Estelle - #IAlmostMadeAMixtape

Estelle just dropped this mixtape featuring Nas, Kardinal Offishall and John Legend. Peep the Maino-featuring and Kanye/Common-beat-jacking They Say for a little taster before delving in for the whole lot.

Estelle feat. Maino - They Say

Estelle - #IAlmostMadeAMixtape

Sean Price - Let Me Tell You (prod. Beat Butcha) (Video)

Get the mp3 here and patiently wait for Mic Tyson, which'll showcase more of Beat Butcha's production.

Jay Electronica - Ghost Of Christopher Wallace (prod. Quincy Tones)

A couple of months old now, the UK's Quincy Tones crafted this beauty for Jay Elec.

Jay Electronica - Ghost Of Christopher Wallace (prod. Quincy Tones)

You can find this on DJ Roast's excellent mix below.

DJ Roast 1Xtra Mix

DJ Roast recently blessed Charlie Sloth with an exclusive mix that covers both sides of the Atlantic. Expect US features from Roc Marciano, Little Brother, Raekwon, Jay Electronica and J. Cole, and from the UK - Roots Manuva, Delusionists and Micall Parknsun.

Roast is seriously nice with the cuts and song selection here. Let's hope he gets called back to the 1Xtra studio again soon.

Go visit his Bandcamp to get the skinny on his producer album Cuttin It Fine.


Dan Bull - Vuvuzela (Video)

Come on England!

UPDATE: Boooo!

D Double E - Street Fighter Riddim

This has fully done the rounds for a few weeks now. There was a radio rip and I think Dirtee Stank pulled an upload off YouTube because the song was getting a strong buzz and they didn't want to give too much away too early.

Without trying to sound like I'm qualifying D Double E, he's got tons of character and stands out from the crowd. Strict hip hop heads will be left scratching their... erm... heads. Those who like grime will already be up on him as he commands a lot of respect in those circles.

Whilst I found the Newham Generals album a little disappointing, Hard and I'm A General are as big as you like.

D Double E - Street Fighter Riddim

Don't Stay In...

Daaaaaaaaaaammmnnnn - Disorda done good with this one. To promote Jon Phonics' new album, Half Past Calm 2, Suspect Packages will play host to a hefty line-up. Hit the flyer for bigger info.

A favourite off this free album from one of the UK's finest producers.

Matt Henshaw - Adidas Trainers (Stan Smith Remix)

Matt Henshaw, of Reggiimental, has kindly offered up a free remix off The Deepest Cellar. If you like this and buy his album, or already have done, you might want to support his hustle to get a spot at LoveBox this year.

Yungun - Sunshine

Yungun is back in the fold with good vibes for the summer.

His Middleman album will mark the welcome return of Essa.

Skandal - Everyday feat. Black The Ripper (Video)

Jon Phonics laces Skandal with a thumper for Everyday, featuring Black The Ripper.

His stomach's still rumbling after Hunger Pains - so the second volume will be served up on the table shortly.

Jack Flash - 24 (Compilation)

Jack Flash's 24-week marathon saw him jump on a number of well selected beats, largely from the US, and do what he does best. Now he's compiled the lot into one convenient package, which you can get over here.

The Sound Of Colours is available right now.

Isle Of Rhyme aka Bare Means A Lot (Documentary)

Shot five years back, this short independent documentary charts the hip hop and then nascent grime scenes. Expect features from Skinnyman, Braintax, Rodney P, Dubbledge, Poisonous Poets, Foreign Beggars, Crazy Titch, Roll Deep, Jammer and a load more.

Get your learn on.

David's Lyre - Constellation (The Last Skeptik Remix)

The Last Skeptik has fully stepped out of his comfort zone by putting together his Same Day Different Shit remix album. If you like what you hear here, go and buy the whole thing, which will be released on CD tomorrow.

Envy - Normal (Video)

Far better than Lady Sovereign.

Mystro - Around My Way (Teaser)

Good news, people: Mys is lining up his Digmund Freud project for August and the lead single, Around My Way, will be available from July 5th. Here he takes to the streets of London to give the people free hugs hip hop.

Sav Killz - We Don't Look To The Skies (prod. Beat Butcha)

Beat Butcha stays on his grizzly and is steadily becoming a mainstay of the New York rap scene with his raw yet accomplished production.

