Dizzee Rascal - Scream feat. Pepper (Video)

Yay, it's the Olympics!

With grown-ups' sports day just around the corner it's worth having a look at why this grand charade just doesn't add up somehow. It's cost the taxpayer £9bn, while another £2bn odd has come from the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Wouldn't it be great if there were some hugely profitable multi-nationals that could give us some money to recoup? That's where all these guys come in. Except they're only putting £1.4bn in the pot. And do we get that back or does it get spent on the Games? It doesn't really make a difference, it's a drop in the ocean anyway.

But at least the Olympics will bring in cash for local businesses and we can all use the event we're paying for to make something back. No. Logoc have said they will "protect [the sponsors'] investment and prevent other organisations from making unauthorised associations with the games." There will be 250 "enforcement officers" ensuring you don't ruin things by trying to make a few quid in and around the village - it's Coca-Cola and co's turf for now.

David Cameron reckons £13bn in investment will come into the country as a result, netting the UK a £4bn profit. Or at least £13bn will go to the private sector at the expense of £9bn from the public purse. If that means jobs, it could be a good thing. We'll have to wait for the numbers to come in. We don't know whether China made a loss or profit from the Beijing Games in 2008; we do know that Greece went in the red four years earlier and that its Velodrome and Softball Stadiums lie dormant. Mind you, they've got more than loss-making sporting events to worry about - like debt.

Speaking of which, wasn't the whole point of public spending cuts to reduce our sovereign debt burden? And yet in January that breached £1trn for the first time in history. Oh, and in light of Cameron and George Osborne's unwavering austerity plan, this week's numbers show the economy just contracted by more than it has since this whole fuckery started four years ago.

I hope Dizzee got a nice cheque for this. Even better if we get something back.

Ramson Badbonez - Food Glorious Food feat. Mystro (prod. Harry Love)

A new leak from Ramson Badbonez' looming album has hit the 'net. He and Mystro both go in with countless food puns over a bouncing rhythm that's all hums and whistles thanks to a rare spotting of Harry Love.

Bad Influence is out on 27 August, while first single My Shit is out now.

Caxton Press - Touch The Sun (Video)

More bleak and paranoid mood music from the Press, this time Manage calling for a coup d'état of the people. You can find this on their debut, Shame The Devil.

Insane Macbeth - Can't, Couldn't, Could Never feat. Karl Hinds

Two long-standing veterans get back to business on this joint effort, Karl Hinds lending his vocal talents to Insane Macbeth's production.

Hinds has a new mixtape, Black Timing, that's doing the rounds right now. 

Don't Stay In...

In London and stuck for something to do this Thursty Thursday?

Lloyd Banks - Chosen Few feat. Jadakiss (prod. Beat Butcha)

Our man Beat Butcha has done himself proud by giving Lloyd Banks and Jadakiss this regal neck-snapper for the pair to muse from the mountain top, surveying all that's below. This is already being held up as the standout track on Banks' new mixtape, V6: The Gift. Have a listen and you'll see why.

Roll Deep - No Comment Star (Mixtape)

Architects of their scene, Roll Deep have made a return with their new mixtape No Comment Star. The crew took to the stage at the G-Shock store off Brick Lane last Friday and everyone went bananas for their stone-cold classic, When I'm Ere, not to mention their new grime cuts. *warrior chant

Roll Deep - No Comment Star

K-Nite 13 - According To Plan

The 'Stow boy and rapper/producer unveils According To Plan, a host of songs with his Quaranteam family members representing fully and verses from TB, Kyza and more. You can't say fairer than that. 

Big Cakes - Buck Da Mainstream (Video)

Exactly what it says on the tin. You can find this and a whole lot more on Big Cakes' CCC.

Don't Stay In...

Roll Deep have linked up with Casio G-Shock to promo their forthcoming mixtape, No Comment Star. Get yourself along to the G-Shock outlet off Brick Lane this Friday night for an in-store performance for some pure, unadulterated grime. If you can't make it, watch out for the tape's release on 24 July. 

Verb T - Life In A Day (prod. JJ Malone) (Video)

More new music from the industrious High Focus camp. Verbs lives his life out in 24 little hours on this cut from his new EP, More Dynamite, wholly produced by JJ Malone. This man's also got Morning Process in the works. No days off.

