Jehst - England (prod. Beat Butcha)

For UK hip hop heads, Jehst's The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family has to be the most hotly anticipated albums to drop this year. Although a lot's changed since the now six years old Nuke Proof Suit, it's clear that Jehst is still more than capable of delivering the goods, evidenced by his scathing damnation of Blighty on England.

Beat Butcha's backdrop isn't a million miles away from Shook Ones Pt. II on this, which is no bad thing.

Kinetik - The Kinesis Thesis Vol. II (Free EP)

As mentioned below, both halves of Grand Central - Kinetik and Mr. Drastick - have simultaneously released solo extended players. Any similarities? They both share the Trademark Da Skydiver-featuring La La La.

Beats are handled by Chemo, J57 from the Brown Bag Allstars and more.

Mr. Drastick - The Last Gladiator Standing (Free EP)

Mr. Drastick has just released this EP for you freeloaders. The project has simultaneously been made available with another EP from partner in rhyme Kinetik, who together make up Grand Central.

Skriblah - Little White Dot (Teaser)

One third of the now defunct (for all intents and purposes, at least) Terra Firma, Skriblah is gearing up for the release of his first LP, Little White Dot. Overshadowed by Klashnekoff and Kyza in the past, now's the time for him to prove his worth.

Iron Braydz - Fiery Red feat. Sean Price

Ahead of his next album, The Slugga, hitting shelves and the internet, Iron Braydz has teamed up with Boot Camp Clik member and one half of Heltah Skeltah, Sean Price.

Given Braydz' insistance on enlightenment and self-betterment, collaborating with one of New York's most ign'nt rappers seems a little ill-fitting.

Scizzahz - Workaholic (Video)

Scizzahz snubs the well-trodden boom bap template in favour of an airy production that any number of US rap artists from the southern states could easily jump on. Cue fundamentalist wincing.

Don't Stay In...

Suspect Packages Live plays host to Leaf Dog and Sonnyjim this month, both of whom have new albums to promote. Not only that, the SP brand has spread westwards to Bristol, where you can catch Ramson Badbonez a week after.

Buggsy - I'm Waiting (Video)

Double-time specialist Buggsy is pushing his debut, The Great Escape, featuring I'm Waiting and the Farma G and Jehst-appraised Connect The SPDIF. It sounds like the St Paul's, Bristol MC's album could be a whopper.

Skillit – The Truth feat T.B. And K Nite (Video)

The ever playful Skillit passes through with T.B. and K Nite to give you The Truth, Tuberculosis stinking out the booth with a bliddy and arguably stealing the show with his strained, nasal pitch. No?

Chemo - Squirrelz with Gunz (Redux)

Chemo has just released an unmixed, remastered version of his 2007 compilation Squirrelz with Gunz. You can buy it on iTunes and/or stream it in full here.

The Beekeepers - Queen Bee feat. Mystro (Video)

Sounds like Mystro's been stung by an ex on Queen Bee... This song is produced by The Beekeepers, a producer duo from Bristol who've just released debut album Apiculture on Jalapeno Records.

Durrty Goodz - Don't Ask Me

Don't Ask Me is the second single - after Oi Wot You Lookin At - from the new Durrty Goodz LP Overall. Take a listen below and head to iTunes to cop the whole album, released yesterday. After that, see what the grime veteran has to say for himself in this recent interview with UK All Day.

Kings Of The City - Apples feat. Del Man (Video)

The B-side to the Klashnekoff-featuring Darkness, Apples sees rock-and-blues-to-hip-hop eclecticists Kings Of The City return to the fold.

Context MC - Listening To Burial feat. Slof Man (Video)

Context MC's Burial tribute gets the video treatment. This is something of a homage to those teeth-grinding, "I should've been in bed hours ago" mornings.

Say no to drugs (unless they're good and you've not got work the next day).

Suspect Packages Radio - May 2011

Enlish joins Disorda for this month's Suspect Packages Radio. Take a read of our interview with the MC and behold the playlist below to get a fill of what gets a spin.

