Don't Stay In...

Not one but two (yes, two!) launch parties at Suspect Packages Live next month. Mystro and Ramson Badbonez will be celebrating the releases of The Digmund Freud EP and The Official Volume 2 respectively - all in one venue.

Get yourself to Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, for the night's proceedings.

Iron Braydz - L's Formation/Death Machine (Video)

The second video from Braydz to accompany his dark and brooding Devil May Cry, the first of which you can catch here.

Both L's Formation and Death Machine were produced by the legendary Lewis Parker, who is currently doing the rounds across the country and beyond with labelmate John Robinson.

Ghetts - Grime Daily (Video)

For all heads who detest grime - an ode to the genre.

I can't say I've actually got any music of Ghetts', though can I see why he's revered in the circle he operates in. He's a hothead with a nasal delivery and vicious flow, and someone other MCs seem to give a wide berth to save face.

No Hats No Trainers - Cypher 1

Mega and Mayhem of S.A.S, Mystro and Wretch 32 deliver bars for this No Hats No Trainers cypher.

What's great about this is the show of solidarity between artists that are commonly seen as occupying different fragments of the scene: S.A.S are on that flossy tip, Mystro is a veteran of the more traditional hip hop avenue and Wretchroboy toes that murky line between UK rap and grime. I enjoyed this and look forward to the next.

And No Hats No Trainers has landed a second series with the BBC, so a round of applause for all involved. Positive moves.

Evil Ed - Chakra Sounds Mix V.3

Longtime Brit producer Evil Ed blends up Salvo, The P Brothers, Roc Marciano, Konny Kon, Cappo, Obba Supa and mo' for this recent Chakra Sounds mix.

Franko Fraize - Go On And Cry

Something new from Franko Fraize that pinches a loop from the Les McCann song of the same name, and which you might recognise from 90s-era New Yorkers Cella Dwellas' debut.

Keep up with Franko on Soundcloud.

Don't Stay In...

You already know. Click the pic for details.

Durrty Goodz - Gunshot (Video)

An exclusive for UK All Day from Lucid Dream Productions, who really came through with this video. Durrty Goodz addresses the no-nonsense subject of gun crime over a pure roots backdrop.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - no-one's touching the UK when it comes to double-time patois-infused raps. This is prime example of that.

I still want to hear the collaboration Beat Butcha was... ahem... gunning for about a year ago. That would be XL.

Ramson Badbonez - The Official Volume 2 (Coming Soon)

Ramson Badbonez will be putting out the 19-track strong The Official Volume 2 on Boot Records on 6th September. Despite the title, this is closer to a full album and reads like a who's who of the scene - Harry Love, Jetsun, Wizard, Joe Spitz, Farma G, Zygote & Jazz T, Nutty P, Rowdy Beats, Charlie Mac and DJ IQ on production; Remus, Skandal, Iron Braydz and more on mic duties - with the man in question at the helm.

Once primarily known as Task Force's protege, this will no doubt see Badbonez standing on his own two and set the gears in motion for his album proper in 2011.

Here's four radio edits to get your headnod onto for now.

Ramson Badbonez - I Just Don't Care feat. Remus (prod. Nutty P)

Ruste Juxx - You Know What Crime It Is feat. Sledge (prod. Endemic)

Following on from The eXXecution with Marco Polo, Sean P's equally ignorant mate Ruste Juxx is now teaming up with UK producer Endemic for their collaboration Adamantine.

You Know What Crime It Is sees Ruste talking that gullyness he's known for, while Endemic hits him with his moody signature sound.

Jay Madden - The Prequalibrium (Mixtape)

Jay Madden of Tactical Thinking, who released Too Broke To Go Solo earlier this year, has branched out into the limelight on his own with new mixtape The Prequalibrium.

Get your eyes round the comic-book-inspired video for The Comeuppance, and if you want an example of this guy's dexterity, check him tackle Timbaland's beat for Jay-Z's Is That Your Chick? on Tongue Twister.

Jay Madden - The Prequalibrium

Durrty Goodz - Gunshot (Video Trailer)

Big and bludclaaaaaart 'eavy. Can't wait to hear and see the whole shebang for Durrty Goodz' latest offering, Gunshot.

