Ghost - Feb 2011 Beat Mix

Despite his New Zealand heritage, Ghost has been a UK hip hop mainstay for longer than most can remember. Having ventured left with experimental electronic leanings more recently, he's now back with his bread and butter of straight-up hip hop. Check his new beat showcase below.

If you're a serious artist and want to get in touch, hit Ghost up at musicbyghost [at]

And if for some reason you're not familiar with this man's work already, do some homework.

Rewd Adams - Everything's OK feat. David's Lyre (prod. The Last Skeptik)

One off the Rewd Awakening cutting-room floor that didn't make the final set due to a fallout with the vocalist and his management. Drew felt it only right to put out The Last Skeptik-produced swing number instead of it laying dormant.

Get Rewd Awakening here.

Sonnyjim - Purple Rain Promo

Sonny's Purple Patch EP drops on 7th March and will be followed by a slew of new material from the Brum MC.

Nutso - Broke b/w Rock Out feat. L.I.F.E. Long / F.T. (prod. by Pete Cannon)

Queensbridge rapper Nutso gets the Pete Cannon treatment for both Broke and Rock Out, the first of which has been getting major love from DJ Premier in New York.

Rock Out is definitely Pete's signature sound - squelchy bassline and all.

Lupe Fiasco & Sway On 1Xtra

Whilst in town to promote his much delayed and still yet to be released album Lasers, Lupe Fiasco brought through his mate and North London resident Sway. In hindsight, Lupe probably feels he should've come with a pre-written, as he gets a bit shown up here.

These two first collaborated a couple of years back on We Love You.

Dirty Dike - Constant Dikestar (Album Snippets)

Dirty Dike's solo LP Constant Dikestar is set to drop some time in March on High Focus Records, so get familiar.

DJ Ames & Sway - The Best Of Sway Pt.1 (Mixtape)

Sway links one of the most prolific mixtape DJs in the country for a best of compilation that, funnily enough, has much of his best, earlier work on it. Part 2 is set for a mid-March release, though it's doubtful it'll top this. And if you've already heard and like or dislike This Is My Promo Vol. 1 and 2, this release is irrelevant.

Durrty Goodz - Oi Wot U Lookin At (Video)

"It's reeeeeeeaaaaaaaal!"

Skuff - Deep Covers Project (Mixtape)

Skuff, of outfit Delegates Of Culture, reworks 13 of his favourite beats, making them his own. Expect everyone from Nas to Ladies Love Cool James to get jacked by the Cambridge spitter.

Kings Of The City - Darkness feat. Klashnekoff (Video)

Eclecticists Kings Of The City go all Nosferatu for the video to Darkness and rope in the Black Russian for a guest spot.

Cop this and two bonus cuts from Bandcamp, below.

Task Force - Final Countdown

Well, this is all a bit unexpected. Farma G just freed up Final Countdown, which, despite clocking in at nearly two years old, sees the Brothers McBain sounding as fresh as ever. This is the last piece of music the siblings recorded together. However, if all goes to plan, you can expect the next and final Task Force album to arrive some time this year. MFTC 5 is on its way...

Context MC - Off With Their Heads feat. Vertex of Marvell (Video)

Context MC comes through with a cameo-heavy video for his current "dub-hop" track, Off With Their Heads. Hit the Bandcamp embed below to proceed with downloadings onto your hard drive.

Ramson Badbonez - J Dilla Tribute Mix Pt. 2

Badbonez does his thing over a selection of the obsessively revered and exceptionally talented J Dilla's beats. The anniversary of Yancey's passing lands on the 10th of February, so consider this a timely homage to Detroit's late dignitary and one of the most respected men to make hip hop.

Mr. Probz - Hate You (prod. Beat Butcha)

It's Valentine's Day and nothing says "I love you" quite like "I hate you". Mr. Probz should probs let this one go and move on, after letting loose over this Beat Butcha backdrop, that is.

And if that's not enough of the Halal-only beatsmith's work, get your ears round this new ditty in all.

Cyrus Malachi - Bulldozers feat. Ruste Juxx & Killa Sha (prod. Endemic)

The first official leak from Cyrus Malachi's hotly anticipated debut LP, Ancient Future, Bulldozers features Sean Price's pal Ruste and the late Killa Sha.

Sources indicate that this is one of Sha's last verses before he succumbed to complications linked to diabetes.

