Delusionists - Serious

Following up their warmly received Prolusion Plus album from earlier this year, Delusionists return to the fold with Serious, a freebie cut that marries respective verses from DBF and Ben Black with production from Slim Pickens.

This will be the first and last time you hear an Only Fools and Horses reference alongside a chopped up vocal from Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Serious(ly).

Expect more new music from this lot in the coming months.

Sonnyjim - Airtight (prod. Savvy)

Predominantly known for his raps as a YNR Productions signee, Asaviour, or Savvy, has recently been stepping into the realm of beatmaking. Airtight sees him working with Eat Good Records' Sonnyjim, creating a break-heavy electro number. Big.

Sonnyjim - Airtight (prod. Savvy)

Ramson Badbonez - Heavily Stoned, Da Slang Bang

Going off the strength of these two alone, Badbonez' new mixtape-come-album on Boot Records is sounding official. But would you expect anything less with Harry Love, Jetsun, Wizard, Joe Spitz, Farma G, Zygote & Jazz T, Nutty P, Rowdy Beats, Charlie Mac and DJ IQ on the boards?

You can buy The Official Volume 2 over at Suspect Packages.

Lowkey - Terrorist? (Video)

While I'm in no way implying this is his primary motive, Lowkey could actually carve himself as a highly popular figure on the global hip hop stage with his increasingly staunch pro-Palestine rhetoric. I wouldn't fancy jetting off for a holiday in the States with him, though.

This is on his Soundtrack To The Struggle, an album that may well sell by the bucketload in territories outide of the West. It's good to see that rappers can still use hip hop as a medium for a message, should they choose to do so.

1Xtra: Fire In The Booth - Cyrus Malachi

Speaking of Cyrus Malachi, he recently stopped in at 1Xtra to go in for Charlie Sloth's Fire In The Booth segment.

His debut release, Ancient Future, is expected early 2011.

Ruste Juxx - Rap Assassins feat. Sav Killz, Ill Bill & Cyrus Malachi (prod. Endemic)

Ruste Juxx is back on his Brooklyn bullshit on Rap Assassins - another one off Adamantine, produced entirely by the UK's Endemic.

As well as Sav Killz and Ill Bill, England's Cyrus Malachi makes an appearance here. Both sides of the Pond connect.

Newham Generals - Like It Or Not (Video)

Newham Generals continue a consistent run with the industrial Like It Or Not . This didn't grab me at first but on repeat listens is doing a lot (?). The synths on the hook knock it out the park, personally.

Loudmouth Melvin - EP 3, EP 4

Loudmouth Melvin has rounded off his EP series, having now put out the final two installments. You've basically been given two albums' worth of material from this guy in the last few weeks, so hit him up on Twitter, if you're unfortunate enough to be caught up in the fad, and tell him "Ta very much!".

Loudmouth Melvin - EP 3

Loudmouth Melvin - EP 4

Iron Braydz - Devil's Death Day feat. Melanin9 (Video)

Iron Braydz with yet another video from his Devil May Cry set - this time with Devil's Death Day. Samurai armour is a must.

Myke Forte - SPecial-404

One of the most consistent beatmakers we can call our own, Myke Forte has now deviated from his free-beat-tape approach with a t-shirt design (see above) and 4-track EP that costs just £4.04. All of these beats were made on the Roland - yup, you guessed it - SP-404. And the exclusive garments are limited to a production run of 50, so hurry if you want one.

The IRS - There It Is

The IRS have put out There It Is, a cut from The IRS Presents: Offcuts, a compilation being readied for November. This is all in preparation for next year's sophomore album, The IRS Presents: Speaks Volumes, though I could've sworn they said they were disbanding...

If that's not enough for you gluts, 2007's The World Is TheIRS has just been made a free download. You don't even know you were born.

The IRS - The World Is TheIRS

Obba Supa - Audio Alchemy

Duo Obba Supa have offered up Audio Alchemy - a free album that follows on the heels of their Too Far Gone b/w Beaks On Faces 7", To:AM Free:A LP and CD, and Midnight Mathematics 10".

Hear what it's all about below and chase up their prior releases for mo'.

Jam Baxter - BarrelEyeSpookFish Promo Dub (prod. Pete Cannon)

Jam Baxter lets you know what's what with this promo for his impending LP, Rinse Out Friday / Spack Out Friday. The evil, QB-inspired backdrop on this was put together by the excellent Pete Cannon, who we interviewed way back when.

Jam Baxter - BarrelEyeSpookFish Promo Dub (prod. Pete Cannon)

Ahu - To: Love (Video)

Celestial production from Paul White, who teams up with vocalist Ahu for this other-worldly collaborative effort.

Get it over at Ahu's Bandcamp page.

Mr Ti2bs - Peer Pressure (Video)

In a prime example of one of UK hip hop's shortcomings, ex-Mud Family member Mr Ti2bs drops a video to accompany his Blood, Sweat And Tears EP... released 18 months ago.

Hip hop artists take note - fans are fickle and have short attention spans.

Cop the EP here.

Dr Syntax - Hire Me (Video)

Dr Syntax laments his inability to get a job and calls on all prospective employers to hire him on Hire Me, released yesterday on Dented Records. Use your internet search skills to track it down.

Wiley - Tell Ya For Free

Wiley has an irksome habit of crafting saccharin nonsense for the Top 40 and then salvaging his rep by returning to what he does best and what has also made him a veritable legend in this country.

This is him retrenching to his roots.

Wiley - Tell Ya For Free

Stylah - Killa feat. Smiler

Unfazed by "Smilergate", Stylah partners up for Killa, a track off his Treading Water long player.

If you missed it, he also recently released warm-up mixtape The Past, The Present And The Future.

Kashmere, Jazz T & Zygote interview (Video)

Deeflux from Kane FM catches up with the Iguana Man about his forthcoming project, Galaktus, and chats to Zygote and Jazz T about production techniques, influences and more.

Watch out for Galaktus, dropping in November on Boot records.

Stig Of The Dump - Mood Swings (Album)

Stiggy Smalls dropped the digi version of his new album, Mood Swings, this week. You can download it or pre-order the CD version from his Bandcamp site. He'll probably call you a cunt if you don't, so best get on it.

Prose - Run For The Hills (Free Download)

Steady & Efeks enlist Ed Strong & King Kaiow of The IRS for the first release off their upcoming album, Force of Habit. If this is anything to go on, the album is shaping up to be a good 'un.

Put some Boom in your Baps by heading over to Bandcamp for the free download.