Don't Stay In...

Catch the UK's finest duke it out to win a spot at the internationals, with The Four Owls making an appearance to keep things fresh.

Foreign Beggars - Flying To Mars feat. Donae'o (prod. Alix Perez) (Video)

Instead of going for the easy win with the wobbly brostep wave, the Beggars pick a choice, dub-infused shuffler from Alix Perez. This single will land on Monday, with The Uprising following swiftly some time in August. 

Jaunty - Summer High Suite

Inspired to pen a dedication to the sunny season, Jaunty felt it only right to give Summer High a new spin so enlisted Loudmouth, K-Nite 13, KA$H BEATS, Sam Zircon, Jukeboxx and Aaron J all to contribute their offerings. Not only do each bring their own interpretation of what summer's all about, Jaunty scribed to takes of the song. Put 'em all together and you've got the Summer High Suite.

Copywrite - Overdose feat. Royce da 5' 9" & Genesis Elijah

Brixton's Genesis Elijah throws his weight about on this number off Copywrite's God Save The King (Proper English Version), and featuring one of Detroit's finest in Royce. Thankfully the track is not on par with the inexcusable artwork.

Savvy - While The Water Falls feat. Tape The Radio (Video)

If there's one thing you can't accuse Savvy of it's being a copycat. Since parting ways with YNR, the guy formerly known as Asaviour has honed his production and is trying his hand at a wholly unique sound. 

The official single, including remixes, sees a 23 July release (3 July pre-order), but you can get this on the Play To Win Vol. 3 CD.

Sway - Song For The City feat. Ed Drewett (Video)

Over the years Sway seems to have mastered a knack for making gushing musings overloaded with sentiment or club songs that don't hit. This belongs to the former. It's a shame as he sure can rap when he wants to.

Jam Baxter - Brains (Video)

Whatever warped mind concocted this should be proud of themselves. This has to be one of the best UK hip hop videos to do the rounds in a long time. Creepy.

Brains can be found on Baxter's looming Gruesome Features release, which you can pre-order now.

Big Cakes - Gonna Be A Change (Video)

Big Cakes refuses to bite his tongue, blasting his social commentary on modern-day mental slavery from the rafters. Mr. Kipling's album of last month, CCC, can be found over at his Bandcamp page.

Maxsta - I Wanna Rock (Video)

Grime kid Maxsta shrugs off the confines of his home genre for a crossover sound that hits the mark. Droning low-end, 808 claps and a Rob Base sample, this might be the derivative of umpteen songs you've heard before, but it was tailor-made for a club near you.

Take The Stage - Stories of Hip Hop Volume Four

Yet another edition of Huck Magazine editor Ed Andrews' self-published book Take The Stage is ready for your reading pleasure. This time around El-P, Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee, DJ Woody, Disorda, Mr Loop and Mark From The Zoo and Skitz all get their page space.

Take The Stage - Stories of Hip Hop Volume Four

The previous issues are all well worth a read too.

Kinetik - The Kinesis Thesis Vol. III (Free Album)

Few rappers can hand on heart claim to be as sincere or virtuous as Kinetik is in song. Not content with putting together two volumes of The Kinesis Thesis, the North Weezy resident is back with the third chapter, some of which you'll have heard in his videos for Products Of The City Life, Year Of The Underdog and Number 3

P.L.O. & Ralph Rip Shit - Hold That (Video)

Sounding like an off-cut from El-P's lauded Cancer 4 Cure album, Ralph Rip Shit gives it his all over thumping drums and grumbling synths. The Hold That single can be yours from iTunes now.

Wizard & Scizzahz - Lobster Music Vol. 1 (Beat Tape)

L-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-Lobster Music. Wizard and Scizzahz deliver the first volume in their collaborative series, poaching MMG's wave for inspiration. You can name your price for this collection, and hit either of them up if you want to turn one of these into a full-blown song. Trilly. 

Dru Blu - Team UK

If you want to hear a new jack cuss out just about everybody, here you go. Rizzle Kicks, Tinie Tempah, Adele, Labrinth, Wiley, Chip, Devlin, Wretch 32 and Ed Sheeran all get called out. This ploy was original back when 50 did How To Rob in 1999. Today, the concept's tired ZZzzzzzzz...

This is to promote some release or another.

T.B. Tuburculosis - The Riddler (Video)

Earlier this month T Bear checked in with Epic Vision for this one-off freestyle. T.B. is grossly underrated and someone we hope to hear a full project from at some point this year. And kudos to the East London spitter for name-checking Terry Waite.

Kano x Footsie - Wavy / Kano Stencils (EP)

Kano bundles up two recent pieces of work he's done with Newham General Footsie, throwing in two remixes to boot. The Wavy Seamix invites Lady Leshurr, JME, D Double E and Sway into the equation, which you can hear before picking up the download.

Kano x Footsie - Wavy / Kano Stencils (EP)

Rapper Tag UK #15 - Yungun

Essa smashes this to bits with typical flair - and all in front of a cracking view of the capital. Leddie and Smoggy were tagged previously, but keeping it within their circle was a little selfish. See their turns here and here.

