Lowkey - The Warning (Chipmunk Diss)

This is how it goes: Chipmunk, largely known as a chart-topping teenybopper since getting signed, throws shots at Dot Rotten. Lowkey says he’ll respond if Dot Rotten doesn’t. Chips sounds off on Twitter and Lowkey responds. Chipmunk deletes Tweets and blocks Lowkey, pulling the painfully overused you’re-a-hater card. Lowkey releases diss track.

Ooooh, it’s so exciting! Bastions of “true hip hop” will blindly side with Lowkey, obviously. Not sure if the scene that Chipmunk originated from will support him or stand in the middle. For instance, Wretch 32 featured on Lowkey’s In My Lifetime and also runs in a trio with Chipmunk and Scorcher. The children who make up the majority of Chips’ newfound fanbase will be none the wiser as they jostle for Coke floats and stifle vomit at their best friends’ birthday parties.

Now, where’s my copy of Heat magazine?

UPDATE: Lowkey has also released this statement, which basically shows that he’s a grounded, mature and intelligent young man putting an overzealous yout in his place. My guess is that any of the older guys that associate themselves with Chipmunk will take him to the side and have a quiet word in his ear. That's probably what they should do, though, in the spirit of competition, a response would be interesting.

“I did not enjoy doing that, and I don’t want people to keep cussing the guy, but when you talk down to other people about material possessions and look down on others for having less than you materially, as if that is some measurement of talent, don’t expect me to say nothing. Humility doesn’t cost you anything. Humble yourself.” - Lowkey