The Four Owls - Life In The Balance feat. Jam Baxter (Video)

High Focus Records' feathered foursome put some time-lapse action to Life In The Balance, a sombre number that samples Nina Simone's Wild Is The Wind. The Four Owls album Nature's Greatest Mystery is available here.

Sonnyjim - Xmas Promo 2011

Leading the ranks as one of the most generous labels around in 2011, EatGood has wrapped up this tidy package of Sonnyjim loosies from the past year or so. Here you get a snippet, three entire dubs and two full originals - the impeccable Nimbus and As Things Stand.

Grand Central - God Loves Grinders Vol. II (Mixtape)

Kinetik and Mr Drastick, aka Grand Central, have decided to call time on their artistic partnership after successfully teaming up last year for God Loves Grinders Vol. I. Reading between the lines, it's probably no coincidence that just over a week ago the video for S.W.A.G. was pulled from YouTube after the pair - or at least one half... - decided the fashionista-baiting song wasn't in keeping with their penchant for making mature, earnest hip hop.

Regardless, there's no bad blood between the two, but this is the last you'll hear of Grand Central, officially at least.

Krate Krusaders - Fade To Black feat. Akil The MC (Video)

Plymouth production duo Krate Krusaders link former Jurassic 5 regular Akil The MC for a cut off their new album When The Needle Drops, which is set for release on 9 January.

LDZ - Cat Food (Mixtape)

LDZ dish out a bowl of Cat Food, a freebie collection of castoffs, rarities and guest spots alongside the likes of Stig Of The Dump, Jam Baxter, Verbal and Dubbledge. Something for everyone then, surely.

Piff Gang - Jiff Gang (Video) / Mary Piffmas (Mixtape)

Piff Gang illustrate their ode to lemon peng, Jiff Gang, with a new video. If you haven't already listened to the outfit's mixtape Piff Breaks and 808s from September, then do so.

And as if that wasn't enough, the weed-smoking obsessives have compiled a Christmas selection known as Mary Piffmas. Ho-ho-hack-cough-splutter.

The Quaranteam - The Quaranteam EP

Long-time collaborators Loudmouth Melvin, Mentalist, Pyro Barz, K-Nite 13 and Skillit have formed like Voltron to bring you their latest incarnation, The Quaranteam. Their eight-track EP sees production split between Loudmouth and K-Nite and all five get busy on the mic.

Surely as we approach 2012, though, stream links are standard. Ho hum. Download available below.

Reveal - Neva Blink (Video)

Don't call it a comeback: poisonous poet Reveal is warming up for a return in 2012, the first of his new material being this dub of The Jacka's Never Blink.

Sway, Sincere, Lethal B, Dru Blu, Mic Righteous, Lady Leisure, G Frsh, Smiler, Biz, Lioness & Starboy Nathan - 1Xtra Xmas Anthem: Let It Snow

To get into the Christmas spirit, 1Xtra has enlisted Sway, Sincere, Lethal B, Dru Blu, Mic Righteous, Lady Leisure, G Frsh, Smiler, Biz, Lioness and Starboy Nathan for a knees-up laden with festive puns.

But please remember: the time it takes to listen throughout could otherwise be spent boiling an egg, clipping your toenails or playing a round of charades. And that's time you can't get back. Ever.


The Grinch

Delusionists - Underachiever

Part four in Delusionists' Lost Letters series sees Ben Black wear his heart on his sleeve and lament falling behind friends and peers. Somehow this manages to bleed disappointment and be uplifting and defiant at the same time. It's also the most honest and relatable hip hop song to come from these shores in a long, long time, which is refreshing.

Show N Prove - Instrumentals Vol 1 (Beat Tape)

Having worked with everyone from grime-turned-pop young gun Tinchy Stryder to jailed veteran Skinnyman, Scottish producer Show N Prove has an impressive repertoire under his belt. To showcase his talents, the man has now compiled a beat tape of his best work.

Skuff & Inja - Fat Love (Video)

Skuff and Inja meet once again for a new track that'll end up on their respective albums, Destroy Everything and Bass Music/Escapism. If jump-up, sawtooth synths aren't your thing then this one ain't for you.

