Joker & Buggsy - Music

Dubstep maestro Joker and spitter Buggsy just released this track on Twitter immediately after its first public spin on Mistajam's 1Xtra programme. The Bristol pair show you just how slippery genres are in the UK. Buggsy, often associated solely with hip hop, represents the country's bass culture as thoroughly as anyone else. Ag-ag-ag-ag-ag-ag!

Estelle - Break My Heart feat. Rick Ross (Video)

Expat Estelle calls on everyone's favourite CO-turned-rapper Rozay for a guest spot on Break My Heart. On the surface of things Rick Ross may not appear to be your typical ladies man, but his beard oozes virility and is enough to make any female swoon and drop her kecks in the blink of an eye. Without it he's nothing.

Dubbledge Vs. Chase & Status - Chess

Dubbledge lifts Chase & Status's beat off Hitz, from their recently released sophomore album No More Idols, and makes it his own, strategising Garry Kasparov style.

Dubbledge Vs. Chase & Status - Chess

The video to the original, featuring chart-topper Tinie Tempah, went live earlier this month.

Grit Grammar - Ill Rap feat. Iron Braydz & Baron Samedi (Video)

These three sparring partners trade their illest raps, accompanied by a video that compiles a slew of martial arts visuals to keep you entertained.

Fireworkz - Limb By Limb feat. Bounty Killa, Ghetts, Shystie, Trilla, 3.2.1 & English Frank (Video)

Ghetts kills this in typical fashion. Road rapper of the moment English Frank turns in an appearance at the end. What else is there to say about this? Probably best listened to on meow meow (if it even exists anymore).

Side note: If road rap's been around for, say, three years tops, and its poster child and Roc Nation signee K Koke has already been sent down, does that mean it's on its way out?

Don't Stay In...

This competition needs no introduction. Hit the flyer for details.

Joker Starr - The Raw Spittage Volumes (Free Download)

Seven years ago Joker Starr was hawking this collection of freestyles and original tracks on home-pressed CDRs. Fast forward to today and the man has now let it loose for free via the internet. I wonder how we'll be consuming music in 2018...

Don't Stay In...

Remember Lyricist's Lounge? Well, now London has it's own version, so get yourself down to 93 Feet East if you want to share your bars. Check the Facebook page for more.

Jaz Kahina - Gone feat. Agallah (prod. Slademan) (Video)

Whilst Slademan serves up a thick slice of boom bap on Gone, the pairing of Jaz Kahina and Agallah is probably unmatched at best. Maybe that's pedantic, but UK and US vocal collaborations rarely work well in hip hop and typically translate as a cynical ploy by the MCs to gain an audience on the other side of the pond to their home.

Dream Mclean - Golden feat. Ceaser (Video)

Dream Mclean delivers a lonely, pensive ode to strolling the capital, complete with panpipes and ethereal synths. Expect more from Mclean plus his Essex brethren Bandit Blacks and S Dot this year.

Verb T - Self Less EP

It's been a busy year so far for Verb T, who has just independently put out the follow-up to his Self Ish EP, which itself came out only three months ago. For £3 you get nine tracks, including the banger below. See for yourself.

Verb T - Day At The Beach feat. Fliptrix & Jam Baxter

Brand spanking new one from Verb T and his fellow High Focus team. If you are going to spend a day at the beach this weekend, pack a mac (no milli).

Sonnyjim - BADUiYAM

Musical workhorse Sonnyjim steals one beat apiece from Erykah Baduh and producer Samiyam, splices them together and brings you BADUiYAM. After watching the Eat Good head honcho pop Mo' and smoke in the park, get yourself a freebie copy of the bootleg.

And if that weren't enough, the Brum rapper's Kelakovski-produced Nimbus is now available to purchase.

AND you can catch the video for the Beat Butcha-made What Up Now with current partner in rhyme Sleaze.

