Faith SFX - All From The Mouth (Mixtape)

Faith SFX, the talented beatboxer whose sensibilities lie as much with grime as hip hop, brings you this new mixtape showcasing his vocal-based production.

Check the tracklist to see if this is up your alley, then click here if so. Faith's album proper Man Or Machine, featuring the excellent Play Hard with Wretch 32, is in the works.


1.Intro (Live Interlude)
2.Grime Scene Warning Ft.Double S,Maverick & Dot Rotten (produced by FaithSFX & Angry)
3.Skengbox Ft.Frisco (produced by FaithSFX)
4.Violence in the music Ft.Mega 12 & Dot Rotten (produced by FaithSFX & Goose)
5.Same Old Song Ft.Chipmunk (produced by FaithSFX & Skitz Beatz)
6.(Live Interlude 2)
7.Swagga Like Who Ft.Voltage,Realist & Scrufizzer (produced by FaithSFX & Skitz Beatz)
8.Unfamiliar Territory Ft.Maxsta (produced by FaithSFX & Skeamz)
9.Mr.Miagi Ft.Skits The Artist (produced by Rude Kid)
10. DJ Gone Freestyle Ft.Lowkey (Street Interlude)
11.Grime VS Hip Hop Ft.Lowkey (produced by Dot Rotten)
12.I'm Going Hard Ft.Dot Rotten (produced by FaithSFX & Angry)
13.Shutdown Ft.Blade Brown, Don Strapzy & Un4given (produced by FaithSFX)
14.Spit Yo Game Ft.Scrufizzer (produced by FaithSFX)
15.(Live Interlude 3)
16.Under The Influence Ft.Voltage (produced by FaithSFX)
17.Material Girls Ft.Bashy (produced by FaithSFX)
18.Body Ina Hole Ft.Shizzle (produced by FaithSFX & Goose)
19.After Everything Ft.Liam Green (produced by FaithSFX)
20.(Live Interlude 4)
21.Give Me That Ft.K.I.G (produced by FaithSFX)
22.My Life Ft.Harvey (produced by FaithSFX)
23.Westwood Freestyle 2010 (Radio Interlude)
24.Sip Instrumental (produced by FaithSFX)

Despite the poor quality, watch Faith's live rendition of the Godfather soundtrack combined with the click-roll technique. Bad man.