Logic & Last Resort - True Talk feat. Klashnekoff & Lowkey (Video)

People's Army frontman Logic ropes in Klashnekoff and Lowkey for the title track off his new album, True Talk, which just hit stores. All production is handled by Last Resort and the likes of Maverick Sabre and Akala assist on mic duties.

Ramson Badbonez - Pump Dat Bass (Video)

Ramson Badbonez pulls no punches over this break-and-synth combo from Row-D Beats, plus precision cuts from Jazz T. Boot Records will be putting out Badbonez' first album proper, Bad Influence, in the new year. The project will finally see the light of day after suffering numerous setbacks over the years, allegedly from people in his immediate circle.

Scoop this single ahead of the full release.

Tinie Tempah - Happy Birthday (Free EP)

If ever there was proof that UK acts are poaching the most commercially admissible sounds from across the pond, this is it. Still, a flagrant attempt to crack the States may be, but Like It Or Love It is dope and you can't help commend Tinie for securing such big features (namely J. Cole, Pusha T, Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean) for this project.

Has UK Hip Hop Lost Its British Identity?

A worthy debate from DJ Snips, Teef, Miss LaLa and more, who fire up the well-trodden grime-versus-hip hop debate and highlight that the former has been on the decline. It's tough to pin down the exact tipping point, but Dizzee's 2008 chart hit Dance Wiv Me is certainly culpable. As is Wiley's Wearing My Rolex. A year later and Tinchy Stryder was regularly storming the top ten. A year after that and even washed-up Roll Deep members were cashing in. And once a genre's pioneers start vying for commercial success and tailoring their sound to fit, you need new names to fill the breach. But that's presuming people are still interested by that stage - and in grime's case, they're just not. It had a good five or six-year run then unfortunately imploded after its foundations evaporated almost overnight, in a bid to conquer the charts. It will never excite or cover as much ground as it has done already.

Has UK hip hop lost its British identity? It depends who you're asking and where you're looking. If the recent trend towards lifting rising producer Lex Luger's sound is anything to go by, there's definitely a strong case for it suffering a personality crisis. Let's just hope our accents don't start slipping too.

Lowkey - Soundtrack To The Struggle (Video)

The title track to Lowkey's album Soundtrack To The Struggle comes to life. Filmed in Venezuela, the South American country ruled by communist champ Hugo Chavez, the video pays homage to Lowkey's close friend and supporter Adnan Al-Radhi, who recently passed away. You can buy the album here.

Grand Central - S.W.A.G. (Video)

Grand Central take aim at foppish fashionistas decked out in ridiculous clothing. Sources tell UK All Day that it's still cool to sport a moustache and wear retro objects about the neck.

This begs the question: what's worse, skinny jeans and garish colours or grown men in oversized Wu-Tang hoodies? You decide.

K Koke - I'm Back (Video)

If you didn't already know, Roc Nation signee K Koke was arrested and placed on remand for attempted murder earlier this year. The Stonebridge Estate rapper allegedly took part in a shooting in north west London, but the case fell apart over a lack of evidence, leaving Koke to walk free. And now he's back.

Jack Flash - Steamrolling (prod. Wizard) (Video)

Jack Flash and Wizard steamroll their way back into the scene. The pair's album, Progression, is waiting in the wings.

Context MC - Drowning

Context MC has taken some major strides since first popping up on our radar last summer. Getting attention from 1Xtra and MTV in recent months, he's since had his song Listening To Burial shortlisted by Radio 1. Now he's back with Drowning, which is in the same vein as his previous release, all ethereal and dreamy half-step.

Adele vs Bioviolence - Someone Like You feat. Inja (Video)

Delegates of Culture graduate Inja brings a slice of schmaltzy dub-pop with this remix to tubby soulstress Adele's Someone Like You. You can get a copy here and watch out for dude's Bass Music Adventure / Escapism set in 2012.

