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Yay, it's the Olympics!

With grown-ups' sports day just around the corner it's worth having a look at why this grand charade just doesn't add up somehow. It's cost the taxpayer £9bn, while another £2bn odd has come from the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Wouldn't it be great if there were some hugely profitable multi-nationals that could give us some money to recoup? That's where all these guys come in. Except they're only putting £1.4bn in the pot. And do we get that back or does it get spent on the Games? It doesn't really make a difference, it's a drop in the ocean anyway.

But at least the Olympics will bring in cash for local businesses and we can all use the event we're paying for to make something back. No. Logoc have said they will "protect [the sponsors'] investment and prevent other organisations from making unauthorised associations with the games." There will be 250 "enforcement officers" ensuring you don't ruin things by trying to make a few quid in and around the village - it's Coca-Cola and co's turf for now.

David Cameron reckons £13bn in investment will come into the country as a result, netting the UK a £4bn profit. Or at least £13bn will go to the private sector at the expense of £9bn from the public purse. If that means jobs, it could be a good thing. We'll have to wait for the numbers to come in. We don't know whether China made a loss or profit from the Beijing Games in 2008; we do know that Greece went in the red four years earlier and that its Velodrome and Softball Stadiums lie dormant. Mind you, they've got more than loss-making sporting events to worry about - like debt.

Speaking of which, wasn't the whole point of public spending cuts to reduce our sovereign debt burden? And yet in January that breached £1trn for the first time in history. Oh, and in light of Cameron and George Osborne's unwavering austerity plan, this week's numbers show the economy just contracted by more than it has since this whole fuckery started four years ago.

I hope Dizzee got a nice cheque for this. Even better if we get something back.