Mac Miller - Loud feat. Benny Banks

Benny Banks hops on the official remix of Mac Miller's Loud. The Bada Bing rapper supported Miller on the UK leg of his tour recently and the rest, as they say, is history.

Ikes - The Game's Back feat J. Warner (Video)

The game's back like it never left. Ikes turns the swag juice up to a gazillion on one from his EP The Intermission: Last Call.

Copywrite - Starter Hats feat. Akala & Sonny Seeza

Ohio's finest is warming up for the June 13 release of his US-to-the-UK project, God Save The King (Proper English Version). Akala joins Copywrite and Onyx founding member Sonny Seeza, who comes out of the woodwork for an unanticipated feature.

See what the man did on his outing with Genesis Elijah, Mystro and Iron Braydz over here.

LDZ - Fuck Bars (Leak)

You're pretty much guaranteed this latest number from LDZ isn't going to be played on radio any time soon, unless it undergoes some heavy editing. Suck Bars? Who cares - suck a radio edit!

This sees the light of day 25 June.

Meyhem Lauren - Got The Fever (Lewis Parker Remix)

Not sure how this managed to slip through the net, but Lewis Parker's remix for Meyhem Lauren's homage to bombing the city is a must-listen. Boom bap by the numbers and all the better for it.

Watch out for Parker's The Glass Ceiling.

Caxton Press - The Breakout (Video)

Caxton Press take it to some European backwaters in this accompaniment to the harpsichord-led The Breakout. Their album Shame The Devil is in stores and you can see exactly where the LP gots its title from in this quickie interview with The Press.

Wiley - It's All Fun & Games Till (Vol.1)

To usher in ten years of grime, the genre's architect has rustled up a ten-track mixtape using his favourite recent works, nicking from Dark E Freaker all the way through to Z-Dot. Get a taster of the first five that leaked last week before committing to the whole shebang.

Wiley - It's All Fun & Games Till (Vol.1)

UPDATE: And as if that wasn't enough, Eskiboy has already put this mixtape firmly behind him by letting another one called Jagermeister 35% Vol go earlier today.

Ralph Rip Shit - Something

Holland's JeeJaa pre-empts the summer by crafting something breezy and sun-soaked for Ralph Rip Shit to make his own, taking everything in his stride. Associated Minds are giving this one away, perfect for all the skinflints out there. 

Russo - Old School feat. Rodney P (Video)

Having signed a deal with Polydor, Russo is readying the release of her EP Ambition. For those with short attention spans, Rodders tucks his verse in around the 2:10 mark.

Lewis Parker - Walking On A Razor feat. Sadat X & Shabaam Sahdeeq (Video)

Ex-pat Lewis Parker is back with Sadat X and Rawkus-era stalwart Shabaam Sahdeeq for this single off his upcoming project, The Glass Ceiling. your pre-orders of the 12" off Disorda before they're all snapped up.

Phoenix Da Icefire - Politricks (Video)

Phoenix Da Icefire takes aim at the cliché-perpetuating media and self-serving establishment on this new one from his Quanteam Leap set. It looks like that album is being put together by Chemo and will feature Klashnekoff, Kyza and Skriblah (presumably not on the same cut) and US spitters Keith Murray, Rustee Juxx and Lil Eto.

If you haven't already read what this man had to say for himself when UK All Day stopped in with him and DJ Roast, do so.

Boot Records - The Boot Vinyl Archives

Boot Records has clocked up a hefty 13 years already and over that time worked with everyone from the legendary Percee P and ex-Ultramagnetic MC Tim Dog, to UK favourites Kashmere and Verb T, not to mention Diversion Tactics themselves. Being vinyl junkies, much of that output has only been available to DJs and purist, but they've now tapped the archives over at iTunes, Amazon and other mp3 peddlers.

Boot Records - The Boot Vinyl Archives

Yungun & Mr Thing - The FRMX EP

Freshly reunited with Mr Thing, Yungun keeps his name alight with a freEP of freemixes that sees his producer cohort give a lick of paint to tracks previously released on their Grown Man Business and Jack The World releases.

Iron Braydz - Holla@Braydz

Iron Braydz rounds up some of his favourite beats, from the likes of Niggas In Paris and Drake's Lord Knows, to modish A$AP contributor Clams Casino, all the way through to local Jetsun and even Braydz himself. Harlesden's own then gets to unleashing his unflinching, deliberate style all over 'em.

Sonnyjim - Honey Brown (Video Snippet)

As if Sonnyjim's work rate needed spelling out, Eat Good have rounded up a load of guest verses he's hit other acts with in recent months with Guest Verses & Granola Breakfasts Vol 1. His innings on Honey Brown can be found on there, along with a whopping 25 more. Step your granola game up, bitches.

Guest Verses & Granola Breakfasts Vol 1.

RappertagUK #12 - Genesis Elijah

Genesis Elijah stamps his authority all over Rapper Tag with some belligerent bars. And it looks like the first lady to take part is up next. Leddie?

The Purist - Double Feature EP

The Purist done good on his Double Feature EP, securing verses from Roc Marciano and everyone's favourite tubby ginger, Action Bronson. Dude's work falls back on well-worn conceits, but he pulls it off with finesse, these underground NY pillars sounding right at home here. 

Azealia Banks - Jumanji (prod. Hudson Mohawke & Nick Hook)

Gobby NY up-and-comer Azealia Banks links hipster Scot maestro Hudson Mohawke for a number inspired by that film with Robin Williams and a supernatural board game which emits jungle wildlife. 

Verb T - More Dynamite feat. Sonnyjim & Joker Starr

Verb T comes right out of the blue with a brand spanking new EP, the title track featuring Sonnyjim & Joker Starr and beats handled by JJ Malone. This is yours for just three hard-earned bunters.

RTKal - Yout Don't Listen To What They Say (prod. Wizard) (Video)

Birmingham's RTKal gets gully over something from Wizard, who's steadily proving himself to be a linchpin of the domestic hip hop scene. Expect an EP from RTKal in the not too distant future.

Wiley - Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5

"Don't ever start talking shit about how I don't go down Roman."

Wiley maintains his exhaustive work rate, flinging out five new songs over backdrops from Preditah, Splurt, Flava D, SNY and Kid-D. And as well as name-checking roads in the East End, he appears to reference spotting Drake's erection in concert.

These and another five will make up It's All Fun & Games 'Til Vol.1.

S.A.S. - Suave Life (Video)

The Eurogang lads stay stuntin', Trakdealaz piecing together something straight out of the MMG textbook. This and more can be found on the duo's new EP, Narnia: The Grind, The Trips & The Wardrobe.

Insane Macbeth - The Strongest Endz feat. Reveal

Veteran Insane Macbeth blesses Reveal with a beat to rep every other ends and all in-between over. The producer's tenure in British hip hop goes back further than your grandpop's hairline, as outlined over at Discogs.

Jack Flash & Wizard - Midnight Runaway Train (Video)

Taken from Jack Flash and Wizard's joint album Progression, Midnight Runaway Train sees the pair shoot for a mainstream sound with indie sensibilities. The album is available to buy right now.

Myke Forte - Cosmik Panda

Myke Forte turns in predictably sterling work for his latest offering, the Cosmik Panda EP.  The release was prefaced by a run of videos with the Brummie producer letting you into his world to learn about his creative processes and quirks. You can catch up with those over at his YouTube channel and the culmination of those clips, a seven-track-strong instrumental EP, below.