The Four Owls - Much Too Much feat. Dirty Dike (Video)

Dirty Dike joins his High Focus labelmates in their Four Owls guise for Much Too Much, a certified neck-snapper with suitably belligerent raps. Their new album, Nature's Greatest Mystery, is in stores now.

Onoe Caponoe - Central Control (Album)

We may have clocked Onoe Caponoe's oddball videos for Milkyway 1311 and Clockwork Green earlier in the year, but somehow the west London artist's LP Central Control slipped through the net a few weeks back. Onoe's on a planet of his own, putting his vocals to everything from trad boom bap, experimental beats and lo-fi dubstep. And all with an uncompromising, spaced-out hippy attitude.

If you're in London, head to Suspect Packages Live (see below) this Friday to catch his performance.

Don't Stay In...

Roll up to Suspect Packages Live this Friday for on-stage action from The Four Owls, Poisonous Poets veteran Reveal and newcomer Onoe Caponoe, it's sure to be a right goodun.

Rain - Running For My Freedom (Video)

Rain's Running For My Freedom sees the MC doing just that, evading police as he relives the summer's riots in a fantasy scenario. Top points for the video on this one. Pick the man's album up here.

Klashnekoff - Clear My Throat (Video)

Just when you thought K-Lash was back on hiatus, he makes his presence firmly felt with Clear My Throat, which lifts DJ Kool's Let Me Clear My Throat. Expect a mixtape tentatively titled Fuck The Long Talk to drop imminently.

Buggsy - Connect The SPDIF feat. Jehst & Farma G (Video)

Buggsy, the rapidfire rapper that hails from Bristol, releases this accompaniment to Connect The SPDIF. The Farma- and Jehst-featuring track was on Buggsy's The Great Escape indie set from April.

RapperTagUK#4 - Rodney P

Just when you thought Tony D had been left hanging in the wind, Rodney P picks up where Rapper Tag left off and gives it some trademark, riddim killin bars a capella.

Tony Rotten, where are ya?

Tinie Tempah – Lucky Cunt feat. Big Sean

The second leak off Tinie Tempah's upcoming project Happy Birthday, Lucky Cunt features GOOD Music's Big Sean, who recently wound up being an unlucky cunt when he imprisoned a female backstage and she went to the rozzers.

Klashnekoff - Murda (Live Footage)

Paragon Pictures hit UK All Day up with this footage from a recent Klashnekoff gig in Blackburn. Typically these recordings aren't worth a look-in because the audio's captured on the camera's mic, but here it's taken directly from the mixer so nice and clear.

Telemachus - The Sheltering Sky feat. Jehst (Video)

Telemachus's album In The Evening is shaping up a treat. Jehst-featuring second single The Sheltering Sky is a welcome follow-up to Scarecrows with Roc Marciano and poignant instrumental Ferndale Road. Watch out for the 19 December release, which will include a Paul White remix and another cut from the LP.

Dubbledge - Dubbledge Vs. The Boondocks

Dubbledge's latest project, which pitches his charismatic and honest style with bits and snippets from the US cartoon The Boondocks, is now available. Beats come from Chase & Status, DJ IQ, Metabeats, Ben Grymm, LG and GhosTTown; and TB, Willo Wispa and Dabbla contribute verses. Peep the excellent racial-profiling critique EyeSeeYou and the rest of the album below - and cop if you like what you hear.

Sonnyjim - Tall Poppy Syndrome

Sonnyjim stays keeping some skin in the game, this time hooking up with Canada's Elaquent for the mini EP Tall Poppy Syndrome. Elaquent has previously worked with the EatGood top brass and done a host of remixes, including the awesome reworking of misguided buffoon Lil B's Real Life.

Tinie Tempah - Like It Or Love It feat. J. Cole & Wretch 32

J. Cole joins Brit Pack leaders Wretch 32 and Tinie Tempah for a track off the latter's upcoming mixtape, Happy Birthday. Like It Or Love It was handled by young Wolverhampton producer S-X, who also made Woo Riddim and is thought to be in cahoots with Cash Money's Birdman, which explains this.

