Seanie T - Pon Da Corner feat. Little Hero (prod. Chemo) (Video)

Seanie T's music career goes back further than my memory and he's featured on countless songs with the likes of Roots Manuva, Rodney P, Skeme and Blak Twang. Now he's prepping his debut album, Scribes Of A Vercitillian, for release later this year.

Let's hope Chemo keeps up this run he's kicked off recently.

Dream Mclean - Coke & Vodka feat. Siris (Video)

Along with Bandit Blacks and S.Samuel, Dream Mclean and Siris make up The Regime. On Coke & Vodka the latter two go in over something that a Ricky Rossy or a Wiz Khalifa would sound at home on - stuttering 808s and all.

Essex stand up!

AKS - The Monologue (prod. Chemo) (Video)

So flooded is the UK scene nowadays, with all of its disparate yet overcrowded sub-genres, you rarely see a new name that makes an impression. From this, AKS appears to be the whole package. Oh, and being co-signed by Chemo never hurts.

You can buy AKS's The Bus Stop EP today.

Tony Yayo - Twitter Gangstas (Video)

I didn't think Tony Yayo would ever get two mentions here in the space of a week, but the G-Unit henchman jacks Beat Butcha's Kill 'em Wit The Flow for Twitter Gangstas.

The Brit producer also has Make Me A Billion on Yayo's latest mixtape.

Dr Syntax - FUCK YOU MAN!

With last year's Benny Huge project behind him, Syntax now brings you the obnoxiously titled FUCK YOU MAN!. What a charmer.

Production is handled by Raggz Martell, cuts by DJ Manipulate.

Lewis Parker - Six Feet Deep In Dirt And Dust (Video)

Having teamed up with NY's John Robinson last year, Lewis Parker will soon deliver solo project Dangerous Adventures, and this is the first glimpse of that.

This won't be the first time it's come up, but it's difficult to take his American accent seriously. That's not to take away from the man's credentials, plus it's surely common for expatriates to be influenced by their new surroundings. Who is this for though?

Mind you, what comes out of his SP-1200 always sounds good.

GV Clik - Itolism feat. Sonnyjim (Video)

"It's all real, pussy, what part do you think we're making up?" - Sonnyjim

One word - prolific.

Lupe Fiasco - Break The Chain feat. Sway & Eric Turner (Video)

The UK's Sway is the only feature on Lupe Fiasco's new album, Lasers. The third of Lupe's full projects has been widely panned by critics and even the man himself has voiced his dissatisfaction with it. If this song is anything to go by, I agree, it's shit.

If major labels have this much influence over the artistic outcome of a rap artist's work, yet cut their budgets and fumble promotion, you have to wonder what the point of being signed is.

Don't Stay In...

Friday 8th April sees Suspect Packages Live play host to a Notts special, with certified veteran Scorzayzee and newcomers Inkrument on performance duties, plus Disorda and the excellent DJ LoK on deck.

Sleaze & Sonnyjim - Long Road feat. Nikki Marie (Video)

"Ask me a question, fuck a press kit." - Sonnyjim

Long Road is the first taste of what's to come from Brum duo Sleaze and Sonnyjim's joint EP, Work In Mnemonics. The digi single, complete with remixes from Apa Tight and Kelakovski's dubstep alter ego Kelatron to name two, is available now.

You can also get your mitts on Sonny's new mixtape with turntable specialist Donnie Propa for as little or as much as you'd like to pay.

Cyrus Malachi - The Isis Papers 2 (Mixtape) / Native Son (Video)

Native Son is the second single from Cyrus Malachi's Ancient Future and can be copped ahead of the album here.

Meanwhile, the Hackney rhymer has also just dropped The Isis Papers 2 mixtape for those fiending for a full hit now.

Dubbledge - The Phil Mitchell Crackhead Song (Video)

Dubble Dubble draws on Phil Mitchell's brief stint as a basehead as inspiration for his latest record. Crack is wack, kids.

Ten Toes Down, his album with producer Chemo, is on the horizon.

Tony Yayo - Make Me A Billion (prod. Beat Butcha)

Beat Butcha blesses 50 Cent's right-hand man on Make Me A Billion. Dude is steady killing it in the US at the moment. Hats off to the guy.

Ben Black - Paper Haters pt.3 (Video)

Ben Black of Delusionists goes in over a Davinche production in a bid to win a spot on Baby Blue's forthcoming single, Paper Haters pt.3. You can vote for Ben to win here.

Nutso - Street Corner feat. Panchi, Torae & Punchline (prod. Pete Cannon) (Video)

Mr. Cannon continues to build over in the States, once again linking with QB's Nutso and this time having NYGz member Panchi, Torae and Punchline on board.

