S.A.S - The Connect feat. Vado

S.A.S are about to release LP Galaxy Fly, which will include this track featuring New York man of the minute and Dipset golden child Vado.

Does this mean S.A.S are part of Cam'ron's gang again?

S.A.S - The Connect feat. Vado

Jerry Blackwell - Real Life (prod. Myke Forte)

North Carolina rapper Jerry Blackwell utilises this beat from Brum's Myke Forte to great effect, breaking down real-life situations and sentiments - something that's scarce in this cliched genre.

100% swiped from Hypedog.

Grit Grammar - Life Is feat. Kyza & Dani Appadoo (Video)

Grit Grammar, who's been making noise with his Life Music set, gets Mr. Sayso on board to reminisce over a reggae and dub-tinged headnodder.

Dani Appadoo sounds curiously like a child.

Leafdog - Sturban Mixtape (Free Download)

Leafdog of 3 Amigos has flexed his production muscle again by remixing some of his favourite US artists' tracks. Here's what he's saying:

"these are some remix's i did of my favorite rappers, not all of them but some! this tape is for the real heads that use to make tapes and put bit's off selitape on weak albums so you could copy the live shit!"

1.Intro Side A
2.Contact Play - Small Talk (LeafDog Remix)
3.Gang Starr - Ex Girl to Next Girl (LeafDog Remix)
4.Ol Dirty - brooklyn zoo (LeafDog Remix)
5.Slum Village - Get Dis Money (LeafDog Remix)
6.Thirstin Howl III - I Still Live With My Moms (LeafDog Remix)
7.Chester P - CMS (LeafDog Remix)
8.Ol Dirty ft rhymesfest - Dirty (LeafDog Remix) (original GC2 mix)
9.Intro Side B
10.Big L - Flamboyant (LeafDog Remix)
11.I Sed Skit!!!
12.Contact Play - This Year (LeafDog Remix)
13.DITC - Thick (LeafDog Remix)
14.Xzibit - Hurt Locker (LeafDog Remix)
15.2pac - fuck all yall (LeafDog Remix)
16.Gang Starr Feat Jadakiss - Rite Where U Stand (LeafDog Remix)

Leafdog - Sturban Mixtape

And here's an original track he put up on Bandcamp. 3 Amigo's album World War 3 is out now.

Don't Stay In...

Genesis Elijah, Delusionists and Bandit Blacks each have a spot @ Curve Bar this Friday in what's being touted as Colchester's first ever triple bill of live hip hop. Not sure if that claim is true but, if you're in the area or can get to it, get to it.

Click the flyer for details.

Stylah - Killa feat. Smiler (Video)

Stylah's Treading Water lead single Killa sees a feature from his pal Smiler.

The album is ready to purchase over at iTunes now.

Swizz Beatz feat. Estelle – DJ Play The Beat

In the same vein as Kanye's G.O.O.D Music Friday, Swizz Beatz is doing a Monster Mondays (and people say hip hop is homogeneous), releasing a new track at the start of the week.

Today he freed up this with expat Estelle.

Swizz Beatz feat. Estelle – DJ Play The Beat

Sway - The Delivery 2 (Mixtape)

Sway is back with his rapid-fire, tongue-twisting flow, agile delivery and cheeky wordplay. Some pan his production and despair at his blatant, Akon-sponsored attempts to capture the mainstream; while for the most part heads admire his virtually unmatched technical ability.

You probably already know where you stand.

Sway - The Delivery 2

Haze - I Put In (Video)

Haze is a member of Eurogang, the one-time Dipset franchisee, and stands on his own two with I Put In.

UK rappers running with that suave, stunna shades style always come off twee to me, though this sounds pretty cool.

Prose - Go On

Another one off Prose's Force Of Habit, in stores from 22nd of November.

Prose - Go On

Get a load of the video they put together a couple weeks back for first single Lifetimes.

Kano - Spaceship (Video)

La Roux remix all over Radio 1, Chase and Status produce Rihanna, Magentic Man in the Top 40 - dubstep has strongarmed its way into the mainstream, and probably has a lot of life left in the pop world.

Kano gets his spaceship on over popstep's latest offering, which is pretty light on the LFO that's become commonplace in the genre.

Expect man on road to be copping tracksuits with glittered chevrons off the back of this video.

Skillit - Straight To The Point feat. PyroBarz & Mentalist (Video)

Skillit gets straight to the point with the help of PyroBarz and Mentalist. Pyro looks like he's got a mean headlock game and I, for one, wouldn't like to be stuck in a lift with him in that vice-grip.

Skillit done got an extended player by the name of As Seen On TV. Bang.

Paul White x Stones Throw (Podcast)

London-based beatsmith Paul White has put together the latest podcast from US label Stones Throw. Download it for free from here and get stuck in to 36 minutes of whimsical wierdness, including a remix that somehow makes Talib Kweli sound tolerable.

Hit up the Stones Throw site for the full tracklist and if you like what you hear, get your mittens around White's back catalogue over at his Bandcamp page.

Mentalist - Bound To Blow

Mentalist is working on full-length Make You Proud. However, this unreleased track produced by K-Nite will not be featuring on that, according to the internet.

Mentalist - Bound To Blow

Black Einstein - Arabia feat. Mystro & Maseo

Producer Black Einstein - aka Emmanuel, aka C Swing - is about to drop David Bowie-inspired EP Whatever Happened To Major Tom? for all you Ziggy Stardust lovin' motherfuckers.

Arabia is off that and sees Mys Diggi get his rapping on, while De La's Maseo does his hypeman thing.