The Prosoulytes - Mix Shake Stir feat. Yungun (Video)

Paris-via-Geneva production export The Prosoulytes enlist the elusive Yungun for some grown-man hip hop. It's heartening to see Essa can all but disappear for years on end only to jump on something new at the drop of a hat.

Durrty Goodz - Don't Ask Me (Video)

Durrty Goodz' second single, Don't Ask Me, comes to life. Overall is available now and you can read a couple of thoughts the seasoned MC shared with UK All Day here.

Giggs - Guess Who's Back

Following a torrid few weeks for the Man United left winger, now Giggs returns in defiant glory. Not even revelations of double-crossing his own brother by sleeping with his sister-in-law and then paying to have an illicit unborn lovechild terminated has stopped the Welsh footballing sensation from telling the world "Guess Who's Back". Bravo.

Cee Why - Black Art (Free Album)

Cee Why’s Black Art features a who's who producer line-up including Ta-Ku, Myke Forte, Wizard, K15, Raw Stiles and Pro, while a bulk of the beats are handled by UK cornerstone ApaTight.

Get to viewing the video for the lead track, Crazy Love, before getting familiar with the full free album.

Cappo - Loyalty (Video)

Nottingham hip hop royalty Cappo proudly wears his back-to-basics approach on his sleeve on Loyalty, a standout track from his Genghis album. If you want more Capps, check The Fallout, his new offering with Notts associate Styly Cee.

Kyza - Black Maybe (Video)

Mr Sayso laments the prejudice and sociopolitical baggage that comes with his skin tone on Black Maybe. As part of Terra Firma, Klashnekoff undoubtedly called the shots when it came to sung hooks, but Kyza's now come into his own as a fully formed artist in that respect.

Freestyle Season is on its way.

The IRS - Just Got Home (prod. Wizard)

Despite announcing they'd called it a day last year, The IRS are back making new music. New album Speaks Volumes is set for release any time now and will feature the Wizard-produced Just Got Home.

Asaviour & Jehst - Race Track (Previously Unreleased)

A mysterious benefactor has rescued this Asaviour and Jehst cut from the vaults. Believed to be titled Race Track, the Huddersfield former sparring partners wax lyrical here about racial prejudice and all that bad stuff.

Cozzabags - Boganics (Free Download)

Aussie's Cozzabags upped sticks from down under and has called the UK his home for the past decade. In part a concept album, Boganics pinches samples from music and comedy the MC grew up with, so it's a tribute to some cherished 80s and 90s features. The man has more in store this year.

Mr Flex - Nothing To Prove EP (Free Download)

Chosen Spokesmen member Mr Flex has called on an impressive roster of producers for his Nothing To Prove EP, including Kelakovski, Chemo and Beat Butcha. Feast your eyes on his video for the excellent title track before downloading the full set.

Perfect Practice - Food For Thought EP

Scotland's Perfect Practice - Nostal and DJ Sonny - serve up their Food For Thought EP. Sonny's no slouch on the beats here.

DJ Roast & Phoenix Da Icefire - 5 Jewels (Video)

DJ Roast and Phoenix Da Icefire are no strangers - the pair worked together on the south coast producer's album Cuttin' It Fine last year. 5 Jewels is the first single off their new 8-track EP, Terminal Velocity, featuring Cyrus Malachi, Iron Braydz and Scripture, and which will drop June 13.

Verbal Contact - Deteste (Video)

Leeds' Verbal Contact with a quality video for their track Deteste.

RéY - Bi(po)lar pt.2

You might not expect a rapper with an accent in his name to hail from Peckham, but that's where RéY calls home. Bi(po)lar pt.2 might be about a contrived a song title as you can get, though interesting beat here courtesy of New York electro-come-hip hop twosome Ratatat.

This track will be on The AmorPhoUs Vol., released 8 July.

Ratatat are definitely worth a look-in if you don't know them already. Check their remix of Jay-Z's Allure below and go from there.