01> dabbla – suspect radio intro
02> cappo & styly cee – yo ass
03> deeflux & louis unseen – jaws drop
04> soldjasoulz – piss test
05> sleeping giants feat.capito, skriblah & d.ablo – aslan
06> jon phonics – bruck out
07> jehst – starting over
08> cappo & styly cee – regenerate
09> phoenix da icefire – five jewels
10> oliver twist – malawi
11> joker starr – transition (leaf dog remix)
12> buggsy – I kno I kno u
13> chester p – boarhawk talk (standing alone complex)
14> cappo & styly cee – music makers revenge
--------Enlish live inside the SP bunker------
15> enlish – tender
16> enlish – interview part 1
17> enlish feat.sean price & stig of the dump – arrogance is bliss
18> enlish – interview part 2
19> enlish – messed up
20> enlish – interview part 3
21> enlish – brain basher
22> enlish – interview part 4
23> enlish – head in the clouds
24> enlish – ground zero
25> enlish – live freestyle
26> enlish – there you go

Purpose - The Proton Pack (Beat Tape)

Hailing from Crystal Palace, Purpose has put together beat tape The Proton Pack to give you a flavour of what he's been working on in the lab. Expect more to come from the crate digger.

Telemachus - Ferndale Road (Video)

Telemachus's sublime Ferndale Road gets brought to life with this video that compiles footage of a street the producer holds dear. In his words:

"It's a song about my favourite road in Brixton where I had good times and bad times."

Arguably one of the best producers in the UK, it's not yet clear what form his LP In The Evening will take. It could be plastered with rappers and be an excellent hip hop album. Equally, it could be wholly instrumental and sit outside a definitive genre, like this song. More than likely it will nestle itself somewhere in between.

If you're not already familiar with the A-side to this 7", Scarecrows featuring the awesome Roc Marciano, peep the video ASAP.

Cop the vinyl-only release here.

P.L.O. - The Heat feat. Has-Lo, Zilla Rocca & Curly Castro (American Language Remix)

A great refix from the Associated Minds camp. Replacing Sonnyjim and Mudmowth with an all Philly line-up, P.L.O.'s monster The Heat nods to NY classic Broken Language - indie names Has-Lo, Zilla Rocca and Curly Castro taking turns to play Smoothe Da Hustler and Trigger Da Gambler.

Check the original here and keep your eyes peeled for the forthcoming Eat Good and Associated Minds joint EP, The Highball.

Leaf Dog - Some People Say (Video)

Leaf Dog's name might be familiar from his production for the likes of Ras Kass and Kool G Rap, or as part of 3 Amigos. Now he's going it alone on High Focus Records with June 13 release From A Scarecrow's Perspective, and Some People Say is the lead single.

Oddisee - Ci'iy Life feat. Tranqill (Video)

Washington DC producer Oddisee, who makes up one third of the excellent Diamond District, gets London's Tranqill on board for Ci'iy Life - which sounds like it must've sampled from at least one David Axelrod composition.

Swiss - Bad Boys feat. Blak Twang, Klashnekoff, Akala, Black The Ripper & AKS (Video)

Big line-up for one of many remixes of Bad Boys, an anti-popo track from ex-So Solid member Swiss.

There's also a video for the newbies remix, featuring Charlie Sloth, G Frsh, Krept, Dru Blu, Youngsta (U-God's doppelgänger) and Pariz 1.

Kyza - Cold Steel (Video)

Kyza, one of the most venomous MCs in the country, rips apart J Dilla's Cold Steel - originally handled by Detroit underground heavyweight Phat Kat, aka Ronnie Cash. Ugh!

Cappo & Styly Cee - 4 Minute Warning EP (Free Download)

Notts representatives Cappo and Styly Cee are about to serve up their latest joint project, The Fallout, but beforehand have rescued two songs from the cutting room floor.

To get a proper fill of the album, head down to Suspect Packages Live next Friday to catch these two veterans performing.

Terry Hooligan - Genuine Article feat. Joker Starr, Jinglebert & Ruthless

New one from Joker Starr and others, with Terry Hooligan managing to fit a snippet of Jay's vocal on the Beyonce track Crazy In Love to good effect.

There's more from Joker too, with Leaf Dog working out a great little remix for Hip Hop Transition.