Next up... Kyza Smirnoff.

Dr Syntax - The Island feat. Leaf Dog & BVA (Video)

Kick back and let your mind drift for three and a half minutes to this idyllic utopian island. Leaf Dog has production credits on this one taken from Dr Syntax's new mixtape, Still At Large.

Jaisu - 2 Stacks (Beat Tape)

Jaisu is right up there with the best of them, popping out stacks of screwface instrumentals from his Edinburgh locale. Given his status, the Scot can charge, so you'll have to stump up £7 for  his latest collection. You get what you pay for.

Piff Gang - Winning

Taking a leaf out of Charlie Sheen's book on winning, Piff Gang give it more of their high-grade wave schtick, puffing on that lemon cheese. #pizzy

Lefty - Chemical Escape (Video)

An unfamiliar name round here but Lefty of The Legionnaires nails this. Chemical Escape can be found on the January edition of the crew's monthly mixtape series.

Caxton Press - Broken Dreams (Video)

More minor key mutiny music from Caxton Press who are doing the rounds with their Shame The Devil LP. See what the Press have to say about their name and the album title.

Plan B - Lost My Way feat. Raekwon (Remix)

Plan B's clean-cut, mum-friendly demeanour seems like a distant memory now that he's getting shine for his directorial debut, which takes a bleak look at the hardships of life in London's ends. The OST to Ill Manors is set for a 23 July release date and will come with this remix, pairing Ben Drew with Wu grandee Raekwon.  You couldn't write it.

J'irai rapper chez vous # 04 - Andy Kayes, Jehst, Jyager, Micall Parknsun & D-Tree

Anglo-Franco rapper Andy Kayes started his expedition in Lyon, moved on to Paris and has now wound up in London via Berlin. Since he was in town he called on the YNR team to bring it back to basics and get busy while D-Tree cuts it up.

Chemo Presents... My Mate Does Beats Vol.1

It should come as no surprise that, as one of the country's finest on the boards, Chemo's got a load of pals that do beats. So with him curating a collection of his favourites from Apatight all the way through to Zygote, you know you're in safe hands. Come Monday, this carefully selected  set of headnod soundscapes will be available to all and sundry. Before then you can pre-order or think smart and book yours with a t-shirt to match.

Joker Starr - Too Many Not Enough (Video)

Joker Starr gets some things off his chest on this one from his album, Blood-Ren. The Slough-bred MC also has a couple of joints with Wizard that you can get your hands on over here and here.

Smasher - No Sleep feat. Wretch 32, Maverick Sabre, Loudmouth Melvin & Black The Ripper (Video)

Smasher lines up the first single off his forthcoming EP, Set The Record Straight, going all first-person for the video. Looks like Wretch 32 and Maverick Sabre had other business to tend to on the day of the shoot.

Chip - More Money More Gyal feat. Mavado (prod. Dready)

Having dropped the "munk" and signed a deal with T.I., Chip buddies up with dancehall official Mavado for a summer sizzler crafted by former So Solid member and honorary Flipmode Squad affiliate Dready. The more cake you make, the bigger the gyalis you become.

Genesis Elijah - Father's Day (Video)

Make sure you pick up the phone and wish your pops a Happy Father's Day before the day's up.

Mic Righteous - Sack City (Westwood Diss)

Shots fired! Mic Righteous took umbrage at some comments Westwood made on his show about the Margate rapper, who had previously been rubbed up the wrong way by some choice words from Devlin. The BBC DJ is mocked for having recently lost his drive-time 1Xtra show, being the son of the Bishop of Peterborough and derided for being a shit-stirrer. Can't we all just get along?

Copywrite - Arachnaphobia feat. Killah Priest, Lord Basis & Melanin 9

Copywrite enlists Killah Priest, Lord Basis and Islington's Melanin 9 for the latest off his transatlantic album, God Save The King (Proper English Version). Jaguar Skills on the buttons.  

Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik - Monster Things feat. Little Dee, Stylah, Ramson Badbonez & Awate

Oooooof! The Last Skeptik comes up trumps on this monster beat, led by a moaning bassline that's been EQ'd to sound like it's 20,000 leagues under the sea. Throw an unexpected collaboration between Little Dee, Stylah, Ramson Badbonez and Awate into the mix and you've got a winner. This set is quickly shaping up to one of 2012's finest.

Rewd Adams' and Skep's album, How Not To Make A Living, can be pre-ordered now and catch the pair and guests @YoYo on 28th June.

UK All Day

Unless you've been living under a very large rock, you will have noticed that New Orleans rapper Jay Electronica has been plastered all over the British press for philandering with Kate Rothschild, heiress to the infamous banking dynasty. Her husband's not happy and the two have taken the split online, duking it out on Twitter.

