John Robinson & Lewis Parker - International Summers

It's difficult to overstate the importance of Lewis Parker to our home grown hip hop scene. His Masquerades & Silhouettes set from 12 years ago is not only a classic album in its own right, the music he created laid the sonic blueprint for others for a good few years. He's also credited with creating the "cloudstepper" rap style that Jehst then ran with and perfected.

And as some of our own beatmakers are now starting to get some shine working with cats from the States, he had production credits on Tony Starks' Fishscale nearly half a decade ago.

This is the lead, self-titled joint off his new album with NY MC John Robinson - and if the sun stays out for longer then five minutes, this will be a great soundtrack to that.

PMC065+66 - John Robinson and Lewis Parker - International Summers (International Summers, 2010) by Project Mooncircle