Scorzayzee - Luv Me (Video)

The old adage that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger seems more than fitting in Scorzayzee's case. He was previously something of a punchline legend and started to display a more analytical side with Great Britain and Want What's Yours, before dropping off the map entirely.

Now it's himself that's under the microscope. Tackling whatever personal demons he's had to face in the last five years, dealing with what sounds like some sort of peng-induced psychosis, has given him a new lease of life and shows an unexpected maturation. In fact, a year ago I didn't expect to even hear from him again at all...

Peace To The Puzzle is on its way.

Myke Forte - Zodiak: Cancer

Myke Forte's previous Zodiak installments are a lot and this is likely to be no different.

Myke Forte - Zodiak: Cancer

Willo's Comin'...

Behind the scenes footage for the filming of Willo's The Lollipop Lady's Favourite video, a snippet of which you can get below. This video looks like it's going to be jokes and I'm glad his album is finally set to drop.

ApaTight - AyePee Beat Library Vol. 1

ApaTight has long been making backdrops for your favourite rappers from these parts. If you're already aware of him or not, here's his latest collection of music for you get your headnod on to.

Straight swiped from Hype Dog.

Context MC - Feeling Alone (feat. Genesis Elijah & Well Red)

Heard of Context MC before? Me neither. This is lifted off the soon-to-drop The Cadmean Victory and serves as a sign that hip hop artists operating below the surface can tap sonics that don't stay blindly faithful to tradition - and can do so to good effect.

Klashnekoff - Soon Come

Back To The Sagas is sounding big.

For those with iTunes on their computer, you can get the album right now. For everyone else, the album will be physically/officially released on 26th July. Now, where's that chuffing pre-order?

Klashnekoff - Soon Come

Paul White Beat Showcase For BTS Radio

Paul White blessed BTS Radio with an exclusive beat showcase, which you can get your listen on to right here. This features new and unheard material, as well as songs off his recent Purple Brain set and prior releases.


Cheech & Chong Intro
Paul White - My Guitar Whales
Paul White - Ancient Treasure Ft. Guilty Simpson (Assumin' Remix)
Paul White - Wait For Me
Paul White - And Nico
Paul White - Pride
Paul White - Moonlight
Paul White - The Galaxy Window
Paul White - Synth March
Paul White - Versus The BBC
Paul White - Ancient Treasure Ft. Guilty Simpson (Day Off Remix)
Paul White - Dance Scene
Paul White - Right On
Paul White - Garfield's New Thing
Paul White - The Doldrum
Paul White - Bernard Fevre Remix
Paul White - Back to My Roots
Paul White - Highlife
Paul White - A Gentle Freak
Paul White - Evasive Action
Paul White - Goes To Hollywood
Paul White - Marshen Signals
Paul White - Death Star
Paul White - Another Mind State
Paul White - Speed Racing
Pharoah Sanders - Hum Allah Hum Allah Hum Allah
Weather Report - The Elders
Laboratorium - Ikona
Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Can't Take Another World War
Can - Hallelujah
Belle Epoque - Miss Broadway
Bo Hansson - Rabbit Music
Uele Kalabubu - Matata

Skillit - I Think You Get The Point (Video)

Skillit's Skillit Bang is not only liable to be very good, word has it it will kill 99.9% of all bacteria and make your grime-stained coppers bling - like this.

Jay-Z Signs Tinchy Stryder

If you were still in any doubt as to whether Jay-Z is about developing new and unheard talent as a fellow artist with his ear to the ground, or chasing obvious investment opportunities as a cunning businessman (taken from the Daily Star... I know, I know):

"HE may be wee, but Tinchy Stryder is fast becoming a very big player.

The east Londoner, 23, has signed a joint music venture with none other than Jay-Z, 40, and his Roc Nation label. It is christened Takeover Roc Nation.

The unlikely pair shook hands on a deal that means the new company will look after Tinchy’s management, music, merchandise and live representation. Other artists may also be signed to Takeover Roc Nation.

Having already founded a clothing line and a publishing company, Tinchy is certainly rivalling Jigga in business.

Tinch told me: “I’m still focused on the UK and not losing touch with my roots, but I want to take on the world as well.”

