Sonnyjim - The Caesar Code (prod. Sammy Scissors)

In conjunction with a brand new full-length set called Psychonaut, Sonnyjim will be dropping the Psychonaut EP, made up of bonus cuts to compliment the release. The Caesar Code is one such out-take. Expect production from M-Phazes, Illmind, Kelakovski, Jehst, J-Zone, Pete Cannon, Dag Nabbit, DJ IQ and more on the impending album.

Oh, and if for some strange reason you don't know what Sonny's about, check the video for the lead-heavy Purple Patch 3 here. Purple Patch 4 is just around the corner.

Don't Stay In...

With a great new album under each of their belts, Kashmere and Verb T will be taking to the stage on Friday the 11th @Vibe Bar for SP Live.

Kashmere's Galaktus: Power Cosmic and Verbs' Serious Games are out now!

COSS - Through The Flames feat. Blu (prod. Beatnick Dee)

While you wouldn't expect to see a Somerset-to-LA connect in your lifetime, that's exactly what you get with Through The Flames. The UK's Beatnick Dee is on the buttons, with spit from Los Angeles young guns CO$$ and Blu - a newcomer that had the internet going mental back in 2008 to 2009. Mind you, Beatnick is no amateur, having already produced for Little Brother affiliate Joe Scudda and north west London's Iron Braydz.

This track will feature on CO$$'s upcoming album, Before I Awoke, along with another Beatnick Dee-made song. Also, the two are planning their own project, slated for a release later in the year.

Stig Of The Dump - All Of That (Slang Like This Dub)

Stiggie Smalls has started delivering a series of dubstep reworkings, matching his vocals to bass-heavy, swinging dancefloor beats.

First up he pilfers P Money's Slang Like This to let the people know he's all of that.

You can draw comparisons with the original below, if you feel so inclined.

K-Nite 13 - Angel feat. Skriblah

K-Nite 13, a frequent collaborator of Loudmouth Melvin and Mentalist, is set to put out debut effort The Drawing Board LP in just over a week. Both a beatmaker and rapper, his self-produced track Angel, featuring Terra Firma alumnus Skriblah, will be in the album's tracklist.

You can check his mixtape The Prelude here.

Smiler - Wait And See

Smiler is pushing Wait And See to keep his name in people's mouths, something he managed last year by cussing out most of his UK hip hop predecessors on Destroy & Rebuild.

Ironically, the rapper who took the brunt of his criticism was Klashnekoff, who's now arguably got a bigger buzz than Smiler, having caught DJ Whoo Kid's attention and turned in a couple of strong features in recent weeks. It's a fickle old game.

Manny Norte - Give You My Number feat. Baby Blue, Sincere, Bigz & S.A.S.

A posse cut for the club, Give You My Number sees a host of UK spitters team up to get flossy. The video features lots of pairs of sunglasses, at least one Louis V/Gucci rag, posturing with smartphones and Bigz, who used to run with Sway but seems to be collabing with S.A.S. a lot of late.

BVA Mc - First Look (prod. Pete Cannon & Naive)

First Look, produced by big dog Pete Cannon alongside Naive, will feature on 3 Amigos representative BVA Mc's solo outing. The self-titled EP is available from the 25th of next month, but I have no other information than that at the minute.

3 Amigos' album World War 3 is out now.

DJ Slademan Presents - Endangered Species (Mixtape)

DJ Slademan, in association with Suspect Packages, has tailored Endangered Species - a mixtape that encompasses his choice picks from the domestic hip hop scene in 2010, with some exclusives sprinkled in for good measure.

Get the skinny on the tape's features and Slademan's thoughts by reading this recent interview with Knowledge Magazine.

Mudmowth & Metabeats - Let It Breathe

The second single from Mudmowth and Metabeats' joint album Sledgehammer Kisses, Let It Breathe sees the rapping half of the two-man team go for dolo.

Lead single Maad Tight is maad tight, so peep the Skamma and Sonny Jim-featuring video below.

