Klashnekoff - Murda (Live Footage)

Paragon Pictures hit UK All Day up with this footage from a recent Klashnekoff gig in Blackburn. Typically these recordings aren't worth a look-in because the audio's captured on the camera's mic, but here it's taken directly from the mixer so nice and clear.

Telemachus - The Sheltering Sky feat. Jehst (Video)

Telemachus's album In The Evening is shaping up a treat. Jehst-featuring second single The Sheltering Sky is a welcome follow-up to Scarecrows with Roc Marciano and poignant instrumental Ferndale Road. Watch out for the 19 December release, which will include a Paul White remix and another cut from the LP.

Dubbledge - Dubbledge Vs. The Boondocks

Dubbledge's latest project, which pitches his charismatic and honest style with bits and snippets from the US cartoon The Boondocks, is now available. Beats come from Chase & Status, DJ IQ, Metabeats, Ben Grymm, LG and GhosTTown; and TB, Willo Wispa and Dabbla contribute verses. Peep the excellent racial-profiling critique EyeSeeYou and the rest of the album below - and cop if you like what you hear.

Sonnyjim - Tall Poppy Syndrome

Sonnyjim stays keeping some skin in the game, this time hooking up with Canada's Elaquent for the mini EP Tall Poppy Syndrome. Elaquent has previously worked with the EatGood top brass and done a host of remixes, including the awesome reworking of misguided buffoon Lil B's Real Life.

Tinie Tempah - Like It Or Love It feat. J. Cole & Wretch 32

J. Cole joins Brit Pack leaders Wretch 32 and Tinie Tempah for a track off the latter's upcoming mixtape, Happy Birthday. Like It Or Love It was handled by young Wolverhampton producer S-X, who also made Woo Riddim and is thought to be in cahoots with Cash Money's Birdman, which explains this.

Ricko Capito - H.O.W. (Video)

Ricko Capito jumps on G-Depp's Head Over Wheels, a feature on backpacker favourite New York Reality Check 101 and released before he dropped a P from his name, signed to Bad Boy and got hooked on PCP... Oh, and then confessed to murder. Far more innocent times then.

Ricko's Lock & Load: Volume 2 is coming soon.

Razor Ramone - Say Hello

Loudmouth Melvin switches his usual handle in favour of Razor Ramone, while making a reintroduction over a Barry White loop.

Mobb Deep - Dead Man's Shoes feat. Bounty Killa (prod. Beat Butcha) (Video)

Beat Butcha on the boards. Black Cocaine is available to buy now.

Yungun - Jack The World (Mixtape)

Yungun is officially back in the building with Jack The World, mixed by Mr. Thing and featuring collaborations with Guru, Waajeed, I.G. Culture, The Nextmen, Resin Dogs, Doc Brown, Tony D, Aaron Jerome and more. Watch out for Essa's album, Middle Man, coming in the new year.

Associated Minds - Hidden Thoughts (Compilation)

Associated Minds have stockpiled a slew of records and - not wanting them to lie on the cutting-room floor - compiled them into a tidy package called Hidden Thoughts. Here you get gems and curios from the whole label roster, plus features from the likes of Elucid and Chino XL. And that's not to mention the inspired sub-one-minute accordion jig from Hansel The Unicorn and Willo Wispa.

Piff Gang - MHC (Video)

The second video from Piff Gang's Piff Breaks & 808s, MHC lets a haunted loop loose over stuttering Roland drums and boasts the most number of #hashtag raps ever committed to record. Big. #tomhanks

Cappo - Gusto Grizwold: International Vacation

Signalling his "metamorphosis from Iron Condor to Isotope Flow Glider", Cappo's latest offering, Gusto Grizwold: International Vacation, sees the Notts veteran sharpen his tools and marks the debut output from his own label, Under The Caps Records. This gets an official release on 19 Nov but you can buy it right now, whilst you can also get a free leak of the raucous Fitted & Snapback.

Sonnyjim - The Psychonaut Remixes

Sonnyjim's The Psychonaut, already one of the most accomplished of this year's releases, gets the remix treatment from a selection of the best producers in hip hop today. Take backdrops from the likes of M-Phazes, Illmind, Beat Butcha, Apatight, Elaquent and Wizard, marry them with Sonny's unabashed ego and you're onto a real winner.

Yungun - Open Your Eyes (Mr Thing Remix)

Yungun drops his signature grown-man bars over a beat from Mr Thing a week before his pre-album tape, Jack The World, hits the internet on 18 Nov. Fans of Essa will be pleased to know he's currently putting in work on his official release, Middle Man.

Jack Dean - I Made You A Mixtape (Mixtape)

One of the most unlikely rappers may be, but Jack Dean's I Made You A Mixtape shows that the right doses of irreverence and a little self-deprecation can be mixed to pull off something with charm. And there's even a lovely little Nas remix dropped in to boot. See what the slam poet's got to say for himself.

