Darq E Freaker - Blueberry feat. Danny Brown (Pills & Cocaine) (Video)

Grime producer Darq E Freaker goes stateside to link Detroit favourite Danny Brown, who spazzes out, stuffed to the hilt with rave biscuits and the devil's dandruff.

Skitz - Never feat. Rodney P, Roots Manuva, Engine Earz, Darrison & Solo Banton (Video)

Rodney P and Roots Manuva sharing the same track for the first time since who knows. This has been reworked since its original feature on Skitz's Sticksman album from a couple years back.

Zygote - The Doctor Zygote Combination Vol.1

Boot Records - responsible for releases and production for Diversion Tactics, Ramson Badbonez, Kashmere and Jehst - has a new instrumental off-shoot headed up by Zygote called Zoot Records. To inaugurate the new imprint, the beatsmith has put together four pieces of vocal-free work.

Zygote - The Doctor Zygote Combination Vol.1

Check the label's YouTube channel for the beats paired with oddball visuals.

Skillit - Dirty Laundry Vol. 1 (EP)

Skillit airs his Dirty Laundry for this six-track mini-release with features from Loudmouth Melvin, Dream McClean, Jaunty and backdrops handled by Iron Braydz, DJ Snips and K-Nite 13 to name a few.

Skillit - Dirty Laundry Vol. 1

See what the man's got to say in this video for Old News

Fliptrix - Drifting (Video)

Fliptrix offers up a lovingly shot video for Drifting, which even sees the High Focus top brass dunking himself in a pool for some underwater spittage. This one's lifted off the recently released Third Eye Of The Storm.

Take The Stage: Stories Of Hip Hop Volume 3 (Digital Book)

Huck Magazine editor Ed Andrews' Take The Stage series is an absolute must for heads hungry for thoughtful, revealing insights into the domestic scene's talent. Andrews is no slouch with the pen and his keen-eyed documentation comes complete with polished photography. In the latest edition you get to know Rewd Adams, Chemo, leading promoter and DJ Spin Doctor, Skrein and even the Pharcyde's Fat Lip. 

Past issues have featured everyone from Inja, Stig Of The Dump, Delusionists, Mr Thing, Scroobius Pip, The Last Skeptik and Atmosphere frontman Slug. 

RappertagUK - #10 Konny Kon & #11 Fallacy

Konny Kon picked up where Cappo left off in record time, Big Fals too representing quicker than you can say "Rapper Tag". Great to hear the Groundbreaker back on his BS, and he completely bodies it here. Next up to bat: Genesis Elijah.

Foreign Beggars - Palm Of My Hand (prod. Kidkanevil)

Fresh off signing a deal with Canadian house producer Deadmau5's Mau5trap Recordings label, the Beggars are back with some glitched-out 8-bit business straight from Kidkanevil's weird and wonky beat stash. Long-player The Uprising is in the works.

Professor Green - Remedy feat. Ruth Anne (Video)

Professor Green's latest pop outing. It'd be interesting to hear him make some hip hop again one day as and when he's not busying himself recouping Virgin's outlay. We'll see.

Suave Debonair - Play Your Game feat. Pete Cannon (Video)

Suave Debonair pours his heart out for this dedication to a relationship headed down the pan. Manchester's Pete Cannon offers uncharacteristically whimsical production and even features on the hook as a wall-hung hunting trophy. The single sees a release on 21 May.

Caxton Press All Day...

London collective Caxton Press have just wrapped up their debut, an outing that squarely rejects the mainstream with its calls to arms and equal parts of simmering menace and melancholy. The Press checked in with UK All Day to shed light on their namesake and inspiration behind the album title.

Kingpin: Manage was insistent on a name that had a UK feel to it, so like any other gathering of minds, we all started brainstorming on that premise. I came up with the name Caxton Press because I recall reading about it, while studying English Literature. The Caxton Press was the first printing device in the UK, which meant rare literature could now be mass produced. Before then, literature - and the knowledge that comes with it - was something  only accessible to the elite classes, as there was often only one copy of the text, making it extremely valuable and therefore very expensive. When the Caxton Press arrived it enabled knowledge and literature to be spread among the working classes and general population. The device is often regarded as the engine behind the renaissance era, where British society made thousands of discoveries and inventions which have been very progressive for society. In a way it’s the internet revolution, before the internet… sort of… So we are doing the same, trying to spread knowledge, enlighten the masses and create a new renaissance to progress society. BLAOWWW!!!

eMCee Killa: Caxton Press is a means of spreading the truth through music which we feel has been lost over the years. We aim to bring the originality back with a brand new flavour. Shame the Devil is the highest law simply because it is all about writing and rapping what's real.

Manage: 'Shame the devil' is an old journalist's term meaning to tell the truth . "In journalism there can be no higher law than to tell the truth and shame the devil." - Walter Lipman

You can catch Caxton Press perform live at the Shame The Devil launch party @Brixton Jamm on 6 May. The album is in stores now.

Skillit - Old News (prod. Cable) (Video)

Cheeky chappie Skillit is set to release his mixtape Dirty Laundry Vol. 1 ahead of Skillit Bang later in the year. Catch him and the rest of The Quaranteam as they hit up Kiss 100 the other day for some off-the-top-of-the-Blackberry business. Salute!