Telemachus - Scarecrows feat. Roc Marciano (Video)

Long Island's Marci is no slouch when it comes to production - he has a knack for making stripped down, low-fi beats that exude New York through and through. Here, though, Chemo's solemn requiem - with its rich layers and meticulously engineered drums - fits Marcberg's tight-woven street talk perfectly.

Released under his Telemachus alias, Chemo's Scarecrows will be available from YNR soon.

Inkrument - I, Wise (Video)

Inkrument take a day trip to the Big Smoke in this video for I, Wise, taken from the Nottingham trio's set RRRare, released last year and available here.

Tabanacle - I Try feat. Remus & G-Man (Video)

Tabanacle, a distinctly Hewbrew name, is joined by Task Force offspring Remus and G-Man for I Try - a UK hard knocks anthem that's all jazz-lounge pianos.

Verb T - Bounce With Me feat. Graziella (prod. Jon Phonics) (Video)

Verb T takes it to the screen for Bounce With Me, a sleepy and soulful track put together by Jon Phonics and featured on his recent YNR Productions-sponsored album, Serious Games.

Said album is in stores right now.

Myke Forte - Zodiak:: Virgo (Beat Tape)

After disappearing from the asinine online sphere for a spell, avoiding all of its pointless Facebook and Twitter guff, Myke Forte recently returned to the fold. And it's a good job too: whilst away he crafted the final episode in his Zodiak serial.

Mr Forte is something of an unsung character in the scene, yet undoubtedly one of the most prolific and talented producers on these shores.

Pick up Zodiak:: Virgo and then get yourself over to his Bandcamp page for the rest.

Cyrus Malachi - Master Builders feat. Bronze Nazareth & The Wisemen (prod. Endemic)

Master Builders is the second official unofficial leak off Cyrus Malachi's soon to be released Ancient Future album. Wu-Tang associate Bronze Nazareth pops up with cronies The Wisemen on a backdrop handled by Nottingham producer Endemic.

Expect Ancient Future to land on 11th April, just after mixtape The Isis Papers Part 2.

Telemachus - Scarecrows feat. Roc Marciano (Teaser Trailer)

Under his Telemachus alter ego, Chemo - the producer/engineer who mixed down and mastered pretty much all of your favourite UK releases - has crafted an album of his own. The first single, with 2010 favourite Roc Marciano, is called Scarecrows and you can catch a sneak peak of what to expect above.

Sonnyjim - Purple Patch Part 4 (Video) (prod. Apatight)

And there you have it, the fourth and final piece to the Purple Patch puzzle, starting off back in January last year. Once you've watched Sonny spit pure ignorant bullshit on this you can head over to the major outlet you despise least to buy the full EP.

Don't Stay In...

Phi-Life Cypher are reaching Suspect Packages next Friday 11th March, and will be supported by Dirty Dike as he celebrates the launch of his new album, Constant Dikestar.

Leafdog - Lost Leafs

Lost Leafs is a free compilation of collaborations, remixes and originals from UK producer Leafdog, including his recent Baggin In Da Spot with New York pioneer and all-round gutter rapper Kool G Rap.

Loudmouth Melvin, Pyro Barz & Postman P - #Winning (Charlie Sheen)

Charlie Sheen's recent triumphant and disturbing diatribe is the inspiration for this new track from Pyro Barz, Loudmouth Melvin and his brother Postman P.

Please watch the interview with Sheen to see what is a great, or terrible, advert for cocaine abuse.

Tom Caruana - Okayplayer The Bollywood Remake

The talented Tom Caruana has ploughed the depths of his Bollywood collection and created a selection of soundscapes for the Okayplayer fraternity. Here he produces with vocals from the likes of Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Black Thought, Common, Erykah Badu and Q-Tip.

The remake project follows on from last year's Beatles-meets-Wu-Tang mash-up Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers, loved by the New York Times, the Guardian, MOJO and, ahem, UK All Day alike.

Sign up with Tea Sea Records for free to cop both of these, as well as his five-piece remix series:

TEef - [untitled]

New 9-track album from oddball TEef - a man who used to rock a gorilla mask on the regular. The decidedly abrasive set, which is either untitled or titled [untitled], can be bought for a price of your choice. Alternatively: "Put 0 in the price box to download FREE you cheap cunt."

Mr. Probz - I Hate You (prod. Beat Butcha) (Video)

The official video for Beat Butcha's organ-led heater for Mr. Probz, who flips what could be a typical love ballad completely on its head.