Chima Anya - Full Attention

In lieu of an upcoming mixtape, Chima Anya drops this jacking of a Terror Danjah remix courtesy of Royal-T. Terror is responsible for some of grime's earliest classics including Zumpi Hunter and Boogie Man.

Cappo - King Klang

One of the most stripped down and belligerent beats you've heard Capps rhyme on, King Klang's opening bars sound like a modem having a crisis of confidence. Does this sample Kraftwerk?

DJ Slademan - Beat Demo Reel (Beat Tape)

Some short but sweet snippets of beats DJ Slademan's been cooking up in recent months to feast your ears on. Holla @DJSlademan on Twitter if you want some of this boom bap goodness.

Hekla Kosh, Mudmowth & Ralph Rip Shit - Rotter (prod. The 83 King)

Unashamed hip hop from the Associated Minds camp. This one comes as part of the Hidden Thoughts package, a soon-to-be-released compilation of unheard material from the cutting room floor.

RapperTagUK #1 - Mystro

Mystro imports Rapper Tag from Oz to Blighty and kicks off proceedings.

Badbonez, where are ya?

Pixie Lott - What Do You Take Me For? feat. Pusha T (Radio Rip)

Pusha Ton bizarrely decides to pen a verse for foxy English pop strumpet Pixie Lott. Then again, didn't he debut alongside his bruv and Justin Timberlake?


Rico Capito - Ring The Alarm (prod. Jetsun247) (Video)

Rico Capito lends his spit to a bass-led number from Jetsun247, accompanied by a ringside brawl at an amateur boxing match... See for yourself.

Lock And Load 2 is on its way.

Sonnyjim - The Headsplit (Louis Den Remixes)

Sonnyjim recently called on all budding beat architects to bless his acapella to The Headsplit with their finest offerings. Get your lugholes round 'em.

Savvy - Phoner To Arizona Remix (Video)

An unexpected but excellent beatjacking, Savvy jumping on the Gorillaz song of the same name and making it his own.

Play to Win vol3 (Adapt or Die) is on its way.

Don't Stay In...

BUG - Mechanical Soul (EP)


Eclectic London beatmaker BUG returns with more exemplary digital-funk instrumentals on Mechanical Soul. Despite already releasing Cosmic Lab / 20 Winks nearly two years ago and having remixed a whole host of songs for others, this counts as his debut.

Sway - Still Speedin' (Video)

The first offering from Sway's impending third album, The Deliverance, sees Derek apply his frenetic flow to a beat that, oddly, samples Black Box's Ride On Time.

A remix with Kano is waiting in the wings, as is a version with an as-yet-unnamed US guest. Hmmm, I wonder who it could be...

Black Einstein - Brain's Beats (Braintax Instrumentals)

You may recall that before Braintax jetted off for sunnier climes he released his third and final album, the literally titled My Last And Best Album. And even if it wasn't actually his best, despite being his last, Black Einstein's production thumped and slumped in all the right places. Now here are the instros to that sign-off.

Associated Minds x Eatgood Records - The Highball (Video)

Associated Mind-meets-Eatgood release The Highball saw the two record labels pair up to do what they do best - and this latest video from the project is testament to how both get busy. The EP, recorded in the lab over one night amid a fug of bud smoke, is out now.

Grand Central - La La La feat. Trademark Da Skydiver & Ms Galaxy (prod. Chemo) (Video)

Grand Central and New Orlean's Trademark Da Skydiver zone out and touch the clouds on La La La, Chemo once again proving his consistency and ubiquity behind the boards.

Mr 13 - Let It Rain feat. Big Frizzle & Supar Novar (prod. Wizard) (Video)

Let It Rain is one of 15 songs off Mr 13's cameo-heavy Firts Featuring, an album with no less than 20 MCs and nine producers from UK hip hop's new school roster.

Listen and pick it up for free below.

Chemo - The Cause and the Cure feat. Jareth (Video)

Jareth, whose voice sits somewhere between Amy Winehouse and Ms Dynamite, lends sultry vocals to typically stellar production from Chemo that's all moody soul.

Go preorder Stomach Of The Mountain now.

Suspect Packages Radio - September Show

What's that? You missed Skriblah's set at Suspect Packages Live last Friday? Fear not, the ex-Terra Firma man stopped in with Disorda to talk about his new album, The Little White Dot, for the latest radio show.