Wiley Noisey Documentary

Having promoted a Wiley event, Noisey got to pick the man's brains for this mini-documentary. As someone who seems to swing wildly between stripped-down, traditional grime and sickly sweet pop, it's heartening - if not entirely surprising - to hear him admit that it's major label influence that forces him to appease the charts. His second Big Dada album, 100% Publishing, is on the cards.

Styly Cee & Cappo - The Fallout (Out Now!)

The Notts duo's The Fallout album is now available as a limited, 200-only run of vinyl presses with individually spray-painted sleeves. Get one before they're all gone.

Knice Rap Competition

No, this post is not solely an excuse to publish a photo of the ever lovely Sarah Love. Knice is an anti-knife-crime awareness group whose remit is to provide our youth with creative outlets to keep them out of trouble. To that end, they've just launched a competition for aspiring MCs to write 16 bars around the theme 'You Never Know What Tomorrow Might Bring'.

To enter, send a YouTube or Soundcloud link to by 29 July to have your verse considered by a panel of judges including Sway. Get more info here.

Suspect Packages Radio - June Show

Disorda returns to the airwaves, this time giving you a sneak peak of cuts from Jehst's soon-to-drop Dragon Of An Ordinary Family. Check the playlist for those and a whole lot more.


01> jehst – zombies
02> leaf dog – jump jump
03> skriblah dangogh feat.sparrow & diam ruff – revelations
04> sonnyjim feat.micall parknsun & prime – grindin (jehst remix)
05> scizzahz – scrape that
06> ray vendetta feat.tesla’s ghost aka eyes of vision – guess who’s coming to dinner
07> jehst – the illest
08> chester p – a.t.w.a
09> buggsy feat.jehst & farma g – connect the spdiff
10> skriblah dangogh – belly of the beast
11> foreign beggars feat.alix perez – ldn
12> buggsy – down dat rd
13> enlish feat.vecks & scizzahz – chwoit!!!
14> ghost feat.kashmere – be there soon
15> mr fantastic feat.truck – getwidit
16> ravage feat.ranx – sanity on fire
17> sonnyjim – if you don’t know
18> leaf dog – when I bust
19> m.s.i. asylum – war 2
20> skriblah dangogh – godspeed
21> juga-naut – badboy breaks (props to the drummer!)
22> leaf dog feat.rampage & bva mc – the stomp
23> jon phonics – bruck out
24> scizzahz feat.joey g-zus & dr syntax – I know
25> ghost feat.micall parknsun – need cash
26> chattabox & samuel otis – poets day
27> jehst – sounds like money
28> deeflux & louis unseen feat.dr syntax – cyanide
29> gremii da muke – hammerhead fly
30> styly cee & cappo – market square
31> chester p – ush
32> foreign beggars feat.medison, ruckspin & durrty goodz – bank job
33> sonnyjkim feat.taharka – pump your fist
34> brianna colette – in love (brooklyn love affair)

Sleaze & Sonnyjim - Work In Mnemonics (prod. Beat Butcha) (Video)

"For the last few years I've been murking the guest appearances." - Sonnyjim

He's certainly been busy in the last three months. Here Birmingham bretheren Sleaze and Sonnyjim take a verse each for the title track off their joint album.

Associated Minds x Eat Good Records - The Highball (Free Download)

What do you get if you put the Associated Minds camp in a studio with Eat Good Records for one night? The Highball EP, featuring production from Metabeats, P.L.O., Beatbox Fozzy, Kelakovski, Dockmini and Myke Forte; plus Sonnyjim, Kosyne, RTKal, Taharka, Redbeard, Mudmowth, Ralph Rip Sh*t, Ruffstylz, P.L.O., Metabeats and Willo Wispa on spit duties.

Faith SFX - Play Hard feat. Wretch 32

Hip hop-come-grime beatboxer Faith SFX has been sitting on the excellent Play Hard for at least two years, but it now officially sees the light of day as his album Man Or Machine has just been set free.

Download the track below and buy the full release from iTunes if you're game.