Ramson Badbonez - The Official Volume 2 (Coming Soon)

Ramson Badbonez will be putting out the 19-track strong The Official Volume 2 on Boot Records on 6th September. Despite the title, this is closer to a full album and reads like a who's who of the scene - Harry Love, Jetsun, Wizard, Joe Spitz, Farma G, Zygote & Jazz T, Nutty P, Rowdy Beats, Charlie Mac and DJ IQ on production; Remus, Skandal, Iron Braydz and more on mic duties - with the man in question at the helm.

Once primarily known as Task Force's protege, this will no doubt see Badbonez standing on his own two and set the gears in motion for his album proper in 2011.

Here's four radio edits to get your headnod onto for now.

Ramson Badbonez - I Just Don't Care feat. Remus (prod. Nutty P)