Sonnyjim - Dunbars Number (Video)

Arguably the cockiest rapper in Britain, Sonnyjim sounds at home over 184's production, spitting double-time tempo in a suitably gully fashion.

This can be found on the Trading Standards Remixes project, available now at Eat Good Records.

Professor Green - Jungle feat. Klashnekoff, Wretch 32 & Malik (Remix)

Professor Green calls in K-Lash, Wretch 32 and Brum's Malik for a remix to Jungle - the dubstep number off his major label debut, Alive Till I'm Dead, from last year.

Klashnekoff seems to be keeping himself busy of late. He'd be wise to get himself a new body of work recorded right now, and continue to build on his buzz ahead of a release in the coming months.

Update: A new album, not body of work. My bad.

Swiss - Bad Boys feat. Blak Twang, Klashnekoff, Black The Ripper, Akala, Lowkey & Aks (Remix Pt.1)

Former So Solid MC Swiss is pushing a street-activist angle with the track Bad Boys, which he put out at the end of last year. He's embarking on an awareness campaign called Bars & Bars to let the youth know their rights when stopped by the police - and this is part of that. Fair cop.

This remix has a really strong line-up, but it's not even possible to make out whether it's any good or not since the sound quality is terrible. I can only assume Swiss isn't responsible for putting this copy out, because there is never good reason to release a 128kbps mp3. Ever.

Rewd Adams - Spaceship (Video)

Probably my favourite track from last year's Hunger Pains, the rapper who then went by the name Skandal gets introspective on Spaceship, jetting off into the isolated yet infinite abyss.

Now flying the Rewd Adams flag, expect next project Rewd Awakening to land on the 5th of Feb.

Little-known unverified fact: Rewd Adams' government name is Drew Adams.

Mystro - UK 2010 Rap Up (Video)

Mystro's UK 2010 Rap Up properly comes to life with this neat video to illustrate his summary of the year just past. Cop the mp3 below.

The Electric - So Now You Know / Overloaded

Defiantly bouncing back from serious illness not so long ago, DJ Vadim is now running with Pugs Atomz and Sabira Jade as The Electric. The three-person collective have an LP called Life Is Moving on the way and it'll feature the sample tracks below, so get familiar.

If you like what you hear, get to watching the video for the Yarah Bravo-featuring Beautiful.

Cyrus Malachi - Ancient Future (Coming Soon)

Hackney wordsmith Cyrus Malachi is putting the finishing touches to his first official solo outing, Ancient Future, which will be in stores some time in April. The long-player is tipped to be an epic 20-track opus with assists from Ruste Juxx, Bronze Nazareth, Kevlaar 7, Killa Sha, Darkim Be Allah, M9, Kyza, Iron Braydz and mo'.

In the meantime, Cyrus's mixtape The Isis Papers is still available.

K.Koke Inks Deal With Roc Nation

North-west London road-rap artist K.Koke has inked a joint-venture deal with Jay-Z's Roc Nation imprint, according to online magazine Soulculture.

The report is more than likely accurate considering Jay worked out some arrangement with Tynchy Stryder a little while back. Plus this snap of Koke posing alongside everyone's favourite rapper with a footballer's name, J.Cole, lends weight to the claim.

K.Koke will join a roster that includes Will Smith's daughter Willow, and X-Factor champ and alleged transexual Cher Lloyd.

Dirty Dike - Story Bars

High Focus Records stayed busy last year, Fliptrix and Jam Baxter's respective albums both receiving plaudits and their fair share of fanfare. Next up will be Dirty Dike, who spits an impressive narrative in this video.

The first I'd seen of this guy's name was on the excellently produced Mr Boss album The Landing.

Bilal - Robots (Paul White's Wake Up Remix)

Paul White gives neo-soul singer Bilal's Robots the remix treatment, opting out of using samples to faithfully capture the song's title.

And One-Handed Music continue with the reworkings theme, Tightface stepping up to stamp his signature on Ahu's To: Love..