I hope Tinchy provided Jigga with a few of his red-hot T-Shirts as part of the deal, and one for the missus Beyoncé, 28, too. Good luck boys."

This is likely to ruffle a few feathers. To be fair, the guy has been making music for more than half a decade, even if he serves up steaming piles of turd since teaming up with this horrible, horrible music producer.

Ghost - Postcards From The Edge

Ghost may have decamped back to his homeland of New Zealand, but that doesn't mean he's not still hard at work making music. Postcards From The Edge is the lead track off his next project of the same name, set for a release in August.

<a href="">Postcards from the Edge by Ghost</a>

Mark B Presents - Black Market Breaks Documentary

Mark B - the man behind The Unknown and Task Force's New Mic Order - made this beat diggin' radio documentary for the BBC. Here's what they're saying:

"In the cold harsh winter of 2002 UK producer Mark B was approached by BBC’s Radio One team do a short documentary based around the art & knowledge of record collecting from a hip-hop perspective. Already aware of the global coverage & support of Radio One with the success of the Mark B & Blade Unknown LP (2000) he jumped at the opportunity to take a break from the studio & touring to further his skills & learn the art of producing a radio documentary.

After a few shorts meetings with their team Mark bounced a few ideas off of them & took the challenge one step further by expanding an already well covered theme to the heart of New York City to investigate the story behind one of hip-hop’s most recognizable & biggest ever hits both on the streets, radio & MTV audiences alike. No matter what music you listen to underground or commercial, rock pop, house techno or reggae it’s more than likely you will know the song in question but it’s very doubtful you will actually know the true story behind this song or its original source.

Straight from the rotten apple Mark B exposes the dirty dealings of break trading, record producing, record diggin’ & the origins of an LP sold to over 20 different producers before falling into the hands of Dr Dre & Melman.

With the help & interviews from the legendary DJ Marley Marl, VIC, Dilated Peoples, Bubba Sparxxx, DJ Greenpeace, David Holmes, Tommy Koi of Mr Bongo Records, Andrew Mason of Wax Poetics & Jared from The Sound Library record store this is one documentary you don’t want to miss."

Lowkey - The Warning (Chipmunk Diss)

This is how it goes: Chipmunk, largely known as a chart-topping teenybopper since getting signed, throws shots at Dot Rotten. Lowkey says he’ll respond if Dot Rotten doesn’t. Chips sounds off on Twitter and Lowkey responds. Chipmunk deletes Tweets and blocks Lowkey, pulling the painfully overused you’re-a-hater card. Lowkey releases diss track.

Ooooh, it’s so exciting! Bastions of “true hip hop” will blindly side with Lowkey, obviously. Not sure if the scene that Chipmunk originated from will support him or stand in the middle. For instance, Wretch 32 featured on Lowkey’s In My Lifetime and also runs in a trio with Chipmunk and Scorcher. The children who make up the majority of Chips’ newfound fanbase will be none the wiser as they jostle for Coke floats and stifle vomit at their best friends’ birthday parties.

Now, where’s my copy of Heat magazine?

UPDATE: Lowkey has also released this statement, which basically shows that he’s a grounded, mature and intelligent young man putting an overzealous yout in his place. My guess is that any of the older guys that associate themselves with Chipmunk will take him to the side and have a quiet word in his ear. That's probably what they should do, though, in the spirit of competition, a response would be interesting.

“I did not enjoy doing that, and I don’t want people to keep cussing the guy, but when you talk down to other people about material possessions and look down on others for having less than you materially, as if that is some measurement of talent, don’t expect me to say nothing. Humility doesn’t cost you anything. Humble yourself.” - Lowkey

Loudmouth Melvin & Pyro - Light Up (Dub)

Loudmouth has consistently been putting out heat for the last year and beyond. This time he jumps on Drake and Jay-Z's Light Up and bodies it alongside cohort Pyro.

Loudmouth Melvin & Pyro - Light Up (Dub)

Not only that, he's called on sparring partner Mentalist, Mystro and Skandal for the self-produced Fill The Air, which should pique you lot's interest for his series of EPs that are sure to be flames.

Use the search bar to do some back-peddling.

Suspect Packages Radio - June Show

Disorda is back in the building, bitches!

Don't forget to catch Jehst, Parky and Jazz T this Friday @Vibe Bar, it's sure to be a biggun.