Cyrus Malachi - Bulldozers feat. Ruste Juxx & Killa Sha (prod. Endemic)

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Sonnyjim - Nimbus (prod. Kelakovski) (Video)

Eat Good head honcho Sonnyjim has been steadily releasing new product over the past few weeks and continues in full stride with Nimbus, which will be on his EP with in-house producer Kelakovski.

Expect Purple Patch Part 4 in the next few days, plus the Psychonaut LP and complementary EP soon, as well as his project with Sleaze. Oh yeah, and the Eat Good meets Associated Minds EP, Highball.

Sonny stays eating.

Giggs - Take Your Hats Off (Mixtape)

You have to hand it to G-Unit DJ Whoo Kid for supporting artists from over here recently. He's co-signed Skepta's excellent Mike Lowery and shown Klash love. It wasn't long ago that anyone who was anyone in the US turned their noses up at British rap.

It's a shame that disabled-tongued Giggs gets a look in. I have it on good authority that either he or his management doesn't allow less popular acts to support his live shows. You weren't always linking up with high-profile DJs, Giggs. Anyhow...

Cyclonious - Bury (Video)

Bury is all Far Eastern plucked strings with simple, raw spit. Lifted off Cyclonious's recent mixtape, Escape To Reality.

Mass Hegemony - Now You Know feat. Pace Won (prod. Wizard)

New Jersey veteran Pace Won sits in with Mass Hegemony, a two-man team made up 0f Beit Nun and 777. This is the lead single from their new EP of the same name.

K-Nite 13 - The Drawing Board LP

K-Nite 13 comes through with his debut solo album, The Drawing Board LP. This project is as much a showcase of the man's beatmaking prowess as it is a display of his vocal abilities, as he lays down soundscapes for the likes of Big Cakes, Loudmouth Melvin, TB, Skillit, Mentalist and Skriblah.

Pyro Barz - Look Who Crept In (prod. Loudmouth Melvin) (Video)

Loudmouth handles the beats for Pyro Barz' latest number, which is, as should be expected, no-nonsense hip hop.

Expect mixtape Look Who Crept In to drop shortly.

Reggiimental & Matt Henshaw - When I Close My Eyes (Video)

The Midland's ReggiiMental returns with Matt Henshaw for another dose of what's being dubbed "B-Boy Soul", this time Henshaw sounding like McCartney on a backdrop that isn't a million miles away from The Beatles in the mid-60s.

The best thing about coining a genre is that you're automatically the leading act within it. But that's irrelevant if B-Boy Soul sounds like Stand By The Window.

Dirty Dike - Hi I'm James (Video)

Dirty Dike plays the cocky gobshite with this formal introduction. Expect the left half of Contact Play's solo album, Constant Dikestar, to drop in March on High Focus Records.

Suspect Packages Radio - February 2011

Sonnyjim brought a sack of peng to the Suspect Packages bunker this month, so no interview this time around. You still get Disorda's choice picks and Sonny, who's got to be one of the best on the circuit right now, does the damn thing.

Download or play above.


01> skuff - suspect packages radio show intro
02> 12 stone productions lansunn, kulture, speacher, crimson gacho, strappa & subzero - 100s n 1000s
03> k-nite13 feat.tony d – up, up & away
04> chrome squared – put it on paper
05> the bastard sunz – top rank
06> oliver sudden & the lazy technician – what’s ya point
07> mudmowth & metabeats – concrete buttercup
08> verb t feat.fliptrix & kashmere – tearing the sky down
09> choco doobs – get em open
10> sublime wizardry – subliminal criminal
11> chrome & ill inspired – anger strikes
12> chilli d & dope stuff – chillin wid dope
13> k-nite13 feat.big cakes – miracle worker
14> slim city architekz – lordz of percussion
15> dj slademan feat.stealth mc – a dream
16> cyrus malachi – good morning freestyle
17> rewd adams feat.graziella – wish myself away
18> sonnyjim - psychonaut
19> sonnyjim feat.1/6, kosyne, kay m, stig of the dump & ill answer - marcel dubois
20> sonnyjim feat.prince po - you ain't ready
21> sonnyjim - mushrooms x a million + aliens
22> sonnyjim & sleaze – long rd
23> sonnyjim & sleaze - the saviours
24> sonnyjim feat.maggot mouf, fraksha & natso - sick kants
25> sonnyjim & sleaze feat.joker starr – bebeloi
26> sonnyjim - holding shit down
27> sonnyjim - exclusive freestyle

And don't forget to hit up Vibe Bar this Friday to catch Verb T and Kashmere at SP Live.