The Four Owls - Not Like Before (Video)

The Four Owls - made up of Big Owl, Rusty Take-Off, Bird T and Deformed Wing - are the latest act to fly out of the High Focus coop. Not Like Before sees them don slightly kinky-looking face masks and take it to the woods.

Ricko Capito - Pyrex Dishes (prod. Jetsun) (Video)

Ricko may well have Lock & Load: Volume 2 up his sleeve but Pyrex Dishes, a brooding homage to washing cocaine and selling it up as moreish stones, won't be found on his upcoming mixtape.

Mr Flex - Street Drama (Real Shit) (Video)

Mr Flex is joined by his Chosen Spokesmen brethren for the Chemo-produced Street Drama, which can be found on the North Weezy MC's Nothing To Prove EP that came out in the second quarter.

Lloyd Banks - Super Crack (prod. Beat Butcha)

Fresh on the heels of commissions from Tony Yayo and Mobb Deep in recent weeks, Beat Butcha gets a placement on Lloyd Banks' latest mixtape, The Cold Corner 2. Listen to his contribution and scoop the Prodigy, Styles P and ASAP Rocky-featuring tape below.

Salvo Mifune - Nagasaki Youth Club feat. Ramson Badbonez (Video)

Ramson Badbonez joins Salvo Mifune for the ginsu-tongue-sharpening Nagasaki Youth Club, a cut that will feature on an EP of the same name which wholly pilfers samples from 70s anime soundtracks. Look out for that on King Kong Holding Company.

Double A.B. - London's Calling feat. Iron Braydz (Video)

Having spent a few months calling Tottenham home, New York's Double A.B. thought it only right to chip in his two cents/pence on the summer's riots over a Clash sample and with Iron Braydz on the assist. Unfortunately this is about three months too late.

Lewis Parker - Shark (Video)

Expat Lewis Parker is set to release his latest offering, The Puzzle: Episode 2, The Glass Ceiling, and has dropped off a video for Shark before you can get your hands on the new product.

Insane Macbeth Radio Interview

Photo: Normski

This music has come a long, long way since its humble beginnings. Insane Macbeth is one of UK hip hop's few genuine forefathers and he recently sat in with Gloucester FM to talk about his back catalogue and formative years as one of the scene's upstarts. Listen below.

Don't Stay In...

Chris Leese, Prose and the mighty Kyza take to the stage at next Friday's Suspect Packages Live. I'll definitely be attending, if only to catch Mr Sayso do his thing.

Consequence - Which Way 2 Go feat. Estelle

Fresh off calling out Pusha T and Kanye, then rescinding his bars by saying he and Mr West have now kissed and made up, Cons enlists Estelle for a his-and-hers relationship track that will feature on his upcoming mixtape Curb Certified.

Conspiracy - Back Down (Video)

Cons?iracy get their Clockwork Orange on for the video to Back Down, a bold and insolent statement that lets you all know they don't play around.

Labrinth - Earthquake feat. Tinie Tempah (Video)

Currently trailing just one place behind the number 1 spot in the UK charts, Earthquake is the debut single from Simon Cowell signee Labrinth. Whilst UK All Day can't vouch for the rest of his music or his perma-tanned, ascending-waistband record label owner, this goes to show that British rap can bang even at its most achingly commercial heights.

Dubbledge - EyeSeeYou

In the same vein as Doom's Dangerdoom creation, Dubbledge has got a new set in the works that sees him splice his music with irreverent US cartoon The Boondocks. Dubbledge Vs The Boondocks is slated for a 20 Nov release, and EyeSeeYou - a scathing attack on racial profiling over excellent pan pipe and xylophone-led production from Metabeats - will make the cut.

Sway - Still Speedin' feat. Kano (Remix) (Video)

It seems a little cheeky releasing a text video for the original, then for the remix with Kano, then an official video and then an official video for the remix but... Here's the official video to Sway's Still Speedin' remix featuring Kano. Another version with an unnamed US guest is on its way.

Amy Winehouse - Like Smoke feat. Nas (prod. Salaam Remi)

Late, great UK soulstress Amy Winehouse recorded duet Like Smoke with Nasir back in 2008, two years after her groundbreaking Back To Black release. This number will feature on her forthcoming posthumous album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures.

Ray Vendetta - Warp Speed Ahead b/w Whistle Stop feat. Cyrus Malachi, M9 and Teknical Development

Two new lo-fi tracks from Ray Vendetta off his impending Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner EP, one of which, Whistle Stop, sees the likes of Cyrus Malachi, M9 and Teknical Development flexing their sanskrit philosophising.

Mystro - Come We Go

Mys Digalow is putting the finishing touches to his debut album proper Mystrogen, but before that hits the internet you'll get to hear primer What Type Of Drug Is Mystrogen?. Check Come We Go below for a taster of that warm-up EP.