Don't Stay In...

Not only can you cop and flog records to your heart's desire at upcoming Vinyl Exchange, you can also buy TY's tat that he no longer wants and enjoy some live performances. And all for a £3 entry fee.

What they're saying:

"The vinyl exchange is a day to shot swap or buy records with some producers, DJs and record collectors. This month we have the regulars of Evil Ed, DJ’s, Rarekind Records and Jon Phonics bringing their crates down alongside big dada emcee/producer/legend/destroyer of stages TY and crafter of classics the producer and soundman DOLO, former member of everyone’s top 3 hip-hop group from these shores the champions of nature. To end the day we have a line up of Konny Kon, Cyrus Malachi, and Chima Anya performing with Jon Phonics doing a special beat showcase set during the day."