Evil Ed - Time You Knew, Experts

A couple more new freebies off Evil Ed's Edstrumentals Volume 2, on Chakra Sounds. Check the last two to see what else gets a look in on the instrumentals collection.

Styly Cee - One Under The Sun

One of the nicest hip hop producers to come out of Nottingham, Styly Cee has let loose this song with Def Tex MC The Anthropologist that featured on videogame Project Gotham Racing 3.

Styly Cee has been responsible for some great songs, not least All Stylz Anthem.

Skepta - Mike Lowery (Video)

Having linked with Diddy recently, Skepta now has a DJ Whoo Kid-sponsored mixtape in the works. The G-Unit DJ seems to be showing the UK a lot of love of late.

DJ Gripper - Best UK Hip Hop Of 2010 (Mix)

With 2010 coming to a head, DJ Gripper hit blogging giant Hip Hop Hype Dog up with this mix that pieces together his favourite picks of British rap from the last year.


1 - Stress ft Stig of the dump - Dr Syntax - Benny Huge
2 - Tug the rope (jon Phonics remix) - M9 - Half Past Calm 2
3 - Pump ft Fliptrix,Sonnyjim,Ramson Badbones & Verb T - Jonphonics - Half Past Calm 2
4 - Find the catch ft Jam Baxter - Fliptrix - Theory Of Rhyme
5 - Life Times - Prose - Force Of Habit
6 - Life Support - Rhyme Asylum - Solitary Confinement
7 - Left ft Rodney P - Skitz - Sticksman
8 - Like this (part 2) - Jam Baxter - Rinse out friday/Spack out monday
9 - Bang! Splat! - Kashmere - Galaktus: Power Cosmic
10 - Breathe - Chief Wigz - Chief Wigz
11 - The Low - Delusionists - Prolusion Plus
12 - Dark Days ft Fliptrix & Jam Baxter - Jonphonics - Half Past Calm 2

Lowkey - Blood, Sweat & Tears feat. Klashnekoff (Video)

From the impending Soundtrack To The Struggle. Lowkey continues to be a thorn in the side to the establishment's status quo.

With Klashnekoff's Back To The Sagas getting a muted response this year and that Smiler bloke taking pot shots, it feels like he's taken on an underdog status. And that's a good thing because it sounds as if he's got something to prove again now - and I'm sure he'll do just that.

Verb T - Tearing The Sky Down feat. Fliptrix & Kashmere (Video)

Lifted off Verb T's Serious Games, an excellent album, set for a January 17th release on YNR, and which you can get the skinny on here.

Sonnyjim - Purple Patch Part 3 (Video)

"Cast member, I be all up on the set of Albert Square/
Break into the Vic, then I dash Peggy down the stairs"

A big finish to the year from Sonnyjim with part three of his Purple Patch serial. Illmind - think Little Brother, Skyzoo and 50 Cent - put together a beat as strong as an ox for Sonny to spaz on.

Sonnyjim - Purple Patch Part 3

Previous Purple Patches can be found here.

Not only that, last year's EG Professionals with Kosyne finally gets a video to train your peepers on.

Merry Christmas From Eat Good x Associated Minds

The Highball EP, a collaboration project between Eat Good Records and Associated Minds, is being readied for a release early next year and will feature production from Metabeats, P.L.O., Kelakovski, Beatbox Fozzy, Myke Forte and more alongside spit from Sonnyjim, Kosyne, Ralph Rip Shit, Mudmowth, Ruffstylz, Taharka, Redbeard, RTillery, Willo Wispa as well as two rare vocal appearances from P.L.O. and Metabeats.

Eat Good, therefore, thought it only right to wish you scamps a Merry Christmas.

Rewd Adams - Drift Away feat. Black The Ripper

Rewd Adams (I'm not going to call him Skandal anymore, as it looks like he's sticking with this moniker) displays his knack for sung hooks on Drift Away, on which Black The Ripper sounds as determined and unforgiving as ever.

The new year will see a Rewd Awakening from Adams.

The Planets - Love (prod. Roc Marciano)

The Planets' second single from their Roc Marciano-produced EP Planet Roc, available now over at iTunes.

Cappo & Donnie Propa - The Skillsmen Mixtape

Donnie Propa delves into Cappo's back catalogue to cut and mix the Nottingham statesman's work. And if you ask nicely you might just be able to get a limited-edition hard copy on cassette, no less (undertonedjs@hotmail.com).

Donnie has another tape, this time with former Out Da Ville-ien Lee Ramsay, on the way for 2011.

Oliver Sudden - Happy Cronxmas!!

Croydon official Oliver Sudden wishing you and your fam all a Happy Cronxmas. Christmas trees may have been smoked in the making of this track.

Paul White - We Three Kings

Paul White has drawn inspiration from the festive season and got his yuletide on, making this Crimbo beat in typically quirky fashion. And it's actually good.