Phi-Life Cypher - 2, 3 Break (Video)

Phi-Life Cypher are officially back off hiatus with the Apache-sampling 2, 3 Break - the first single to be taken from their soon to be released The Professionals album.

Go to iTunes if you want this track ahead of the project.

Professor Green Attacker Jailed For 8 Years

From MTV UK:

"Anthony Jones will serve time in prison for the near-fatal assault on the MC...

A man who stabbed rapper Professor Green in the neck with a broken bottle has been jailed for eight years.

Anthony Jones, who was found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent at the trial last October, attacked the Jungle MC outside a night club in May 2009, leaving Pro fighting for his life.

Green, real name Stephen Manderson, previously gave evidence at Jones' trial where he claimed "was scared he would die" and that he was "extremely lucky" to be alive after the assault.

The 27-year-old rapper, who also admitted to phoning his mother and nan to "say goodbye” after the stabbing, was taken to hospital and has been left with a six-inch scar over a tattoo that ironically reads “lucky.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police confirmed yesterday that Jones had been jailed for eight years at Snaresbrook Crown Court, after judge John Lafferty sentenced him for the "premeditated attack" on the star."

A few people are mouthing off about Pro Green being a snitch for giving evidence in court against the guy that could've cost him his life. It fits neatly into the "no snitching" mentality that pervades hip hop. That mentality is only marginally less immature than telling your peers your dad can beat up theirs, and if you think along those lines you're an idiot.

Coincidentally, these detractors seem to be salty about the fact Green's sold out - a fair comment given Virgin Records saddled him with a beat sampling INXS for his lead single. But is that really as watered down as his Mike Skinner days, back when he had bad teeth and rocked a New Era?

And while I don't buy into the whole ex-dealer-turned-music-success back story that's being fed to the mainstream as it's all way too over-familiar and, from a British rapper, twee, he's still capable of making decent music at times.

Disorda - Dub Chronicles (Mix)

As well as being a staunch supporter of British hip hop, Disorda is also a massive reggae and dub geek. As such, his new venture is the monthly Dub Chronicles - the perfect show for aficionados and casual fans alike to get their bogle on to.

Don't Stay In...

For all you Paul White fans, get down to Vibe Bar on the 5th of Feb.

DJ Nonames - The New Year Offering (Mix)

Foreign Beggars' DJ Nonames has broken in the new year with this mix. Expect smatterings of hip hop, grime, glitchy beats and "future garage" or "post-dubstep" (depending on which you feel less self-conscious using) all seamlessly mixed and chopped.

Don't Stay In...

The internet's current favourite, Homeboy Sandman is setting foot in the UK at the end of the month. He'll be supported by Chima Anya @The Bowery in central London on the 25th for Fat Gold Chain. To win a pair of tickets to the night, email over Chima's vocation - first come, first served. Hint: he's a doctor.

Faith SFX - All From The Mouth (Mixtape)

Faith SFX, the talented beatboxer whose sensibilities lie as much with grime as hip hop, brings you this new mixtape showcasing his vocal-based production.

Check the tracklist to see if this is up your alley, then click here if so. Faith's album proper Man Or Machine, featuring the excellent Play Hard with Wretch 32, is in the works.


