).

The newcomer is preparing the release of Never Average Talking Excellent, the sequel to last year's Never Ask Take Everything, where you'll find the Jon Phonics-produced Hardware

Lethal Bizzle - R8 Gang (Video)

Bizzle gives it his best Rozay rendition, shows off his "white girl" Audi and drops trademark catchphrases with the frequency of a nervous tic. #leaveityeah #obviously 


People's Army - General Salute Vol.2 (Free Album)

Logic, Mic Righteous, Big Cakes, English Frank and more take rank for People's Army's General Salute follow-up.

The People’s Army – General Salute Vol. 2

Onoe Caponoe - Donnie DarkONOE (Video)

Taking inspiration from apocalyptic modern cult classic Donnie Darko, the best name in UK rap adopts the guise of Jake Gyllenhal's protagonist, speaking to a mysterious bunny-eared prophet and coming off as a certified crackpot to all outsiders.

Onoe Caponoe will release his new LP, Willows Midnight Gallery, next month.

Footsie vs Fei-Fei - Torture (Video)

'Ardbody lemonface music as LA DJ Fei Fei and one half of the Newham Generals unite.

Mystro - Mystrogen (Album Sampler)

Mystro's debut album has been a long time coming, but will finally arrive on Monday. Pre-orders are now a go and ensure a couple of bonus cuts, but before then here's a taster of what's in store.

K-Nite 13 - Sign Of The Times feat. Jaunty (Video)

K-Nite 13 lends some graphics to Sign Of The Times, where he muses on hip hop living today and more noble paths to tread, backed up by collaborator Jaunty. This can be found on K-Nite's According To Plan.