Big Ben - Scuff It Out feat. Genesis Elijah & Stylah (prod. Show N Prove) (Video)

These three pop off and get rowdy over Show N Prove's aggro production for Scuff It Out. Pick up the radio edit below, or go to iTunes if you like swearing.

Chief - The Bald EP

JVF Clique member Chief just dropped 8-track freebie The Bald EP. Peep this interview UK All Day did with the Clique back in '09.

Kool G Rap - Baggin' In Da Spot (prod. By Leaf Dog)

The UK's Leaf Dog blesses Kool G Rap with some head-nod hip hop, taken from the veteran's new EP, Offer You Can't Refuse.

Don't Stay In...

This is the best UK hip hop line-up I've seen for a long time. Lots of names all under one roof.

Ghostpoet - Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam (Album Preview)

I've seen Ghostpoet's name crop up a couple of times recently, and often in the same breath as Roots Manuva, so figured it'd be remiss not to cover him here. Before hearing what he's about I thought the comparison was merely lazy journalism - but his vocal timbre is near on identical to Rodney Smith's and he's all leftfield bashment too.

Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam is out now.

It's A Numbers Game But Shit Don't Add Up Somehow

Far from being a naysayer, UK All Day has always supported British rap’s success - whether that be producers and MCs working with their American cousins, or attaining mainstream success with runaway hits. A case in point, Tinie Tempah got props over here for breaking the top 10, because Pass Out was a decent song that didn’t stray off into the then common trend of spitting on saccharin 4-to-the-floor house beats.

But UK All Day doesn’t support the quick flip – major labels signing MCs that have a genuine buzz and fan base, affiliating them with pop producers, piling promo pounds into quickly turned around albums and making a quick return.

Tynchy Stryder said he’s disappointed with his recent album - and this is why it flopped: His original fans initially supported his step up to the major league as it signaled the attainability of success. It was a step from pirate radio into the mainstream. With the machine behind him, he was now in the face of tons of new young faces, who lapped him up as the pop act du jour.

Then, the scene he came from decided to turn its back on him and what he represents because he sold out. Sure, it’s fine to sell records, but not at the expense of your artistic integrity – that’s an insult to the scene that birthed you. And what of the new fans? They have Rhianna this week. Or Adele. Or whoever is hot today. Tynchy may even be able to hop on the merry-go-round once again. Don’t expect the young people who dictate the top 10 to give a shit either way, though.

The quick flip creates acts that are built on hot air and leads to “careers” with no longevity. Expect K Koke and G Frsh et al to fill the gap in the market carved out by fabricated acts – cartoon gangsters being the antithesis to what’s seen as watered down. Once they become the norm, however, the market will correct itself again.

It's a numbers game, but shit don't add up somehow.

Chipmunk - Champion feat. Chris Brown & J.Cole (Remix)

Chipmunk gets Rhianna abuser Chris Brown and Jay-Z bum chum J.Cole on the remix of this gushing stadium-rap anthem. Having spoken to contacts in both the music and sporting worlds, it's been brought to my attention that Chip Diddy Chip and British gold medallist Eleanor Simmonds have never been seen in the same room...

Fokis & Punchline feat. Spoke In Wordz - Threshold (prod. Pete Cannon)

Pete Cannon stays steady blessing the US with his hip-hop-on-steroids beats. Got ten minutes to spare? Read this interview UK All Day did with Pete way back when.

Rewd Adams - Rewd Awakening

Rewd Adams is back with the follow-up to last year's scene-denting Hunger Pains mixtape. Given the attention the guy formerly known as Skandal's garnered in the short time he's been releasing music, he looks sure to cement his rep with new free album Rewd Awakening. I'm not convinced switching his moniker was the best move. Mind you, since he's already got himself in the Metro since the name change, he probably couldn't give a shit what I think.

Consider this one of the biggest releases to punctuate 2011's British rap release schedule.

Super Dertie - Cadillac EP

This EP from Super Dertie is reminiscent of Curren$y's recent Ski Beatz-produced outings with it's smoked-out and vintage feel, sampling from the p-funk vaults. And, for a release from the UK, that makes it really original.

If you want a hard copy, cough up £3; alternatively, download for free.

Buggsy - Pure Gas (Video)

Not really sure what's going on with this mini-video, although it'll be interesting to see how Buggsy's The Great Escape turns out when it's released in April. Born Inna System was definitely the standout from Skitz's sophomore album.