According to his label, One-Handed Music, rumours of a Bullion vocoder version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman are piffle.

Paul White - We Three Kings by alexchase

Ramson Badbonez - Give Badbonez A Break (Out Now)

Badbonez needs no introduction. Here he does his thing over samples chopped and looped up by IQ and Gone and gets a ton of dot-on guest features. That one with Jehst is a lot.

Klashnekoff - Brand New Day (prod. Whoo Kid & Red Spyda)

Klashnekoff links up with Whoo Kid on this new song produced by the G-Unit DJ. What’s most interesting about this is that while the US has recently been showing significant interest in the UK for the first time, it’s mostly centered around the grime and pop-grime scenes. Snoop jumped on Tinie Tempah’s Pass Out and Diddy got Skepta on board for a remix of Hello Good Morning. The Black Russian, on the other hand, sits firmly on the hip hop side of the fence.

Klash has been decrying some of his otherwise staunchly faithful fans, who’ve predictably been claiming he’s sold out by working with 50 Cent’s DJ. Some people are very shortsighted.

This isn’t the first time he’s teamed up with a big-name producer from the States anyway. In 2007, the Son of Niah joined JME and Skepta on a beat made by Roc-A-Fella alumnus Just Blaze.

Verb T - Serious Games (Coming Soon)

As much of a cop out cutting and pasting press releases is, YNR's blurb is more on point and explanatory than I'd be capable of being in analysing this album. What I will say is that Jehst's label has without a doubt plugged the gap left by Low Life and this album meets the seal of quality you've come to expect from YNR.

Verbs' Serious Games will be in all good stores from 17th of January.

What they're saying:

"Verb T returns with arguably his best work to date. Years in the making ‘Serious Games’ reflects the growth of a hungry young rapper into a more mature artist at the height of his creativity. This is very much a personal self-portrait.

Known for his trademark deadpan delivery and effortlessly intricate flow, Verb T’s dry wit, deep ruminations and well observed life commentary can be heard throughout as he tackles a range of subject matter.

Whether exploring the line between creative fantasy and the everyday realities of fatherhood on ‘I’m A Hero’, addressing the ‘monkey-see, monkey-do’ nature of pop culture on ‘Impressionable Minds’ or pledging his love and commitment to the mother of his children on ‘Let Me Stay’ it’s clear that Verbs is a cut above the UK’s current crop of ‘pop-rap’ clones. He even proves that he can give them all a run for their money on the radio-friendly ‘Bounce With Me’ which features the sultry vocals of Graziella, probably best known for her stint on X-Factor as the centrepiece of Miss Frank.

Production comes courtesy of Chemo, Jon Phonics, JJ Malone and Verbs himself. Ranging from straight up bangers to soulful headnodders and even experimental electronica, the rich soundscapes reflect the diversity of lyrical content throughout. Guest vocalists Jehst, Kashmere, Kyza, Dubbledge, Skrein and Fliptrix all add their own splash of colour to the canvas and the resulting picture is a marvel to behold.

‘Serious Games’ is a consistently strong body of work with a clear direction and yet another example of why YNR wears the crown when it comes to homegrown Hip Hop with style and substance."

Shush Bredrin Cover Ya Mouth

As faddish as it is a useful tool for artists to promote themselves and interact with their fans, micro-blogging phenomenon Twitter poses a conundrum. An unnamed rapper who you would all recognise, and for matters of anonymity I won’t name, talked so often and with such banality that I unfollowed him/her recently and I’ve since stopped listening to their music altogether, despite being an avid fan in the past.

When I was younger I always found hip hop fascinating (and I still do, but not for the same reasons anymore). As a kid from the sticks in England it was completely foreign and exotic to me. Its characters seemed like caricatures – people that didn’t exist in the real world, just on cassettes and records. Clearly I knew they ate, slept and shat, but what they were talking about was so far removed from my everyday experience. And despite buying into the boastful claims for the sake of entertainment, I knew the big talk was mostly a charade. An exaggeration. A show watched from a distance.

In 2010, the problem - and arguably the benefit - that Twitter throws up is that it completely closes the fan-artist divide. In doing so, it dissolves any sense of mystique. They say never meet your heroes and in many cases that holds true. With Twitter, what you effectively get is an insight into the minds of people whose artistry you enjoy and respect. And then you often realise they are idiots. Worth thinking about before using 140 characters to announce a barely decipherable afterthought to thousands of strangers. lol

You can follow UK All Day on Twitter here if you want to read piffle and talk in brief.

Maffew Ragazino - Whatever You Call Em (prod. Jaisu) (Video)

Scotland's Jaisu blesses Maffew Ragazino with a neck-snapper for Whatever You Call Em.

Check his beat tape below.

Jaisu - Straight Out The MPC (Beat Tape)

Jaisu delivers no less than 30 instrumentals built in his 2000XL over the past three years in one beat tape. Straight Out The MPC is a snip at £5 given this guy's nous for beatmaking. If you've spent all your p on presents, enjoy by streaming instead of owning.