Ricko Capito - H.O.W. (Video)

Ricko Capito jumps on G-Depp's Head Over Wheels, a feature on backpacker favourite New York Reality Check 101 and released before he dropped a P from his name, signed to Bad Boy and got hooked on PCP... Oh, and then confessed to murder. Far more innocent times then.

Ricko's Lock & Load: Volume 2 is coming soon.

Razor Ramone - Say Hello

Loudmouth Melvin switches his usual handle in favour of Razor Ramone, while making a reintroduction over a Barry White loop.

Mobb Deep - Dead Man's Shoes feat. Bounty Killa (prod. Beat Butcha) (Video)

Beat Butcha on the boards. Black Cocaine is available to buy now.

Yungun - Jack The World (Mixtape)

Yungun is officially back in the building with Jack The World, mixed by Mr. Thing and featuring collaborations with Guru, Waajeed, I.G. Culture, The Nextmen, Resin Dogs, Doc Brown, Tony D, Aaron Jerome and more. Watch out for Essa's album, Middle Man, coming in the new year.

Associated Minds - Hidden Thoughts (Compilation)

Associated Minds have stockpiled a slew of records and - not wanting them to lie on the cutting-room floor - compiled them into a tidy package called Hidden Thoughts. Here you get gems and curios from the whole label roster, plus features from the likes of Elucid and Chino XL. And that's not to mention the inspired sub-one-minute accordion jig from Hansel The Unicorn and Willo Wispa.

Piff Gang - MHC (Video)

The second video from Piff Gang's Piff Breaks & 808s, MHC lets a haunted loop loose over stuttering Roland drums and boasts the most number of #hashtag raps ever committed to record. Big. #tomhanks

Cappo - Gusto Grizwold: International Vacation

Signalling his "metamorphosis from Iron Condor to Isotope Flow Glider", Cappo's latest offering, Gusto Grizwold: International Vacation, sees the Notts veteran sharpen his tools and marks the debut output from his own label, Under The Caps Records. This gets an official release on 19 Nov but you can buy it right now, whilst you can also get a free leak of the raucous Fitted & Snapback.

Sonnyjim - The Psychonaut Remixes

Sonnyjim's The Psychonaut, already one of the most accomplished of this year's releases, gets the remix treatment from a selection of the best producers in hip hop today. Take backdrops from the likes of M-Phazes, Illmind, Beat Butcha, Apatight, Elaquent and Wizard, marry them with Sonny's unabashed ego and you're onto a real winner.

Yungun - Open Your Eyes (Mr Thing Remix)

Yungun drops his signature grown-man bars over a beat from Mr Thing a week before his pre-album tape, Jack The World, hits the internet on 18 Nov. Fans of Essa will be pleased to know he's currently putting in work on his official release, Middle Man.

Jack Dean - I Made You A Mixtape (Mixtape)

One of the most unlikely rappers may be, but Jack Dean's I Made You A Mixtape shows that the right doses of irreverence and a little self-deprecation can be mixed to pull off something with charm. And there's even a lovely little Nas remix dropped in to boot. See what the slam poet's got to say for himself.

The Four Owls - Not Like Before (Video)

The Four Owls - made up of Big Owl, Rusty Take-Off, Bird T and Deformed Wing - are the latest act to fly out of the High Focus coop. Not Like Before sees them don slightly kinky-looking face masks and take it to the woods.

Ricko Capito - Pyrex Dishes (prod. Jetsun) (Video)

Ricko may well have Lock & Load: Volume 2 up his sleeve but Pyrex Dishes, a brooding homage to washing cocaine and selling it up as moreish stones, won't be found on his upcoming mixtape.

Mr Flex - Street Drama (Real Shit) (Video)

Mr Flex is joined by his Chosen Spokesmen brethren for the Chemo-produced Street Drama, which can be found on the North Weezy MC's Nothing To Prove EP that came out in the second quarter.

Lloyd Banks - Super Crack (prod. Beat Butcha)

Fresh on the heels of commissions from Tony Yayo and Mobb Deep in recent weeks, Beat Butcha gets a placement on Lloyd Banks' latest mixtape, The Cold Corner 2. Listen to his contribution and scoop the Prodigy, Styles P and ASAP Rocky-featuring tape below.