Peep the playlist:

01> dirty dike - suspect packages radio show intro
02> rum committee - f%#k up the party
03> caxton press – the press
04> dayse & aver – hell is a city
05> chemo feat.jehst – lion inna concrete jungle
06> the irs feat.stig of the dump – end of my tether
07> leaf dog beat interlude
08> sonnyjim – the headsplit
09> chemo feat.phoenix, logic, rewd adams, cyrus malachi, skriblah & m9 – vigorous denial
10> dayse & aver – no exit
11> manage – mind rite
12> ogmios feat.themlot – rhyme duplex
13> sonnyjim feat.mata & must – psycadelic enterprise
14> the irs – my live show
----- Skriblah Dangogh live inside the session ----
15> skriblah dangogh - belly of the east
16> skriblah dangogh ft.sparrow & diam ruff - revelations
17> skriblah dangogh - godspeed (remix)
18> skriblah dangogh - sos (remix)
19> skriblah dangogh - new world revolution
20> skriblah dangogh - egypt
21> skriblah dangogh - little white dot (performed live)
22> sleaze feat.kosyne, assa & bonez – huh-huh
23> amos & fidjit – chaos
24> ill move sporadic & joey menza – battle axes
25> sleaze – kates hill movement
26> charlie boy – the la la
27> lotek – paid dub
34> lotek feat.spikey t – rebel hifi

Professor Green - At Your Inconvenience (Video)

Jump-Off-champ-turned-pop-idol Professor Green releases the visuals to At Your Inconvenience, the lead single from his sophomore album of the same name.

Danny Brown - Brown Eyes (prod. Paul White)

Wailing Detroit oddball Danny Brown features on a new mixtape compiled by Peter Rosenberg, over production from the UK's Paul White. The two recently collaborated on Rapping With Paul White, which has been garnering accolades left, right and centre, including glowing praise from the LA Times. Meanwhile, Mr Brown's new album XXX is also making noise and can be picked up here.

Seanie T - Move Ya Shoulder feat. Roots Manuva (Video)

Seanie T connects with longtime collaborator Roots Manuva to bubble once again. His Scribes of a Versitillian will be released later this year.

Estelle - Break My Heart feat. Swizz Beatz, Wretch 32, Raekwon (Remix Pt. 2)

Yet another remix of Estelle's Break My Heart, this time Wretch 32 stepping up alongside The Chef and ending up being the best thing about this song. Salute 32 for keeping his credibility intact while reaching a broader audience. Dude done good.

The Last Skeptik - No Train! (Video)

Beatsmith The Last Skeptik returns with a great slice of half-step. If rumours are to be believed, this is an ode to the small town of Beek en Donk in the Netherlands, which has no train station.

Rodney P - Live Up feat. Peoples Army & Mighty Mo (Video)

It's always a pleasure and never a chore to hear Rodders' distinctive patois, and Live Up is no exception. The former London Posse MC recently inked a deal with Brighton's Tru Thoughts, so expect more to come.

D Double E - Lyrical Farda (Video)

While his claims of being a lyrical farda are as dubious as his spelling, you can't deny D Double's following and reputation as a peerless rave MC. Bluku! Bluku! is out now, the title track seeing Dizzee discard his recent pop career to spit flames.

Klashnekoff - Cold World (Video)

Cold World is taken from last year's widely slept on Back To The Sagas. Pick up a copy of the album if you haven't already - not least for the anthem that never was, Soon Come.

Tragedy Khadafi - I Cried (Chemo Remix)

Chemo, aka Telemachus Malone, works his magic for QB OG Tragedy Khadafi, once again marrying sumptuous production with vocals from New York's gutter. Impending compilation The Stomach of the Mountain - featuring spit from the likes of Jehst, Roots Manuva and Triple Darkness - is sure to bang in all the right places.

And that's not to mention his album proper, In The Evening, that we got a peek of with the Roc Marciano-featuring Scarecrows and Ferndale Road.

Savvy - Huddersfield To Hollywood

Savvy takes it from Huddersfield all the way across the pond to Tinsel Town. Taken from his forthcoming mixtape Play To Win 3.

Sonnyjim - Zone One (Video)

Sonnyjim ditches his trademark grey Yankee fitted for a more natural look in the ever so dope Zone One's video. Go treat yourself to a copy of The Psychonaut LP. You deserve it.