Associated Minds & Eat Good Records - The Highball

After the Associated Minds camp linked Eat Good in Brum for a show, they figured "why not hit the studio?". The result? The Highball, which sees two of the country's top hip hop labels in full co-operation.

With production from Metabeats, P.L.O. & Kelakovski and vocals from Sonnyjim, Kosyne, Taharka, Redbeard, RTillery, Beatbox Fozzy, Ruffstylz, Ralph Rip Shit, Mudmowth, Pergyl, P.L.O. and more, this is one to watch out for.

Sonnyjim goes acapella from the recording session:

And it sounds as if Willo's LP, Wot's Willo On?, might also be coming to fruition...

Cyclonious - Simple (Video)

Cyclonious follows up What's A Postcode? with the second single from his debut album, The Revival, which will see a release shortly.

He's got two very strong tracks under his belt now and it looks as if his long player is going to be well worth a purchase.

Make sure you give the first single a go too.

Jack Flash 24 Is A Wrap

Well, there you have it - Jack Flash said he was going to deliver a new verse for 24 consecutive weeks, and he's done just that.

You can catch the full series over at his YouTube channel and The Sound Of Colours is now available.

1Xtra: Fire In The Booth - Scorzayzee, Ramson Badbonez, K KOKE

The most recent Fire In The Booth slots, where Charlie Sloth, the new guvnor of hip hop over at 1Xtra, calls on local talent to show what they’ve got.

Charlie’s doing a good job filling Sarah’s shoes and this is definitely a smart way of giving artists, and the scene as a whole, more exposure.

Kal Sereousz - Da Da Da (prod. Kelakovski) (Video)

The East End's Kal Sereousz gets the Kelz treatment for Da Da Da, lifted off the soon-to-be-released album Terrorist City: Beta Version.

The free set is liable to be an unexpected gem, with production also handled by Jon Phonics and Chemo among others.

Sean Price - Let Me Tell You (prod. Beat Butcha)

The UK's Beat Butcha hits P! with a monster. This, along with about four others, will be on Sean Price's third and supposedly last solo project, Mic Tyson.

Sean Price - Let Me Tell You (prod. Beat Butcha)

Don't Stay In...

Another one at the Udderbelly. This time Yungun hits the stage to perform music from his forthcoming album, Middleman. Hit the link for the details.

TY on Music Addiction & Special Kind Of Fool

Sway - Pop A Bottle feat. Donae'o (Video)


Hypedog Presents: The New School Beat Tape 2010 - Compiled By Luigi-Bo 87

Hypedog is back at it again, this time with a compilation put together by Luigi-B0 87. The tape pools together ten of the best new school producers from the US, Europe and the UK and Luigi's got excellent taste, so this is the perfect way to get to know some talent that you might not already.

From Britain - BUG, Jaisu, Jon Phonics, Myke Forte and S-Type.

Hypedog Presents: The New School Beat Tape 2010 - Compiled By Luigi-Bo 87

Trozion - Zombie Nation feat. A.L. (Video)

Nort' London's Trozion is just a nipper at 16 but the kid can spit. This is his debut video for the Lewi White-produced Zombie Nation and, if you follow the grime scene closely, I'm sure you'll be seeing his name cropping up a lot more in the future.

Thanks to Blatantly Blunt for the heads up.

Don't Stay In...

Beardyman gets his "bmm tschh, bm bmmm bm tsch" on for the Udderbelly proceedings at Southbank, with others on mic duties.

Paul White - Marshan Signals

London's Paul White is one of the most idiosyncratic producers you'll have the pleasure of listening to. His soundscapes are like no-one elses and are also very good. With the psychedelic Paul White & The Purple Brain set for an imminent release, One-Handed Music give you a little taster - Marshan Signals.

Paul White - Marshan Signals (right-click if you want it)

And if you haven't yet checked his collaboration with Guilty Simpson, do so.

Skitz - Rainy Day Science feat. Task Force

It's all too easy to charge Task Force with making overtly melancholy music, but then you don't listen to The Brothers McBain for sunny, smiley music. The fact is they're one of the best outfits to come out of the hip hop scene in this country, not least because they're so adept at capturing that sombre sound.

It's been a long old stretch since Skitz released the seminal Countryman. It sounds like it'll be worth the wait from what's been put out so far.

Skitz - Rainy Day Science feat. Task Force (Clean)

Mr Loop - Music From The Tanhauser Gate

Mr Loop just dropped his latest album and you should definitely check it out. Music From The Tanhauser Gate showcases Loop's excellent production to full effect and features Dr Syntax, Ben Black and a host of other UK spitters. You skinflints can hang on to your pennies this time round as it's a freebie - but count yourselves lucky, you gypsies.

<a href="">Entrée by Mr Loop</a>

Grime Done Sold Out

This article from Robert Leedham gives a brief and accurate analysis of the recent commericalisation of grime, or British hip hop as the mainstream press likes to call it, into a poptastic product that wouldn’t look out of place in a copy of Smash Hits. Dizzee’s Dance Wiv Me is targeted as a key offender in breaking the levies for respected MCs to churn out pop music with rapping on it.