Salvo Mifune - Nagasaki Youth Club feat. Ramson Badbonez (Video)

Ramson Badbonez joins Salvo Mifune for the ginsu-tongue-sharpening Nagasaki Youth Club, a cut that will feature on an EP of the same name which wholly pilfers samples from 70s anime soundtracks. Look out for that on King Kong Holding Company.

Double A.B. - London's Calling feat. Iron Braydz (Video)

Having spent a few months calling Tottenham home, New York's Double A.B. thought it only right to chip in his two cents/pence on the summer's riots over a Clash sample and with Iron Braydz on the assist. Unfortunately this is about three months too late.

Lewis Parker - Shark (Video)

Expat Lewis Parker is set to release his latest offering, The Puzzle: Episode 2, The Glass Ceiling, and has dropped off a video for Shark before you can get your hands on the new product.

Insane Macbeth Radio Interview

Photo: Normski

This music has come a long, long way since its humble beginnings. Insane Macbeth is one of UK hip hop's few genuine forefathers and he recently sat in with Gloucester FM to talk about his back catalogue and formative years as one of the scene's upstarts. Listen below.

Don't Stay In...

Chris Leese, Prose and the mighty Kyza take to the stage at next Friday's Suspect Packages Live. I'll definitely be attending, if only to catch Mr Sayso do his thing.

Consequence - Which Way 2 Go feat. Estelle

Fresh off calling out Pusha T and Kanye, then rescinding his bars by saying he and Mr West have now kissed and made up, Cons enlists Estelle for a his-and-hers relationship track that will feature on his upcoming mixtape Curb Certified.

Conspiracy - Back Down (Video)

Cons?iracy get their Clockwork Orange on for the video to Back Down, a bold and insolent statement that lets you all know they don't play around.

Labrinth - Earthquake feat. Tinie Tempah (Video)

Currently trailing just one place behind the number 1 spot in the UK charts, Earthquake is the debut single from Simon Cowell signee Labrinth. Whilst UK All Day can't vouch for the rest of his music or his perma-tanned, ascending-waistband record label owner, this goes to show that British rap can bang even at its most achingly commercial heights.

Dubbledge - EyeSeeYou

In the same vein as Doom's Dangerdoom creation, Dubbledge has got a new set in the works that sees him splice his music with irreverent US cartoon The Boondocks. Dubbledge Vs The Boondocks is slated for a 20 Nov release, and EyeSeeYou - a scathing attack on racial profiling over excellent pan pipe and xylophone-led production from Metabeats - will make the cut.

Sway - Still Speedin' feat. Kano (Remix) (Video)

It seems a little cheeky releasing a text video for the original, then for the remix with Kano, then an official video and then an official video for the remix but... Here's the official video to Sway's Still Speedin' remix featuring Kano. Another version with an unnamed US guest is on its way.

Amy Winehouse - Like Smoke feat. Nas (prod. Salaam Remi)

Late, great UK soulstress Amy Winehouse recorded duet Like Smoke with Nasir back in 2008, two years after her groundbreaking Back To Black release. This number will feature on her forthcoming posthumous album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures.

Ray Vendetta - Warp Speed Ahead b/w Whistle Stop feat. Cyrus Malachi, M9 and Teknical Development

Two new lo-fi tracks from Ray Vendetta off his impending Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner EP, one of which, Whistle Stop, sees the likes of Cyrus Malachi, M9 and Teknical Development flexing their sanskrit philosophising.

Mystro - Come We Go

Mys Digalow is putting the finishing touches to his debut album proper Mystrogen, but before that hits the internet you'll get to hear primer What Type Of Drug Is Mystrogen?. Check Come We Go below for a taster of that warm-up EP.

Paul White - Rapping With Paul White - The Remix EP

Not content with pitching the likes of Danny Brown, Homeboy Sandman, Guilty Simpson and Jehst over his inimitable beats on Rapping With Paul White, the beat fanatic drops off a remix instalment days later. Get the new set for free and a copy of the CD here.

