Tulisa Confirms N-Dubz Split

Sad news. OK! magazine recently revealed that N-Dubz have split. Speaking to X-Factor judge and bandmate Tulisa, the celeb-schmoozing mag confirmed that rap dwarf Dappy went AWOL some time ago and has failed to make contact.

UK All Day has long been a proud detractor of Nubz, even briefly locking horns with eminent US blog Nah Right's founder Eskay for advertising the band's music. As Eskay quickly pointed out at the time, Nah Right does not endorse their product, it was simply taking a cheque. Fair enough. And subsequent banners for McDonald's are proof that Nah Right has no advertising standards whatsoever.

R.I.P. Nubz. You will be sorely missed.

In loosely related news, Tulisa is currently trying to suppress the leak of an incriminating sex tape. If you have a link to said offending tape, ukallday@gmail.com.