Apparently a new album and EP are to follow soon. You (may have) heard it here first.

Flush Raw - P Money

With grime artists getting an ever stronger stranglehold on pop music and culture, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the genuine article had disappeared altogether. But that's not the case. D Double E's Street Fighter Riddim grew legs and just ran, fast; his cohort Footsie, too, is working on something fresh; and the hype that's surrounded P Money over the past year or so is definitely not hot air.

Scratch under the surface and you'll see the genre still very much has a brass ball bag.

Cappo - Full Scale Chronicles (Compilation)

Arguably Nottingham's finest, Cappo's compiled a selection of eight radio appearances and freestyles from past and present, with spots on 279, Sarah Love, Styly Cee, DJ Cro, Disorda and Westwood's shows.

Cappo - Full Scale Chronicles

And if you think you've got beats tough enough for Capps, get to remixing Genghis or Loyalty II off his LP from earlier this year.

is available right now.

Suspect Packages Radio - 10th Anniversary Show

Ten years deep and still going strong, August's Suspect Packages show marks Disorda's 10th anniversary on the airwaves, flying the banner for hip hop from the UK. (He's actually been on radio in one form or another for a whole lot longer, and you can find out about all that in this candid interview with the man himself.)

This time the big homie splits the programme into Itch FM-era recordings from Anik & Kope, Skinnyman, Jehst, Troy Scalpels, Rodney P, Mystro & Jargon and Klashnekoff, and fresh freestyle showboating from Sonny Jim, Fliptrix, Salvo, Jam Baxter & Mowgli.

Let's hope we get another ten years.


- Part 1 -
01> Joker Starr - 10th Anniversary Show Intro
02> Anik & Kope - Live Session 05/11/00
03> Skinnyman - Live Session 14/01/01
04> Jehst - Live Session 25/03/01
05> Troy Scalpels - Live Session 02/09/01
06> Rodney P - Live Session 07/10/01
07> Oliver Sudden & Ill Move Sporadic - Suspect Packages Tribute
08> Mystro, Jargon & DJ Shapeshifter - Live Session 20/01/02
09> Klashnekoff - Live Session 02/06/02

- Part 2 -
10> Sonny Jim, Fliptrix, Salvo, Jam Baxter & Mowgli - 10th Anniversary Show Cipher

Tempa - 40 Bars

Forty bars from the former first lady of Out Da Ville. Tempa's Barzology mixtape can be found right here.

Iron Braydz - Hang (Video)

Iron Braydz has put together a bleached-out, grimy video to accompany Hang, off his Devil May Cry solo set.

Like what you hear/see? Go and get the album.

Loudmouth Melvin - EP #2

Two weeks after setting EP #1 free, Loudmouth Melvin follows up with the second in his four-part series. If you've heard anything of this already, it'll likely be My Top 10 List.

Loudmouth Melvin - EP #2

Roots Manuva - It's On (Video)

Roots Manuva enters stage left in his weird and wonderful way with this slick video for It's On. Snakebite, tucked in right at the end, is absolute heat and must be my favourite material of his in recent years.

Grand Central - Call Me Anytime You Like (Video)

Grand Central stay bringing you smooth, mature music that pays respect to the opposite sex, rather than the mysogyny that hip hop's become synonymous with. Bet they get loads of play.

Melanin9 - Padrino Freestyle

Melanin9 has served up this freestyle for all you dusty-boom-bap heads. Keep tabs on his movements as there's a project in the works.

Stylah - Hard Way (Video)

Stylah is gearing up to present you with the Show N Prove-produced Treading Water, the first video from which is Hard Way - a double-time melancholy joint, the type the UK seems to have gotten down pat.

MCM - The Gospel (Sampler)

Caveman, MCM's former group and the first British hip hop act to be signed to a US label (Profile), were before my time, so I can't speak on them or what they sounded like.

It's obvious that MCM, whose album The Gospel is expected to drop later this year, sounds like he's from the States and Brit MCs mimicking their US counterparts is a symptom that has, thankfully, all but been fazed out. Check the sampler still, as the album is sounding good nonetheless.