Hip hop heads must be up in arms, with their unwavering faith in wild conspiracy theories, believing that anyone capable of manipulating wealth distribution surely dons a hooded gown nightly, sacrifices virgins and drinks reptilian blood. The signs were there all along: “Lunch with the Rothschilds, dinner with the Carters…" quipped Electronica on Call Of Duty. We should've guessed it, although it's difficult to picture the rumoured secret meetings in haughty Fulham pubs.

Jay's true fans shouldn't give two hoots what the home wrecker does in his spare time, surely they'd just rather he spent some of his working hours finishing Act II before it's relegated to the footnotes of rap albums that never were (along with Detox and that Nas and Premo LP that someone once speculated on. Probably.) But whether the Roc Nation signee has been securing his seat in the illuminati's upper ranks, or simply getting his nob wet in some rich bird, the scandal just begs for a rapper-meets-heiress matchmaking service. So here we go.

Ghostface meets Allegra Beck Versace

If Biggie were still alive he'd no doubt want to freeload sunglasses off Allegra. But he's gone. And she would've been no older than 11 had they partaken in some behind-closed-doors hanky panky. But Ghostface loves a bit of Versace. He used to wear a 10” golden plate sporting the brand's sun face logo around his neck for Pete's sake. Miss Versace's roots may lie in Milan but, being a major shareholder in the couture fashion brand, she's flush enough to have an apartment in New York's trendy Soho district, just a short stop away from Staten Island. Luckily for Tony Starks, there's no husband in sight, but he will have to sweet-talk Allegra's mother to win this trophy wife. We suggest he avoids drawing attention to the fact her face looks like a well-worn handbag stapled to a head.

Nas meets Charlene de Carvalho Heineken

“True in the game, as long as blood is blue in my veins /  I pour my Heineken brew to my deceased crew on Memory Lane.” If we're to assume that by “crew” Nas meant “all friends and family” and that he'll stay committed to this heartfelt ceremony for life, then he's going to need a virtually limitless supply of this Dutch amber nectar. With a vast beer empire to her name, Charlene certainly has enough euros in the bank to keep this unlikely couple ticking over, a godsend now that Kelis has taken God's Son to the cleaners. Unfortunately she looks like one of the lads. Then again, old Nasir's standards have been slipping as he's matured, him even going as far as saying Michelle Obama is the most beautiful woman on the planet… Maybe this pairing has got some legs after all.

Q-Tip meets Petra Ecclestone

Q-Tip loves nothing more than kicking back and spending a leisurely afternoon watching Formula 1 on the box. Sure, the ATCQ frontman hardly wears the hobby on his sleeve but when he rapped, "See, lyrically I'm Mario Andretti on the MoMo / ludicrously speedy, or infectious with the slow-mo," we were offered a glimpse of this petrolhead's passion. With 81-year-old F1 billionaire Bernie for their pops, Tamara and Petra Ecclestone are both prime targets. Both too can cause a rush a blood to the pants, but platinum-blonde Petra has the edge for looks. This is a sordid liaison in the making.

Kanye West meets Delphine Arnault Gancia

Already a board member, Delphine is in line to inherit a serious stake in LVMH, the aspirational brand conglomerate formed through the 1987 merger between Louis Vuitton and Mo√ęt Hennessey. Given the group's bulging portfolio, pretty much any rapper is fair game to snaggle this siren, but as the self-proclaimed Louis Vuitton Don, Kanye West is surely the perfect match. He's already designed a fugly shoe line for the feted fashion label; meanwhile his current hubby Kim Kardashian has an artificial arse that's prone to exploding. Delphine, Mr West, is au naturel – fivehead and all.

Oddisee & Metabeats - Freestyle

To whet appetites before his Caviar Crackle producer album, Metabeats has revealed this exclusive freestyle from Washington's Oddisee, who's been steadily earning his spurs behind the boards for years now. Here he fully flexes his vocal muscles.

Oddisee, Action Bronson, P.L.O., Ralph Rip Shit, Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, Elucid, Marvwon, Quelle, Che Grand, Zeroh and more Chuuwee will all feature. As will Dubbledge on the excellent lead, EyeSeeYou.

Jam Baxter - Who feat. Leaf Dog

High Focus stays pushing product, Jam Baxter's next set following hot on the heels of Fliptrix's Third Eye Of The Storm. His new album, The Gruesome Features, is up for pre-order at the label, while first single Who / Disco 3000 is on iTunes now.

English Frank - 150 Names

English Frank packs 150 name checks into just two minutes, covering everyone from UKHH's pioneers all the way through to grime's elite and the new wave of rap up-and-comers.

Stig Of The Dump - Cannon Fodder EP (Competition)

Stig Of The Dump has an extended-player with Pete Cannon in the bank and is just about ready to give up the goods. The only problem, their Cannon Fodder EP doesn't have a cover yet. If you think you can design something better than this rubbish question mark and want to have your work plastered all over the place, get to Photoshopping. Find out the details over at Stig's site.

The Quaranteam - The Scheme (Video)

B-movie horror tactics from The Quaranteam as they suit up for the opener off their eponymous debut. Make sure you get yourself a copy of that release and have a gander at what they did for Carnage. Now all we need is a video for Stow Boys.