DJ Mek - UK Hip Hop Flashbacks Pt.1 (Mix)

What DJ Mek's saying:

"Been meaning to tackle some UK rap classics for ages and finally got round to knocking up some mixes. This is part one of a 3 part set. Most of the old school UK rap mixes doing the rounds seem to focus on the ‘britcore’ style (angry raps/ noisy loops/ frantic scratching). I’ve included a few of those jams (Systematic Terror & You Need Discipline), but i tried to focus more on the midtempo steppers for this one.

All of these tunes will be familiar to brit-rap diehards but were largely ignored outside of the UK
. It’s a shame because some of them were way ahead of the curve. Part two will go a bit deeper into the ragga hip hop vibes. enjoy."


01-Depth Charge feat. Alkaline – Silver Fox Vs depth Charge
02-London Posse – Jump Around (remix)
03-Caveman – I’m Ready
04-Katch 22 – Service with a smile (remix)
05-Prime Rhyme Masters – You need Discipline
06-S.L. Troopers – Systematic Terror
07-The Sindecut – Wisdom
08-The Sindecut – Demanding Cycle (of a wordbound hammerhead)
09-Stereo M.c.s – Lyrical Machine
10-Stereo M.c.s – Bring it on
11-Manu Dibango & Mc Mell’O’ – Mincalor
12-Mc Buzz B – Mr. Smooth
13-Mc Mell’O’ – Open up your mind (remix)
14-Krispy 3 – Destroy all the stereotypes
15-Evaready & Unanimous Decision – Flowmotion
16-Krispy 3 – G’s Summary
17-Standing Ovation – Shadows of Mayhem (inst)
18-M.C. Duke – Night Train

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