01> Delusionists - Suspect Packages Radio Show intro
02> Kal Sereousz – Verbal Kung Fu / promo
03> Klashnekoff feat.D.Ablo – Klash Anthem / Abstract Urban
04> Life & Nappa feat.Skuff & Si Phili – Spit N Spray / promo
05> Running Punch – Smoke Smoke Smoke / promo
06> Scorzayzee – Luv Me / promo
07> Chief Wigz feat.Jack Flash & J Simple – Breathe / Don’t Talk To Strangers
08> John Robinson & Lewis Parker – Ebony Godfathers / Project: Mooncircle
09> Diam Ruff – Diam Is Shinin’ / promo
10> The P Brothers feat.Roc Marciano – As Long As It’s Real / Heavy Bronx
11> Squid Ninjaz feat.Beratta 9 & Midaz The Beast – Middle Finger Music (Remix) / Squid Ninja promo
12> Klashnekoff feat.Skriblah & Capito – Tek Time / Abstract Urban
13> OSB’Z feat.Tai – Lights Out / OSB’Z
14> Jonski feat.Danny Spice – Organic / History Maker Records promo
15> Jeye Severe – Father Forgive Them / promo
16> Low Starr – Orchestra Minded / promo
17> Loudmouth Melvin – Outspoken (Jetsun 24/7 Remix) / promo
18> John Robinson & Lewis Parker – Dues Paid / Project: Mooncircle
19> Obba Supa – Fly On Turntable / Project: Mooncircle
20> Kal Sereousz – Stoneage / promo
21> OSB’Z feat.Joe Gutta – Screwface / OSB’Z
22> Life & Nappa – Lyrical Vibes / promo
23> Skitz feat.Rodney P – Never / Dragon Drop Records promo
24> Kirk Spencer feat.Wariko, Shifty Spirit & Jah Digga – Night Time / promo
25> 184 – Robots / Mecha Kong Holding Company promo
26> Fused Forces feat.Rico – Ease Off / promo
27> Ricky Ranking feat.Roots Manuva – Audio Murder / Banana Klan
28> Mensah – Stapleton Road / Hench
29> Verbal Contact – Mind The Gap (Sasquatch Remix) / promo
30> Ben-One – Potentiality / promo

Download/stream at the fresh Sensei site.

DJ Lok's Minimix Of Mystro's F.D.T.

If you've hit up Suspect Packages Live then you'll know that DJ LoK is a little bit flippin' tasty with the cuts and blends. He's put together a mix of Mysto's F.D.T. so you can get your reviewing hats on and follow up with a purchase at Steve Jobs' pension fund. Result!

John Robinson & Lewis Parker - International Summers

It's difficult to overstate the importance of Lewis Parker to our home grown hip hop scene. His Masquerades & Silhouettes set from 12 years ago is not only a classic album in its own right, the music he created laid the sonic blueprint for others for a good few years. He's also credited with creating the "cloudstepper" rap style that Jehst then ran with and perfected.

And as some of our own beatmakers are now starting to get some shine working with cats from the States, he had production credits on Tony Starks' Fishscale nearly half a decade ago.

This is the lead, self-titled joint off his new album with NY MC John Robinson - and if the sun stays out for longer then five minutes, this will be a great soundtrack to that.

PMC065+66 - John Robinson and Lewis Parker - International Summers (International Summers, 2010) by Project Mooncircle

G FrSH - Black Batman (Video)

Where's Robin at?

Don't Stay In...

Louis Den Beat Cypher is the event where producers in the country showcase their talent. If you're not up on this event and the mainstays that regularly feature, you're really missing a trick. That is all.

Hit the flyer to take a closer look.

Knowledge Magazine: DJ Slademan - Hip Hop Don't Stop (Mix)

DJ Slademan brings you the freshest cuts from both Britain and the US in this mix he's done for Knowledge Magazine.

Not only that, you can catch Slademan's own work in this mix as he manned the boards on five of the tunes here.

Download as intended
or as conveniently separated tracks.

Star Slinger - Volume 1 (Beat Tape)

Star Slinger, a Manc producer that you most likely haven't caught wind of yet, has just put out his first LP/beat tape, where no genres are off limits when it comes to samples.

This is as much influenced by the leftist beat sorcery that's been emerging recently (check Extra Time) and Big Beat (Gas) as it is hip hop. Purists have been warned.