Also, Buggsy happens to be friends with fellow Bristolian Joker, who happens to make some of the best dubstep in the country and who's also been in the studio with him recently.

Supar Novar - Man On Fire (Mixtape)

The latest effort from ex-Mud Fam member Supar Novar.


01 - Intro (Produced by Supar Novar)
02 - It's Over Dub
03 - Kill Them Wid The Flow Freestyle
04 - I Shot (Prod. by Show N Prove)
05 - J-Armz/Araab Muzik Freestyle
06 - Slow Down Freestyle
07 - Take It Slow UK Remix Feat. Rich Kidd, Mystro & Pyro Barz
08 - Under Pressure Freestyle
09 - What We Talkin Bout?
10 - Boring Me Feat. Big Ben (Prod. by Show N Prove)
11 - These Waters (Prod. by Supar Novar)
12 - My Chick Bad Freestyle
13 - Do You Know Why I'm Here Feat Dead Set Gemini (Prod. by Show N Prove)
14 - BMF Freestyle
15 - The Streets Got A New Face
16 - Loyalty Feat. Charlie Sloth & Tabanacle
17 - Emotional Victory Feat. Wordplay (Prod. by Nutty P)
18 - I'm Ill
19 - Cause Of Silence Feat. MCD (Prod. by MCD)
20 - PFC Feat. Big Ben & Ragz Sweet Jones
21 - No Passing Out (Pass Out Dub)
22 - No Work Monday (Prod. by Hudson Mohawke)
23 - Not Afraid Dub

Mark Ronson - Record Collection feat. Wiley, Pharrell, Wretch 32, MDNR & Professor Green (Remix)

Smug Brit-Yank Mark Ronson goes all transatlantic for this remix off his collaborative album with The Business Intl. Discounting the fact I'll never listen to this song again because it's rubbish, these stateside hook-ups continue to intrigue.

D'Lyfa Reilly - The Path (Video)

Not a name I've seen on the circuit before, D'Lyfa Reilly resides in Manchester. The Path is all eerie, sleepy boom bap and the Manc accent works a treat to boot.

Kyza Spits On Snow / Interview

Kyza reminds everyone that he's one of the rawest spitters in the UK, taxing Roc Marciano's Snow and getting busy.

Read this excellent interview the west Londoner recently did with DJ Step One.

Dan Bull - Dear Microsoft (Video)

Tell 'em, Dan! I can relate to this massively, although in this case I reckon he should just lock Microsoft off and set up a Gmail account.

Ruste Juxx - Music To My Earz (Video)

The latest video from Brownsville representative Ruste Juxx's Adamantine, entirely crafted by Nottingham's Endemic.

Danny Brown - D!ck Suck (prod. Beat Butcha)

Detroit native Danny Brown, who put out the much lauded freebie The Hybrid last year, has just dropped this collaboration with Beat Butcha. This is supposedly on the deluxe edition of the aforementioned album and sees the UK producer bring his uniquely gutter sound to the table.

Durrty Goodz - Oi Wot U Lookin At

Durrty Goodz has long been revered in the grime scene for his versatility: he easily switches up his style mid-verse, and also sits comfortably on all kinds of beats, including hip hop.

New project Overall is scheduled for a release in the next couple of months and Oi Wot U Lookin At is the first taster.

Click play below to see why this relative veteran gets respect from all corners.

Wizard - That Work (Out Now)

There are a fair few precocious young beatsmiths in the UK - and Wizard's one of them. His new album, That Work, lends his talents to MCs from both sides of the pond, from Ill Bill to Ramson Badbonez.

K-Nite 13 - Salute feat. TB, Skillit & Pyro Barz (Video)

Whilst K-Nite 13 raps as well as makes beats, from what's been let off so far it looks like his The Drawing Board LP will see him stick to production duties.

Not to take anything away from Skillit and Pyro, but TB owns this.

Kinetik - Love Has Never Lived Here (Video)

Ever adept at wearing his heart on his sleeve, Kinetik approaches a sombre beat with experiences of domestic violence.

His mixtape with Mr Drastik, rapping together as Grand Central, is here.

Cyclonious - Escape To Reality (Mixtape)

Cyclonious impressed by coming out of the blue with What's A Postcode? a year ago. Now he's got an 18-track mixtape with Escape To Reality, which features Against The Beast, below.