Delusionists - Lost Girl

Lost Girl is a short but sweet instrumental and the third release from Delusionists' recent trail of songs dubbed the Lost Letters. Pick up the previous two to hear what's been found so far.

Yungun - I Want It (prod.Waajeed)

UK hip hop absentee Yungun is about to make his presence felt with Jack The World, the warm-up to his awaited Middle Man long player. Check the first leak, I Want It Below, and be on the look out for the mixtape on 18 Nov.

Ricko Capito - Power (prod. Jetsun 24/7) (Video)

Ricko Capito links Jetsun 24/7 for another heater, this one taken from his looming mixtape Lock & Load: Volume 2. See what the man's been up to previously.

Prose - Real Talk (Video)

Coming off the back of last year's Force Of Habit, Prose are here again, this time with their second album - The Darkside Of The Boom. Expect loops for hip hop faithfuls and unforgiving spit from rapper Efeks.

Joker - The Vision feat. Jessie Ware & Freddie Gibbs (Video)

An unexpected pairing, Bristol electro-via-dubstep producer Joker collaborates with ex-Interscope signee and Young Jeezy cohort Freddie Gibbs. The Vision is off his debut album of the same name, which you can get your ears round here.

Mobb Deep - Dead Man's Shoes feat. Bounty Killa (prod. Beat Butcha)

Beat Butcha makes a power move, muscling in on Mobb Deep's first release since Prodigy was freed from clinky earlier this year. As might be expected, his track on the long-awaited EP is all belligerent, bully hip hop.

C4 - Time (OoRITE! Retro Chain) (prod. Myke Forte) (Video)

Always good to hear new Myke Forte production. The Brum beat creator laces C4 with typically sumptuous head-nod hip hop on Time, in part an ode to rocking OoRITE! retro chains.

UK BET Hip Hip Awards Cyphers 2011

Wretch 32​, Ghetts, Chipmunk, Smiler, G FrSH, Bigz, Mic Righteous, Mz Bratt, Roxxxan, Lady Leshurr and Akala represent for the BET's UK cyphers this year. The line-up sees everyone from grime, hip hop and road rap mainstays play their position, representative of the country's patchwork of sub-scenes. If you've got an issue with the picks, holla @BET.

Melanin 9 - The Book (Video)

Melanin 9's illuminati-baiting testaments on The Book get a video edition, this being the closer to his Orion's Stencil project that dropped this time last year - and was one of the strongest releases of 2010.

Lowkey - Hand On Your Gun (Video)

Lowkey stays sticking both fingers firmly up at the Western establishment. Taken from his album, Soundtrack To The Struggle, available now.

Delusionists - Elevator Music feat. Super Dertie (prod. Mr Loop)

The second in the curious Lost Letters series, Delusionists get to lifting the mood with Elevator Music, featuring Piff Gang's Super Dertie and produced by Mr Loop.

Pick up Delusionists' Dastardly Schemes, Piff Gang's Piff Breaks & 808s and Mr Loop's Music From The Tanhauser Gate with the quickness.

Sav Killz - Jamal Rockwell feat. Lil Fame (prod. Beat Butcha)

Sav Killz and M.O.P.'s Lil Fame spit that gutter over a heavy dose of boom bap from Beat Butcha. By all accounts the Brit producer was in the lab with Prodigy recently too...

Wizard - Dutty Gash Face Music (Beat Tape)

So potent is Wizard's latest batch of beats that upon hearing them you'll pull the very same screwface you would after catching whiff of an unkempt vagina. Get your stankgrill on!

RapperTagUK #3 - Tony D

First Mystro, then Badbonez and now Tony D steps up for RapperTagUK before passing onto Rodney P.


BET Cypher - Nitty Scott MC, Lacrae, Saprano and Estelle

Estelle and company show what they've got for one of this year's BET cyphers. UK acts have been getting a look-in on these for a couple of years now, with both Sway and Dizzee having stepped up to the plate.

