Caxton Press All Day...

London collective Caxton Press have just wrapped up their debut, an outing that squarely rejects the mainstream with its calls to arms and equal parts of simmering menace and melancholy. The Press checked in with UK All Day to shed light on their namesake and inspiration behind the album title.

Kingpin: Manage was insistent on a name that had a UK feel to it, so like any other gathering of minds, we all started brainstorming on that premise. I came up with the name Caxton Press because I recall reading about it, while studying English Literature. The Caxton Press was the first printing device in the UK, which meant rare literature could now be mass produced. Before then, literature - and the knowledge that comes with it - was something  only accessible to the elite classes, as there was often only one copy of the text, making it extremely valuable and therefore very expensive. When the Caxton Press arrived it enabled knowledge and literature to be spread among the working classes and general population. The device is often regarded as the engine behind the renaissance era, where British society made thousands of discoveries and inventions which have been very progressive for society. In a way it’s the internet revolution, before the internet… sort of… So we are doing the same, trying to spread knowledge, enlighten the masses and create a new renaissance to progress society. BLAOWWW!!!

eMCee Killa: Caxton Press is a means of spreading the truth through music which we feel has been lost over the years. We aim to bring the originality back with a brand new flavour. Shame the Devil is the highest law simply because it is all about writing and rapping what's real.

Manage: 'Shame the devil' is an old journalist's term meaning to tell the truth . "In journalism there can be no higher law than to tell the truth and shame the devil." - Walter Lipman

You can catch Caxton Press perform live at the Shame The Devil launch party @Brixton Jamm on 6 May. The album is in stores now.