And if you want to see Jaisu getting...um...busy in his bedroom...

Ramson Badbonez - Knock Knock (Video)

Badbonez gets brought to life with this accompaniment to Knock Knock, the Jazz T and Zygote-produced single from the Official Volume 2 project, available from Boot Records.

Give Badbonez A Break is on its way.

Sway - Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Video)

Sway goes all Bob Dylan in this video for fill-in-the-gaps singalong song Whose Line Is It Anyway? Is this a ploy to assert his hip hop roots having signed to Akon's Konvict Music? Possibly.

This is off The Delivery 2 mixtape, available all over the internet.

The Bullitts - Flixtape Episode 3: Magnum Force Starring Wretch 32 (Video)

Flixtape innovators The Bullitts rework TV cult classic Magnum Force's theme tune, this time with London spitter Wretch 32 lending his talents to proceedings.

Hit the link to see more of The Bullitts' flixtapes, including an unheralded collaboration between recent Roc Nation signee Jay Electronica and Hollywood cougar Lucy Liu.

Jon Phonics - Run For Cover/AM

Phonics keeps things fresh, straying from the smoked-out traditionalist sound he's got down pat and honing his electro craft even further. Expect a limited 7" release of this early in the new year on Chakra Sounds.

Stylah - Prologue (Video)

Video number two from Stylah's Treading Water. On this one he gets a host of MCs to cameo and rap his bars to camera. Oh, and Dave Courtney stepped up as well, so you know dude is official.

Jaisu - Prelude To The MPC (EP)

Ahead of Jaisu's Straight Out The MPC beat tape, the Scot has put out this little EP featuring instrumentals of recent songs he's done with stateside artists and two new cuts with Laws and Cambatta, and Maffew Ragazino.

Here's a slick trailer for the new beat tape, which will be online in five days.

Skillit - To Light (Video)

The ever charismatic Skillit is back, this time with a lovely looking video for the reggae-infused To Light. It's not often hip hop out here has much personality, but you get it in spades with this guy.

P Money - Slang Like This feat. Newham Generals & Blacks (Remix) (Video)

P Money's 2010 anthem Slang Like This gets a remix, on which he grabs his bezzie mate Blacks and grime men of the moment Newham Generals. Peep the virtually identical video for the original and the visuals for Ho! Riddim to get your fill of ("left the room!") P.

Ramson Badbonez - Back Wit Da Heat feat. Jehst

As I understand it, Badbonez has been sitting on this album for many, many months but hasn't been able to release it due to some behind-the-scenes politics. This collaboration with Billy Brimstone is wicked and shows how good hip hop can sound with literally just a loop.

Expect Give Badbonez A Break to be available this month some time.

Loudmouth Melvin - 1,2,3,4,5

Loudmouth Melvin has just bundled together the 4-EP series he released over recent months into one package. Not only that, he's managed to record a new extended player's worth of material to boot.

Loudmouth Melvin - 1,2,3,4,5

If you haven't yet caught his video with Pyro over Drake's Light Up, do so below.

Don't Stay In...

Dr Syntax hits up Jazz Cafe this Thursday for the Benny Huge album launch shindig.

Lloyd Banks - Start It Up feat. Sway & Giggs (UK Remix)

Sway and Giggs jump on part-nationalised Lloyds Bank's current club banger Start It Up.

Lloyd Banks - Start It Up feat. Sway & Giggs (UK Remix)

Flo Rida Praises "Sexy" UK Artists

According to broadsheet heavyweight the (Knutsford) Guardian, musclebound rap berk Flo Rida has praised "sexy" UK recording artists. Presumably he’s talking about Britain's Got Talent pin-up Susan Boyle.

“…I'm inspired by working with new artists and their whole aura,” added Flo Rida, of Florida. British musicians beware: this man wants to work with your whole auras – and probably your chakras too.

In addition to being a point of interest, this breaking news made me feel slightly poorly and leave work early due to illness.

Flo Rida praises "sexy" UK artists

M9 - Orion's Stencil (Mixtape)

Melanin 9, or M9 for short, has just put out the Orion's Stencil mixtape to build anticipation for his forthcoming album, set for a release in the new year.

Take a peek at the videos for Black Widow and Shot before getting on with the free digital download, or ordering a limited edition CD.

Iron Braydz - Devil May Cry (Now Free)

Braydz released Devil May Cry at the top end of the year and received bags of credit for his sinister, apocalyptic take on hip hop that is reminiscent of the New York mysticisim championed by the likes of Wu and the Clan's various offshoots. Now he's made that project free for all the penny counters out there.

Production comes from the man himself, Lewis Parker, Chemo, Morph Beats and Proppa, and he's joined by M9, Cyrus Malachi and Guilty Simpson.

Iron Braydz - Devil May Cry