Grems - Broka Billy feat. Foreign Beggars (Machinedrum Remix) (Video)

French lad Grems' Broka Billy project was put out back in May, and now this remix by Machinedrum, featuring Blighty's Foreign Beggars, comes to life with a vibrant video. Keep bouncing.

Dubbledge & Metabeats - Making Of A Slave AKA Willie Lynch

Metabeats from the Associated Minds camp created this beat on which Dubble Dubble steps into the shoes of a slave owner, revealing the methods used to subjugate and enslave people from the 1600s to 1900s.

Get your learn on as it's Black History Month at the moment, and it tends to be white history on the curriculum.

But if you'd prefer to look forward than back, and if you haven't blown all your wages on meow meow and Zywiec, Associated Minds would like to remind you that some of your money would be well spent going to these guys - and you can't argue with that.

Blatantly Blunt TV - Mystro/Stylah, Skandal & Byron

Blunt Wun has been busy linking UK rappers who've been making moves of late. Check these exclusives he got with Mystro, Stylah, Skandal (or Rewd Adams, depending on what you feel like) and Byron for his Blatantly Blunt TV channel.

Sway - Whose Line Is It Anyway

Sway's returning to the fold with a follow-up to his The Delivery mixtape. On this first leak he wears his hip hop credentials loud and proud, offering up classic lines from the genre's past and leaving the listener to fill in the blanks. And all that over Ghostface's Mighty Healthy.

The Delivery 2 will arrive on the 20th, providing it doesn't get lost in transit by a wayward postie.

Sway - Whose Line Is It Anyway

Don't Stay In...

The lovely people (this is unverified) at Playtime are throwing an eclectic jam that will be headed up by UK hip hop veteran Rodney P. To win a pair of tickets to the show, simply answer the following question: What does the P in Rodney P stand for?

Answers in an email to the address to your right with the subject "Rodney Panton tickets giveaway". The first one to land in the inbox will win the passes. Got that?

1Xtra: Fire In The Booth - Big Cakes

Sir Sloth welcomes Big Cakes along to the studio to spit some fire in his booth. Cakes recently put out a video for Perculating, which you can check for here.

Fliptrix - My Soul (Video)

Fliptrix's latest video from his Theory Of Rhyme set, which features a whole load of people you love to bits, so hunt it down with your preferred search engine.

Don't Stay In...

Prose and Jam Baxter have each got an album up their sleeves and will be hitting up Vibe Bar on 12th November to celebrate and promote them. Join them for a knees up and some brand new hip hop.

Cappo - Genghis: The E-Side (Out Now)

Cappo returns with the lost 5th side to his Genghis double-LP from earlier in the year. The mini-release, available at iTunes, includes Psychological Warfare - a personal favourite from the UK in 2010.

RTKal - The Pre-fix (Mixtape)

Before hitting you with his Kelakovski-produced Genuine RTKal EP, Eat Good Records' RTKal has put together a prefix to pique your interest.

Check the super-hench Mental Health, produced by Unbreakable, before cracking on with the download.

RTKal - The Pre-fix

Chima Anya - Hey feat. Sincere (Video)

I can't help feel that the swagger-over-substance style typified by the likes of Little Wayne has long taken root over these parts. But hey, this is a pretty infectious song and good fun, so perhaps that's a lil' too cynical.

Rewd Adams - Questions (Video)

A change is as good as a rest, so they say. That said, Skandal has switched his name up and collaborated with Jetsun for this ditty off November's Ready To Diet mixtape.

Big Cakes - Perculating (Video)

Big Cakes keeping it percolating.

Jam Baxter - Banana Shaped Armour Plates

I was thinking just today that I could do with some banana-shaped armour plates.

Jam Baxter's Rinse Out Friday/Spack Out Monday is coming soon.

Jam Baxter - Banana Shaped Armour Plates

Kashmere - The Corporation (feat. Jehst & Micall Parknsun), Herald Of Galaktus (feat. Ramson Badbonez)

Kashmere is jetting to outer space on his next one - linking with Zygote and Jazz T for Galaktus: Power Cosmic, the latest release on the recently busy Boot Records.

Here are two leaks off the album, which will also feature Chubby Alcoholic, Dramacide and Severe, and will be in stores from 15th of November.

Melanin 9 - False Ego

Something new from Melanin 9, who Hypedog says is prepping mixtape Orion's Stencil for November, ahead of an official release in the new year that'll feature Cyrus Malachi and production from Chemo, Beat Butcha, Munoz and Anatomy.

Read Hypedog's exclusive interview with Cyrus Malachi
to get the scoop on what he's all about.

Marco Del Horno vs DJ Swerve - Ho! Riddim feat. P Money (Video)

P Money does his thing over a grime-come-dubstep banger produced by DJ Swerve. Polished yet still gully - ho!

Prose - Lifetimes (Video)

Prose return with more boom-bap business on Lifetimes, the first single off debut LP Force Of Habit.

Given their traditional template that stays faithful to yesteryear, it seems fitting that Efeks looks just like a Caucasian Rakim. No?

Mystro And Jehst Go Head To Head. Sort Of.

Eeek! Handbags at dawn! Not exactly sure what sparked this, or even what really happened. Mystro criticises the professionalism of certain artists, then Jehst takes exception and initiates a "battle".

Once labelmates, you get the impression tensions might have existed previously.

Durrty Goodz - Speaks On New Album, Jail Tales 2 (Video)

Durrty Goodz speaks on his upcoming album, Overall, which will feature the tracks Gunshot and Jail Tales 2. The latter touches on the incarceration of his half-brother Crazy Titch, who was sent down for life having been found guilty of murder. Apparently someone had talked slick about Goodz and, in retaliation, Crazy T gunned down dude with a Mac-10. Grim stuff.