1.Intro (Live Interlude)
2.Grime Scene Warning Ft.Double S,Maverick & Dot Rotten (produced by FaithSFX & Angry)
3.Skengbox Ft.Frisco (produced by FaithSFX)
4.Violence in the music Ft.Mega 12 & Dot Rotten (produced by FaithSFX & Goose)
5.Same Old Song Ft.Chipmunk (produced by FaithSFX & Skitz Beatz)
6.(Live Interlude 2)
7.Swagga Like Who Ft.Voltage,Realist & Scrufizzer (produced by FaithSFX & Skitz Beatz)
8.Unfamiliar Territory Ft.Maxsta (produced by FaithSFX & Skeamz)
9.Mr.Miagi Ft.Skits The Artist (produced by Rude Kid)
10. DJ Gone Freestyle Ft.Lowkey (Street Interlude)
11.Grime VS Hip Hop Ft.Lowkey (produced by Dot Rotten)
12.I'm Going Hard Ft.Dot Rotten (produced by FaithSFX & Angry)
13.Shutdown Ft.Blade Brown, Don Strapzy & Un4given (produced by FaithSFX)
14.Spit Yo Game Ft.Scrufizzer (produced by FaithSFX)
15.(Live Interlude 3)
16.Under The Influence Ft.Voltage (produced by FaithSFX)
17.Material Girls Ft.Bashy (produced by FaithSFX)
18.Body Ina Hole Ft.Shizzle (produced by FaithSFX & Goose)
19.After Everything Ft.Liam Green (produced by FaithSFX)
20.(Live Interlude 4)
21.Give Me That Ft.K.I.G (produced by FaithSFX)
22.My Life Ft.Harvey (produced by FaithSFX)
23.Westwood Freestyle 2010 (Radio Interlude)
24.Sip Instrumental (produced by FaithSFX)

Despite the poor quality, watch Faith's live rendition of the Godfather soundtrack combined with the click-roll technique. Bad man.

Stylah - Killa feat. Malik, R.I.O., Wariko, K'ners & Kof (Team UK Remix)

Stylah calls on a string of MCs from across the country for the remix to the Show N Prove-produced Killa.

Here's the video to the original with Smiler, and watch out for a London-only line-up for remix number two.

Loudmouth Melvin & Pyro Barz - Ice Viper (Video)

Loudmouth and Pyro go in over Hudson Mohawke's Ice Viper on this track taken from their The Freestyle Sessions mixtape.

And here's Ralph Rip Shit's take on Rising 5 from a year back.

Joker Starr - Hip Hop (Transition) (Video)

Joker Starr returns, full of optimism about hip hop and its transitory nature, the genre morphing between different styles through the passage of time. Watch out for the release of Hip Hop (Transition) on the 31st at all good and bad digital outlets.

DJ Slademan Presents - Endangered Species (Coming Soon)

DJ Slademan has got a nice looking project in the works. The compilation will feature material from a bevy of UK hip hop acts of his choosing, all cut up and mixed by his fair hands. Expect that here when it lands in Disorda's hands on the 24th of this month.

Jon Phonics - Mutual Attraction/Sat Nav

Phonics continues to impress with his retro and left-leaning productions that sit firmly outside the bounds of the traditional hip hop scene. This follows on from Run For Cover and AM, also put out by Chakra Sounds.

Mentalist - Make You Proud

Taking a leaf out of Kanye's book, Mentalist rounded the year off by putting out a new track every Monday for a good few weeks to build a buzz for his free album, Make You Proud.

Now it's 2011 and said album is here. Expect features from Pyro Barz, Skillit, Elrae, Loudmouth Melvin, Shanaz Dorsett, SV and Krimzon, along with production from Loudmouth Melvin, K-Nite 13 and Goodchild.

Mentalist - Make You Proud

Rewd Adams - Rewd Awakening Promo

Forget the snooze button, Rewd Adams is dropping on the 5th of February and is sure to wake you lazy fuckers the fuck up. Don't sleep, etc.

Konny Kon - Wind Parade Dub

Manchester resident and Broke 'N' £nglish member Konny Kon does his thing over Donald Byrd's Wind Parade.

Nutso - Rock Out feat. FT (prod. Pete Cannon)

Queensbridge native Nutso, aka Nut-Rageous, links up with the UK's Pete Cannon for Rock Out.

Reggiimental - Stand By The Window feat. Matt Henshaw (Video)

Stand By The Window is the final cut to be taken from Midlands artist Reggiimental's 2010 album, The Deepest Cellar. This is that melancholy boom bap that when done right, such as here, works oh so well.

Madhat - My Friends Say feat. King Response & Klashnekoff (Video)

You want to be careful if you're getting Klash as a feature on a double-time riddim, 'cause he'll body proceedings like he does on this.

Show N Prove on the beat.