Sebastian Rochford - Seven Nine Zulu feat. Jehst

Sebastian Rochford calls on Jehst for the fourth instalment of his Days And Nights At The Takeaway project. No melody, just drums, drums, drums - word to Zulu Nation. You can find the rest of the series round here.

Mystro - That There (Video)

Off of Mysdiggi's EP What Type Of Drug Mystrogen?, the precursor to his Muthaluvin full album Mystrogen that's being finished up at the minute.

Kinetik - Products Of The City (prod. Mical Parknsun) (Video)

Kinetik wears the city on his sleeve over stripped-back yet satisfying production from Mical Parknsun. Look out for the Monday release of the rapper's Kinesis Thesis Vol. 3; meanwhile Parky is set to release his Me, Myself & Akai, which will no doubt feature more of his work on the rubber pads.

Expect more beats from Parky on his

D Double E - Pumpin' It Out Remix feat. Kano, Footsie, Hyper, JME & Rapid (Video)

Unadulterated grime from D Double E and cohorts for this remix off the recent Dirtee TV mixtape.

Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik - Everything's OK (Video)

Rewd Adams and The Last Skeptik unleash an absolute corker of a video for Everything's OK, a double entendre that plays on Adams' love for a woman. Or for writing. Or a woman... or both... or... you decide.

This feel-good bouncer is off their joint album, How Not To Make A Living, in stores imminently.

Fliptrix - War To Your Door (Video)

War To Your Door will feature on Fliptrix's pending Third Eye Of The Storm album, due for release on 23 April and available for pre-order over here. An EP of the same name with two cuts that won't make the long-player is out on iTunes now.

Don't Stay In...

Iron Braydz - Braydz In Paris (Video)

Braydz and his team definitely didn't scrimp on this video, which sees the North Weezy spitter nick Jay and Ye's Niggas In Paris and pack in more syllables than you'd care to shake a stick at. Watch out for the mixtape Holla @Braydz.

Rax - The Black Crook Project (Download)

Rax has been keeping himself busy in recent weeks, letting go of videos every couple of weeks with verses over tried and tested classics and new school backdrops alike. Now the lot have been bundled into a tidy download of The Black Crook Project series.

RapperTagUK #9 - Cappo

Cappo wastes no time taking Rapper Tag from Jehst. Here he hops a church fence and goes in over what sounds like the backing to a US news and weather broadcast. Poor quality recording, but trademark enigmatic bars from the Notts vet.


Reggiimental Gets Two Years For iTunes Fraud

Whether or not you caught this story in the news, Midlands rapper Reggiimental is facing a two-year stretch for his part in a download scam that cost iTunes and Amazon £1m. The fraud was apparently spotted when iTunes began "paying royalties to what appeared to be utterly unknown artists in the Wolverhampton area at a rate they expect to pay to someone like Madonna".

It's worth pointing out that Reggii didn't mastermind the crime and wasn't responsible for any downloading, but contributed his music. Sadly the father of one has wasted a career as an IT teacher in the process.

Reggiimental has been quietly bubbling away in the scene for a while now and turned in some decent music, not least his odes to the fairer sex on Stand By The Window and new Wizard-produced single, Like You.

Scrufizzer - I Don't Wann Scru (Video)

Scrufizzer has steadily built a rep over the past year, the West London MC being compared to a young, hungry Dizzee, popping up on the very same grime stalwart's lauded Dirtee TV mixtape more than once, generally rapping faster than anyone else in the scene and regularly making noises like a police car. All good then.

Inja - March (Video)

Inja knows the drill, getting his marching orders on for March. This one's taken from his new album, Bass Music / Escapism, which you can grab a copy of over here.

Flexplicit – My Game feat. Royce da 5’9″, Papoose & Professor Green (Video)

Flexplicit secures guest spots from Eminem's buddy Royce, rap absentee Papoose and Never Mind The Buzzcocks regular Professor Green in yet another example of the UK and US hip hop scenes edging closer.

Does anyone remember when Papoose was tipped to be the next big thing? Nah, didn't think so.

1Xtra: Fire In The Booth - Wretch 32

With a broadsheet-attention-garnering album and chart experience under his belt, Wretch steps up to the plate for Charlie Sloth's Fire In The Booth. Here the Totty rapper shows just why we should appreciate him being in the limelight instead of mindless simpletons. Now we just need a stand-up album.

Haze - Loyalty. Honor. Respect. (Mixtape)

The Eurogang affiliate drops his mixtape, with Ghetts, Sincere, DVS, Big Chess, Sway, G FrSH and Mike GLC all showing their faces. Peep the video for the Lowkey-featuring Winter Dreams below before getting to the download.

Kinetik - Number 3 (Video)

Kinetik gets his numerology on for Number 3, taken off his forthcoming set The Kinesis Thesis Vol. III.

Jack Flash & Wizard - Progression Intro (Video)

This is the opener to Jack Flash and Wizard's collab, Progression, which you can get your hands on over here.

Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik - Bring It Back (Video)

Track number two from Rewd Adams and The Last Skeptik, this time Mr Thing tearing up the hook. Before these two give you their joint album, How Not To Make A Living, you'll be able to get your hands on single Everything's OK, with Bring It Back and Nukey on the flip, from 7 May.