Klashnekoff - Back To The Sagas (Out Now)

Back To The Sagas was made fully available today. I've recently seen this album get praise and also get panned in the mainstream media, and nothing I read was especially insightful.

I don't know if it's the staggered release, with iTunes getting the album weeks ago, or the fact that this was ready way back, then had to be started from scratch due to a studio break in, but this album doesn't feel completely fresh and new. Essentially it's not. Though it's newer than anything else you've heard from Klashnekoff, so that shouldn't really be an issue.

LP Lionheart was just as divisive as this is likely to be, with many people criticising his sophomore effort for not matching up to Sagas. If you weren't one of those people, get yourself a copy of Back To The Sagas and check the Black Russian address the Terra Firma breakdown and more on the opener, do what only he can do on the badder than bad Soon Come, and make a deft link-up with Wretch-32 on the yearning Somebody Tell Me.

Welcome back Klashnekoff.

Klashnekoff - Somebody Tell Me feat. Wretch 32 & K9

Klashnekoff - Back To The Sagas (iTunes)
Klashnekoff - Back To The Sagas (HMV)
Klashnekoff - Back To The Sagas (Amazon)

Or buy from good ol' Play.com, who definitely didn't send an email to let me know my pre-order was ready to download.