Mystro - UK 2010 Rap Up

Mysdiggi's UK 2010 Rap Up for all you Mutha Luvaz! Watch out for the video to follow.

Mystro - UK 2010 Rap Up (right-click to save)

Suspect Packages Radio & Live

Disorda is back in full effect for 2011, not only hitting you up with his legendary radio show - this month with Jam Baxter and Dirty Dike - but also bringing Melanin 9 and Kal Sereousz on stage @Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, next Friday.

Playlist for January show:

01> Mystro – 2010 Rap Up / promo
02> Styly Cee feat.Midnyte & Cappo – In Ya Area / Son Records promo
03> Spida Lee – Back In The Game / Don't Talk To Strangers
04> Baron Samedi – Hip-Hop / promo
05> Lotek feat.Jimmy Screech – Dreader Than Dread / Counter Clockwise Records
06> Styly Cee feat.Midnyte – Hustle / Son Records promo
07> M9 – Tug The Rope (Jon Phonics Remix) / Triple Darkness
08> Kal Sereousz feat.Ramson Badbonez & Mystro – Tired / no label
09> Kal Sereousz – Gadgets / no label
10> Disciple, Evileyz & J Toker – Ode To The Realist / Northern Structure Records
11> Stagga feat.Skamma & Joe Blow – The Squidge / promo
12> Styly Cee feat.Scorzayzee – Not From Round Here / Son Records promo
---------------- Jam Baxter & Dirty Dike live --------------
13> Jam Baxter & Dirty Dike – Interview part 1
14> Jam Baxter feat.Dirty Dike – Banana Shaped Armour Plates / High Focus Records
15> Jam Baxter & Dirty Dike – Interview part 2
16> Jam Baxter & Dirty Dike – Judged Like An Idiot / High Focus Records promo
17> Jam Baxter & Dirty Dike – Interview part 3
18> Dirty Dike – Levitate / High Focus Records promo
19> Jam Baxter & Dirty Dike – Interview part 4
20> Jam Baxter & Dirty Dike feat.Ronnie Bosh – One Drink / High Focus Records promo
21> Jam Baxter & Dirty Dike – Live Freestyle

Blaktrix - No Drama feat. Ralph Rip Shit (Video)

This is the first song taken from Blaktrix's Some People Never Go Crazy, on which the Ralph Rip Shit-assisted No Drama will feature. If you don't want to wait for the album, iTunes has got the single already.

Blak Twang, MC D, Shortee Blitz & DJ Pogo on Kiss FM

DJ Step One has pulled some more vintage Kiss FM recordings out of the vaults, this time with mid-90s era Blak Twang and MC D dropping in on the station next to Shortee Blitz and DJ Pogo.

Blak Twang interview & Shortee Blitz in the mix (1996)

MC D freestyle

MC D interview (1995)

DJ Pogo in the mix (1995)

Come see some more classic Kiss shows here.

Byron - Beautiful (Video)

Slough's Byron poaches A Long Hot Summer standout Beautiful from Masta Ace and gives it his rendition.

Taken from the Jack Of None mixtape he put out last year.

Jam Baxter Interview w/ Blatantly Blunt

Jam Baxter came through with Rinse Out Friday/Spack Out Monday towards the end of the year. The High Focus Records release has made a lot of noise, and was picked as Certified Banger's number 1 album of last year.

Here the man sits down with Blunt Wun to weigh up the pros and cons of Carol Vorderman versus Ulrika Jonsson, and more.

Genesis Elijah - Watch What I Do (Video)

A man with intent - "Call this year 2000 and Genesis." - Genesis Elijah gets his double-time on over this Dead Man Walkn production, taken from his I Aint Even Started Bruv mixtape.

Krate Krusaders collaboration album Before I Was Famous is out now.

Mystro - UK 2010 Rap Up (Radio Rip)

Mystro returns with another year's worth of insight, (w)rapping up 2010 in style in the same vein as Skillz. A video for this should be knocking about in the next week.

Welcome to 2011!