Stylah - Crash Course 2 (Mixtape)

Stylah follows up 2006's successful Crash Course mixtape with a sequel. Going off the tracklist, not to mention the video for The Light with Lowkey, this is chock-a-block with beats you know and love, both young and old.

Delusionists - Dastardly Schemes (prod. Apatight)

Delusionists just dropped off the first in a series of songs dubbed The Lost Letters - none of which will feature on their next album proper. Here Ben Black delivers a brooding statement of intent over a beast of a beat from the legendary Apatight. And there's more where this came from.

Majestic - Freedom (Video) (prod. by The Wideboys)

The Wideboys jack Slade's Look Wot You Dun for Majestic to let you know exactly what his freedom means to him.

Ray Vendetta - Rhyme Like (Video)

Ray Vendetta lets his languid flow loose over broken breakbeat production from Hey!zeus. The Triple Darkness member's Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner EP is set to drop imminently.

English Frank - In A Minute (Video)

English Frank, possibly the toughest looking bloke in the scene, laments the loss of loved ones and more innocent times on In A Minute. Frank's running on a high at the minute, so expect to see his name around for a while.

Black The Ripper - Do It Like Me (Video)

The latest from Samson sees him try his hand at a dubstep number while letting you know how you don't do it like him. There certainly aren't that many as prolific as him.

Suspect Packages Radio - October 2011

Disorda returns with the first show of the autumn and a fresh batch of new music for you. Not only that but Suspect Packages is live @Vibe Bar on the 14th and will bring you performances from Birmingham's MSI & Asylum, Scizzahz and Steady (Prose) & Crusada.


01> dirty dike – suspect packages radio show intro
02> delusionists – dastardly schemes
03> roots manuva – takes time to
04> ramson badbonez – down and out
05> steady & crusada – the basis
06> scizzahz – i did that
07> leaf dog - beat interlude
08> charlie boy – charlie boy
09> msi & asylum – war 2
10> ramson badbonez – eleven digits
11> elliot fresh & legoman heartless parkyn – elliot building with lego
12> roots manuva feat.spikey t – here we go again
13> red-eyed skunk, oliver twist & xidus pain – giantz
14> steady & crusada feat.efeks – the 11th hour massacre
15> danny spice feat.craig g – king of the beat (instrumental)
16> danny spice feat.craig g – king of the beat
17> laing & ranx diggla – disconnected
18> the irs feat.rewd adams – pen n ink
19> roots manuva – snakebite
20> scizzahz feat.sonnyjim & tc – should I get em?
21> amos & fidjit feat.puritan – flood warning
22> jvf clique – planet 2011
23> skriblah dangogh – the little white dot (remix)
24> skriblah dangogh – sos
25> chris leese feat.jay madden & assa – coming for the game
26> ramson badbonez – sour
27> seanie t feat.roots manuva – move ya shoulda
28> inja – pepper sauce
29> charlie boy – ya nuh ready
30> laing – retro
31> cappo – kling klang
32> dirty rotton scoundrels – dirty rotton
33> inja – later laters
34> no pretense – nothingness
35> leaf dog – beat interlude
36> no pretense feat.junior disprol – fundead
37> msi & asylum – hang ‘em high
38> msi & asylum - war

Gadget - The Dirty Thumbs Project

Gadget drops off his producer album The Dirty Thumbs Project, featuring the likes of EdXL, M.A.B., Beit Nun, 777 and JoeyGzus.

Piff Gang - Piff Breaks & 808s (Mixtape)

For all peng lovers and those who like good ol' 808s. See what Piff Gang are all about in their video for Little Mexico, below.

Inja - Pepper Sauce (Video)

Inja gets playful over a cheeky riddim produced by DJ Edsik. The Delegates of Culture alum's album, Bass Music Adventure / Escapism, is coming soon.

Stylah - The Light feat. Lowkey (Video)

Stylah and Lowkey get their grown man on over Common's The Light, produced by the late Jay Dee.