MCM - The Gospel (Sampler)

Jaja Soze - Can't Tell Me Nothing (Video)

Most self-respecting connoisseurs will probably pass this off as tut. The ballin'-on-a-budget video aside, Jaja Soze's can't-be-arsed delivery and cocksure indifference got me smiling to this.

And that's a wicked name.

S.A.S - The Best Of S.A.S (Mixtape)

S.A.S/Eurogang/Dipset UK Ltd come with a DJ Snips-hosted mixtape ahead of Galaxy Fly.

Their album proper will feature guest spots from Camron, Vado and Noreaga, but presumably not Juelz Santana, who I think had a spat with these two over some nonsense or another involving machismo.

S.A.S - The Best Of S.A.S (Mixtape)

Conspicuous - I'm So 90s (Video)

The lead single off Conspicuous's third album, June Bug, which will be landing next month.

This stripped down dance-floor track belies the sentiment. Whilst I mostly find hip hop's leaning towards nostalgia hollow and regressive, there's nowt wrong with Air Max 90s and, let's face it, a lot of cool stuff happened for the genre in that decade.

SB.TV - Grand Central

Grand Central stop in with SB.TV to spit some bars to the lens.

DJ Slademan - A Beatmaking Story

DJ Slademan in the lab cooking up crack on his new MPC 2500.

Go peep some of Slademan's past escapades.

Scholarman & Jonesy - Hood Stories The Remixes

Hood Stories The Remixes is the brainchild of London-based producer Jonesy, who's taken various hood stories from Scholarman's former works, then remixed and corralled them into a single EP. What's more, the Maryland MC has written a new, fifth narrative to round the collection off.

1Xtra: Fire In The Booth - Skandal

Skandal goes in for Sloth's weekly Fire In The Booth feature.

I wonder who he's getting at with that first verse... Sounds pretty specific and targeted...

Kings Of The City - I Try (Video)

Kings Of The City display a propensity for multiple-genre straddling with their debut, I Try.

Ras Kass - State Of The Union feat. Jean Grae & Nino Bless (prod. Leafdog)

The second Leafdog-produced song off Ras Kass's A.D.I.D.A.S. long player, the first of which you can catch here.

I'm starting to think these US cats, having pawned their jewels after the recession hit, are now taking a more prudent tack and tapping up our boys for cheap beats.

Soul Power On Spine TV - Sarah Love Meets Big Trev

Big Trev has put in work for years and years, spotting talent in his home town of Nottingham. He was, and still is, responsible for pushing Scorzayzee out the gate and was the man behind the scenes for Out Da Ville.

As part of her Soul Power slots on Spine TV, Ms Love catches up with Trev to see what's what and to keep you informed.

Loudmouth Melvin - EP 1

Loudmouth has got four EPs he'll be drip-feeding the internet, starting with EP 1. You may have caught Summer Breeze and Fill The Air on your favourite UK rap blog (no, this one), though this is five tracks deep and serves as a tidy introduction for those that aren't up on dude yet.

Loudmouth Melvin - EP 1

Joey G-Zus - Cartoon Hip Hop Volume 3 (Mixtape)

Joey G-Zus comes correct with the third volume of his Cartoon Hip Hop series on Roots Manuva's Banana Klan label. Not least because he's pulled in Dan Bull, Wordsmith, Reggiimental, Sonnyjim and Verb T on vocals, and Mr Boss, Kelakovski, Pete Cannon and Wizard on beats, to name a few.

8Trak - Beats And Pieces (Mixtape)

If you enjoyed Grand Central's recent Baby You Know, download beatsmith 8Trak's freebie mixtape, featuring said duo, Chima Anya and more.

8Trak - Beats And Pieces

D Double E - Street Fighter Riddim (Video)

Two Street Fighter-related posts in one day?! Say it isn't so.

Stig Of The Dump - I Got Game

Big Stig goes on playground-bully style over Pete Cannon's Street Fighter 2-sampling banger, which you may have already heard if you've been following this talented Manc producer.

Stiggie Smalls' Mood Swings LP is being lined up for a release on Lewis Recordings.

Chima Anya - Hey feat. Sincere

Anya MD goes in over the drum-led Hey with Sincere. New Day is out there now, so go get your Google on.