Star Slinger - Volume 1

Paul White - Paul White & The Purple Brain (Out Now)

Beatsmith Paul White's latest creation sees him rework little-known Swedish pysch-rock act ST Mikael's music into something that registers somewhere on the outside of the radar. Something like hip hop's hippy half-brother - but in a good way.

Paul White & The Purple Brain is now available and some surrealist imagery accompanies for Pride.

1Xtra: Fire In The Booth - Lowkey

Lowkey doesn't only bate the establishment - he can talk greasy like the rest of 'em too.

Charlie Sloth's gonna need a supply of lozenges on hand if he keeps these introductions and outros up.

Everliven Sound - Elements feat. El Da Sensei

Everliven Sound is a rapping duo from New York made up of Cymarshall Law and Skit Slam, the latter of which featured heavily on Phi-Life Cypher's Higher Forces from 2003. Bit of a tenuous link, but here's the latest leak from their new album, Freedom 2.

Here's one off Higher Forces that features one half of Everliven Sound.

Sonnyjim - Dunbars (prod. 184)

The self-proclaimed best rapper in the UK (and who's arguing?) has just freed this double-time number up. This is supposedly off the forthcoming Trading Standards Remixes CD that's being lined up for a release soon and features beats by M-Phazes, Lotek, Jon Phonics, Kelakovski, Kosyne, Sivey and more.

Klashnekoff - Back To The Sagas (Available On iTunes)

If you don't want to hang about for the physical release on July 26th, Klash's Back To The Sagas is now available to purchase digitally on iTunes.

Hopefully you didn't pre-order it on and have to wait until they end up with the mp3 version (hurry up)...

Here's a "leak" off the album to warm you up. I'm going to wait for the whole thing and listen to it in its entirety.

Klashnekoff - Klash Anthem

Don't Stay In...

Suspect Packages Live is back once again. This time round Jehst hits up Vibe Bar with Parky and Jazz T on the cuts, thank you very much.

And catch up with Suspect Packages Radio for your fill of Iron Braydz and loads mo'.


01> Delusionists - Suspect Packages Radio Show intro
02> Roots Manuva – Snake Bite / Banana Klan
03> Tigerstyle feat.Jehst – Way Ahead Of Ya / promo
04> Skitz feat.Rodney P – Never / Dragon Drop Records promo
05> Rhyme Asylum – Next Level / Rhyme Asylum Records
06> P.R. feat.Mystro, Jargon & DJ Thor – Aight Den / PdotR Music
07> Ty feat.D-Cross – I Get Up / BBE
08> Invisible Inc feat.Asaviour & Devorah - Paradise / Musicforheads
09> Shifty Spirit – It’s Been A While / CRS promo
10> Delusionists – Nature’s Way / Beats Laying About
11> Jon Phonics feat.Masikah – Rabbit Jab / YNR Productions
12> Jon Phonics feat.Fliptrix, Sonny Jim, Ramson Badbonez & Verb T – Pump / YNR Productions
13> Salvo feat.Chester P & Kashmere – The Info (Remix) / King Kong Holding Company promo
14> Iron Braydz – Interview part 1
15> Iron Braydz feat.M9 – Devils Death Day
16> Iron Braydz – Interview part 2
17> Iron Braydz – Hyped Up
18> Iron Braydz – Interview part 3
19> Iron Braydz feat.Guilty Simpson & Sav Kills – Savin’ Artillary (Original Version)
20> Iron Braydz – Interview part 4
21> Iron Braydz – Mic Molester Freestyle
22> Iron Braydz – Interview part 5
23> Iron Braydz – D.M.C. Devil May Cry
23> Iron Braydz – Live Freestyle
24> IQ Productions - IQ Productions meets Kope / Banana Klan
25> Skitz feat.L Dot Man – Diamonds & Gold / Dragon Drop Records promo
26> Fused Forces – Muddy Pauper / promo
27> Reggiimental feat.Rukus & Ras Supa – Far Away / Rusty Jukebox promo
28> Mowgli feat.Jamm Baxter – Six Stages / Dodeca Records
29> Cappo – Tighten Your Grip / Akai Professionals promo
30> Jack Flash – Writing On The Wall / Jack Flash Music