D Double E - Be Like Me feat. P Money, Professor Green & Snoop Dogg (Remix) (prod. by True Tiger)

If you too were wondering what the next episode in the UK's march on the US was going to be, here it is. Snoop joins D Double E and company for this official remix to Be Like Me.

Apologies for the radio rip. Download to follow.

Sway - Still Speedin' feat. Kano (Remix)

Kano joins Sway for the remix to his current single.

RapperTagUK #2 - Ramson Badbonez

Badbonez takes the baton from Mystro and kills it in typical fashion. Tony D - formerly of Poisonous Poets alongside Doc Brown, Reveal, Lowkey and Stylah - has been working hard on the battle circuit of late and has some serious spit to him, so let's hope he continues the relay.


Boogz Boogetz - Supreme Flow feat. Prodigy (Skream Dub)

Cast your mind back a couple of years and you'll recall the UK's influence in US hip hop was negligible at best. Since then it seems to be leaching its way in - whether its Tinie Tempah getting Snoop to grace remixes or P Diddy calling on Skepta to give his music a stamp of authenticity. Now Mobb Deep's Prodigy and fellow NYC rapper Boogz Boogetz jack Skream's Filth. What ever next?

Chima Anya - Full Attention

In lieu of an upcoming mixtape, Chima Anya drops this jacking of a Terror Danjah remix courtesy of Royal-T. Terror is responsible for some of grime's earliest classics including Zumpi Hunter and Boogie Man.

Cappo - King Klang

One of the most stripped down and belligerent beats you've heard Capps rhyme on, King Klang's opening bars sound like a modem having a crisis of confidence. Does this sample Kraftwerk?

DJ Slademan - Beat Demo Reel (Beat Tape)

Some short but sweet snippets of beats DJ Slademan's been cooking up in recent months to feast your ears on. Holla @DJSlademan on Twitter if you want some of this boom bap goodness.

Hekla Kosh, Mudmowth & Ralph Rip Shit - Rotter (prod. The 83 King)

Unashamed hip hop from the Associated Minds camp. This one comes as part of the Hidden Thoughts package, a soon-to-be-released compilation of unheard material from the cutting room floor.

RapperTagUK #1 - Mystro

Mystro imports Rapper Tag from Oz to Blighty and kicks off proceedings.

Badbonez, where are ya?

Pixie Lott - What Do You Take Me For? feat. Pusha T (Radio Rip)

Pusha Ton bizarrely decides to pen a verse for foxy English pop strumpet Pixie Lott. Then again, didn't he debut alongside his bruv and Justin Timberlake?


Rico Capito - Ring The Alarm (prod. Jetsun247) (Video)

Rico Capito lends his spit to a bass-led number from Jetsun247, accompanied by a ringside brawl at an amateur boxing match... See for yourself.

Lock And Load 2 is on its way.

Sonnyjim - The Headsplit (Louis Den Remixes)

Sonnyjim recently called on all budding beat architects to bless his acapella to The Headsplit with their finest offerings. Get your lugholes round 'em.

Savvy - Phoner To Arizona Remix (Video)

An unexpected but excellent beatjacking, Savvy jumping on the Gorillaz song of the same name and making it his own.

Play to Win vol3 (Adapt or Die) is on its way.

Don't Stay In...

BUG - Mechanical Soul (EP)


Eclectic London beatmaker BUG returns with more exemplary digital-funk instrumentals on Mechanical Soul. Despite already releasing Cosmic Lab / 20 Winks nearly two years ago and having remixed a whole host of songs for others, this counts as his debut.

Sway - Still Speedin' (Video)

The first offering from Sway's impending third album, The Deliverance, sees Derek apply his frenetic flow to a beat that, oddly, samples Black Box's Ride On Time.

A remix with Kano is waiting in the wings, as is a version with an as-yet-unnamed US guest. Hmmm, I wonder who it could be...

Black Einstein - Brain's Beats (Braintax Instrumentals)

You may recall that before Braintax jetted off for sunnier climes he released his third and final album, the literally titled My Last And Best Album. And even if it wasn't actually his best, despite being his last, Black Einstein's production thumped and slumped in all the right places. Now here are the instros to that sign-off.