Delusionists - Prolusion Plus (Now Free!)

To celebrate releasing Prolusion Plus a year ago today, Delusionists have now made the album free for anyone who goes and makes friends with them on every voyeur's favourite social network. Head to Facebook, hit Like and you'll get yourself your very own copy. You can't say fairer than that.

And if you want to listen before you do so, do so.

P Money - I Beat The Tune (Mixtape)

Having put out arguably two of last year's best grime tracks with Ho Riddim! and Slang Like This, P Money has now switched up a gear and got himself a brand spanking new website. In conjunction with the site launch he's put together mixtape I Beat The Tune. Ra tat tat taa!

Don't Stay In...

Cappo and Styly Cee will be gracing the stage at Suspect Packages Live this month, along with DJ Roast and Phoenix Da Icefire. Get yourself down there next Friday.

Genesis Elijah - I Ain't Even Charging Bruv (Free Download)

Brixton's Genesis Elijah follows up his full-length project alongside the Krate Krusdaers with the I Ain't Even Charging Bruv EP.

Check the tracklist below and the video for Battle Cry UK:

Battle Cry UK (prod Audible Doctor)
Crazy World (prod Pastor Dutchie)
Matter of Time
Reign of Fire (prod Deadman Walkn)
Skepta Skit
The King's Speech
To The Grave (prod Architect)

fLako - The Mesektet Teaser feat. Mystro

fLako is an up-and-coming producer who put out the excellent beat tape First Spaceshit On The Moon a couple of years ago. Now he's preparing album The Mesektet and Mystro jumps on one of his works to get tongues wagging before the 20 May release. This is flames.

Sway - Big Bad Wolf (prod. Redneck)

Um... Shout out to Redneck on the beat.

Charlie Mac presents M.A.B - One Song A Day Keeps The Doctor Away (Free Album)

M.A.B marries his vocals with production from Charlie Mac on free album One Song A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.

Ruinz Ason - Side View feat. Gramma (Video)

This one's for everyone that's been caught out by the misleading side view - full-frontal poses only, please.

Dead Bully - Driven So Well feat. Messiahbolical (Video)

South London duo Dead Bully hit you with Driven So Well, lifted off their Harry Love-presented mixtape Dying Breed.

Stylah - I'm Sick

Stylah vents his frustration over Jay's Takeover. It's got to be said, a lot of these are worthy targets for being mad at. I wonder if any of the MCs named here will get a bee in their bonnet...

His Crash Course 2 mixtape with DJ Snips is on its way.

Cyrus Malachi - Animal Circus (prod. Jon Phonics) (Video)

The latest viewables from Cyrus Malachi, this time with the Jon Phonics-produced Animal Circus. Ancient Future can be picked up now.

Styly Cee & Cappo - The Fallout

The Fallout is the lead single from a soon-to-drop album of the same name from Nottingham's Cappo and Styly Cee. Expect their respective signature sounds - enigmatic raspy raps and booming break-led beats.

Verb T & Kashmere - One Conscious

Produced by Harry Love, this track never saw the light of day - at least not on Verb T and Kashmere's joint Low Life debut, Backhand Slap Talk / Technical Illness. It did appear on a mixtape from Disorda, but this unmixed and unmastered track was recently emancipated by Verbs for the fans.

Rain & Ty Nitty - London2QB (Mixtape)

A cynic might argue that this tie-up is a mutually beneficial ploy: south-west London rapper Rain enhances his street cred by allying himself with a Mobb Deep affiliate, while the Queensbridge thug gets a travel pass to the burgeoning UK rap scene. But with song titles such as We Go Hard, it seems there's more to this relationship than meets the eye...

Prose - For The Love/What's Love? (Video)

Prose adopt a two-for-the-price-of-none approach, giving away a double video for For The Love and What's Love?, off the duo's Force Of Habit.

Wiley - If I Could feat. Ed Sheeran (Video)

Not content with having Big Dada release 100% Publishing in the pipeline, Wiley brings you the Ed Sheeran-featuring If I Could. This will be on yet another album - Wiley Presents Jay Weathers “The Producer” - from the so-called godfather of grime.