Phoenix Da Icefire - Echoing Thoughts (Video)

Phoenix Da Icefire on fine form, championing the importance of inheriting knowledge from your elders. If this is anything to go by then the newly released Quantum Leap has come up trumps. I'm off to buy it now - and not just because I need to hear this track with Keith Murray and Klashnekoff.

See what Phoenix and DJ Roast had to say when they popped by UK All Day for a natter a ways back.

Karl Hinds - Future feat. Durrty Goodz (Video) & Black Timing (Mixtape)

Don Gramma rapper Karl Hinds has just wrapped up a new mixtape in the shape of Black Timing. On Future he goes back-to-back with Durrty Goodz, the East London MC who for years has deftly toed the line between hip hop and grime.

You can pick up the new mixtape in exchange for your email address.

Sonnyjim & June25thbeatz - Snap Frost & Suede Season

Sonnyjim and June25thbeatz collab for their Snap Frost & Suede Season six-track EP. As well as OneTwoThree and Eating Like a King from earlier this year, there's features from Kosyne, Smoke Darg and a remix of the !llmind-produced The Headsplit. Get your fill below.

Mark Fear & Cappo - Shutter Island

"The Thin Lizzy LP cover slyer than a fox is."

Newcastle's Mark Fear has been busying himself with a producer album of late, the first sample of which is the Cappo-featuring Shutter Island.

Sincere - Déjà Vu (Video)

I wonder if Mercury Records has a brostep adviser.

K-Nite 13 - Long Road (Video)

One fifth of The Quaranteam walks his life path, the track leading the way to a 23 July release of According To Plan.

Dan Bull - Dear Lord Finesse

This week's headlines were dominated by Lord Finesse's decision to file a $10m lawsuit against Mac Miller for using his Hip 2 Da Game beat on mixtape K.I.D.S, released two years ago. His claim states:

"This is a case about a teenage rapper — Mac Miller — copying the music from a song written, produced and performed by Lord Finesse, a hip hop legend, changing the title and then distributing it under his own name in order to launch his music career."

Now, the D.I.T.C producer's contribution to the genre has never been in doubt. He's crafted classics, bore the torch for others and introduced the world to Big L. But, whatever you make of Mac Miller, the case smacks of hypocrisy and appears to betray hip hop's pick-and-sample ethos. Besides, K.I.D.S. credited Finesse as the producer of Kool Aid And Frozen Pizza. The mixtape was free. And it appears the Oscar Peterson sample was never cleared in the original... 

The Funky Technician stresses that it's the bigger picture that counts: K.I.D.S. launched Mac Miller's career, and on top of that his video collects blue chip ad revenue every time it's viewed. You can see why he feels he's owed something. 

Enter Dan Bull. A fierce opponent of draconian digital censorship laws, the UK rapper has unwittingly been dragged into the palaver after recording Dear Lord Finesse. In a confounding twist to the story, the light-hearted dig has been pulled from YouTube after a complaint from the Hip 2 Da Game producer's legal team, which argued breach of copyright. Not one to go down without a fight, Dan Bull has responded with a new video addressing the ham-fisted treatment of his parody and questioning the grounds for infringement claims. 

Oh, and he also went and put the offending video up on Vimeo.

Rapper Tag UK #16 - Kyza

One of the best in this. Album My Very Own is in the pipeline.

The next one of these should be a treat too.

Piff Gang - Plantlife (Mixtape)

Your favourite trill stoners return with a new mixtape that pits the gang's vocals against in-house production from Crankz and Budgie, plus outsiders The Purist, Casino Vice and Sumgii. Build a stanky  one, light it, kick back and enjoy.

Smiler - Top Of The World (feat. Professor Green & Tawiah) (Video)

Who knows who this is targeted at. Kids? The deaf?

K Koke - Roc For Life (Video)

North Weezy's K Koke is joined by fellow Roc Nation roster member and MMG bit-player Wale for this dedication to their label and life.

Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik - How Not To Make A Living (Out Now)

From the beast music of Monster Things to the uptempo swing of love ballad Everything's OK, Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik have all bases covered on their new album. How Not To Make A Living will no doubt be one of 2012's main features and as of today can be all yours.

Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik - How Not To Make A Living

Sleepin' Giantz - Hand Grenade

Following on from lead bubbler Badungdeng, Sleepin' Giantz (Rodney P, Fallacy and Zed Bias) drop a new 2-step bomb in the shape of Hand Grenade. The trio's self-titled LP is out now on Tru Thoughts, so be sure to give that a spin if you're game for skankin' out on a garage flex.

Underbelly (DDS Crew Documentary Teaser)

Bona fide grafforiginees DDS Crew have been running amuck, using London's tube trains as their canvases, for two decades and counting and TFL holds them accountable for ten million bunters' worth of damage. Filmmakers Chris Atkins and Tom Oswald have now got hold of their footage and documented their story in  Underbelly - a must for all graffheads.

Caxton Press - Big Buck Star (Video)

Caxton Press tell the tale of a loved one blighted by psychosis and sectioned by the authorities. Big Buck Star can be found on their Shame The Devil debut.

Roll Deep - Palava (Video)

Pioneering grime outfit Roll Deep are about ready to put themselves back on the map and make things a right palaver for their peers. New mixtape No Comment Star will be with you on 24 July, so be on the lookout for that.

Jam Baxter - The Gruesome Features (Out Now)

You can now get your grubby mitts on Jam Baxter's The Gruesome Features, an album which gets a big fat co-sign (and appearance) from Chester P, not to mention Badbonez, Mowgli and the rest of Jambo's High Focus brethren.

Jam Baxter - The Gruesome Features

The Purist & Roc Marciano - Change (Video)

What's to say? United Kingdom's The Purist laces Hempstead's most venerated with a beat that fits like a well-worn glove. Call on Lyle Lindgren to deliver an exceptional video and you've got audio-visual crack.

Change, the Action Bronson-featuring Northern & Roozy and Heavy Metal with Ty Nitty are on The Purist's Double Feature EP.

CAS - Commercial (Trailer)

If there's one thing you can happily accuse commercial UK rap of lacking, it's character. But whether it's donning a gimp mask or posing with a metallic veneer like Doom in Leon Best, CAS certainly isn't short on mystique. Shortly he'll unleash his debut project, COMMERCIAL, a  move that will no doubt solidify and build his cult.

Booda French - maybe.i.should (prod. J57)

maybe.i.should marks the second collaboration between Ipswich's Booda French and New York's J57, member of the esteemed Brown Bag Allstars underground collective, after their song 61 Grace

This one can't be found on Booda's Ventolin EP from May.

Smiler - Rocksteady (All Star Remix) (Video)

Smiler sticks firmly to his new school sensibilities by getting a gang of his peers on this remix to Rocksteady. It would've been nice to see him extend an olive branch and get Klash on this, but you can't have everything.

Hudson Mohawke - Lambo Furnace (Radio Rip)

There's little doubt Glasgow's Hudson Mohawke has eked out his own niche, but often his experiments err on the side of ugly and awkward rather than enjoyable, regardless of reaching the far heights of hipsterdom. This is an exception.

Here he reworks G.O.O.D. Music smash Mercy by marrying Furnace Loop with Big Sean, Pusha T and man of the moment 2Chainz (dropping Kanye's verse in the process) and topping the original. Hopefully this will get leaked and spun at a venue near you as it knocks harder than Annie's life.

Cruel Summer is aiming for a 7 August release and will undoubtedly be a 2012 milestone.

Plan B - Falling Down (Free Download)

This freebie is up for grabs for all of those willing to add their names to Plan B's mailing list. You can go one further by pre-ordering the deluxe edition of his ill Manors OST and getting a download of Lost My Way ahead of the album release date.

Telemachus - Life In The Bus Lane (Video)

Hiroshi Kariya has pieced together some compelling imagery to accompany Chemo alter-ego Telemachus's Life In The Bus Lane. You can find this crackling swing-beat instrumental on Chemo Presents... My Mate Does Beats Vol. 1, which features a pile of work from the best producers around. The full project is available here, but you can get a taster of what's inside below.

Ramson Badbonez - My Sh*t (Video)

Badbonez pulls zero punches on the first one off his long-awaited Bad Influence album, which will have the Boot Records stamp on it when it sees a release on 27 August. Here the Task Force affiliate guns fakes and tight-garment wearers, safeguarding the underground to the fullest. You can cop My Sh*t on the 23rd of this month.

Smashing shit up in that dilapidated warehouse looks like a right larf.