And this is singled out as the latest, and perhaps most embarrassing, episode in that saga. This is currently No. 1 in the UK singles chart and I can’t be held responsible for how watching this will make you feel, mentally or physically.

The most bemusing part of these ploys to capture a pop audience is just how radically acts will change the sound of their music. Whether you like Roll Deep or not, they were pioneers in their own right and carved out a unique sound with in-house production. Chart toppers Dizzee, Wiley and Tynchy Stryder came from the camp – which is/was something like grime’s answer to Wu-Tang. This, for instance, is miles away from the above.

Things had started to look up - Tinie Tempah’s recent hit Pass Out saturated the radiowaves, yet retained enough of an edge to gain respect from his peers and sounded authentic.

As Leedham points out in his piece, the outcome of Giggs’ official debut may be crucial in redefining the rules for playing on a commercial field. As hated as the base lyrical content born in the US has become today, hope that Giggs’ LP is unashamed malevolent ignorance over big, non-4-beat backdrops. He might be able to bring some balance to the mainstream and re-write what is and what isn’t allowed. We’ll see.

Don't Stay In...

This is sure to be a great night and a top album. Sticksman finally drops 8th June, so keep a tenner set aside.

Charlie 2na - Gadget Go Go (prod. Rusko)

This is a completely unexpected collabo. Rusko’s Snatch and Catchphrase-sampling music’s normally listened to by kids off their faces on meow meow. I can’t see his fan base particularly liking this.

And Jurassic 5 lovers will be up in arms.

Charlie 2na - Gadget Go Go (prod. Rusko)

Black Einstein - Steppin' feat. Mystro & Kyza

Formerly known as Emmanuel, Black Einstein goes all new jack swing for this Mystro and Kyza-featuring party starter.

<a href="">STEPPIN' by Black Einstein</a>

Akira The Don - ATD23: The Street Fighter Mixtape

Akira The Don is something of an anomaly. Or he is if you try and put a label on him, at least. With numerous online projects released independently, collaborations with grime MCs such as Lethal B and having been signed by Interscope (and then dropped for making a song about AIDS) he continues to do what he likes.

You may think he’s a free-thinking artist, or a Hoxton-type cunt. Either way, his latest, Street Fighter-inspired mixtape is here.

Akira The Don - ATD23 - The Street Fighter MixtapebyAkira The Don

Westlife's Mark Feehily Goes At N-Dubz

From Contact Music:

'WESTLIFE star MARK FEEHILY has taken aim at British rap trio N-DUBZ - berating the hip-hop stars for their "irresponsible behaviour" and branding them "total idiots".

The clean-cut singer has slammed the group for not taking their task as role models for their impressionable fans seriously, after N-Dubz member Dappy was embroiled in two drugs scandals last month (Apr10).

The rapper was caught on camera taking controversial drug mephedrone and was kicked out of a U.K. theme park after allegedly smoking cannabis in the venue's hotel.

And Feehily has urged the band to act more like "real stars" Bono and Jay-Z - insisting the young hitmakers have "no respect".

"That whole kind of scene, and that shady kind of world, is just so different to us. Bands like N-Dubz, there's a lot of public, irresponsible behaviour because a lot of kids look up to them and they kind of set the bar. In the same way that little girls want to dance like Cheryl Cole and look like her, other young kids want to look, dance and act like stars out there that are drunk, fight and act aggressively.

"The real, real stars - the Jay-Zs and Bonos - don't do any of that. It's the bottom of the pile who have no respect.

"People idolise them, so it is totally irresponsible. For someone in the public eye, whether they like it or not, there is pressure to be a positive role model.

"It's more admirable to give out a positive message rather than acting like total idiots."

Bandmate Shane Filan adds, "If N-Dubz want to go out and get drunk that's their choice, but it's sad."'

The gloves are off.

“Fight, fight, fight, fight!”

Sonny Jim - The Purple Patch Part 2

"And I'm a problem like meth smoke in Fresno / You tryna be down, you're as hip hop as Depeche Mode"

Like he says, this man is a serious problem.

The second of the four-part Purple Patch series. Apatight on the boards for Sonny Jim to spit that raw on. With LP Magnum Opus, also produced by Apatight, round the corner expect more heat on the table soon.

Feast your eyes
on the video for The Purple Patch Part 1.

Sonny Jim - The Purple Patch Part 2
(right-click to save)

Estelle - Dear London

This is a taster of a mixtape that Estelle has coming. Here she takes Jay’s Dear Summer beat and addresses her hometown of London, touching on her migration to the States to rub shoulders with Mr. Hissyfit and them.

If you only became aware of her since her entrance into the pop charts a couple of years ago, she used to very much be a part of the independent scene here, choosing spitting over singing and running with Roots Manuva and Rodney P et al as part of Blacknificent 7.

She’s a great singer, so upping sticks and developing as an artist and entering the pop world was a no-brainer. That said, it’ll be interesting to see what she’s got by way of this unofficial project.

Estelle – Dear London

Young Buck - Let's Have A Drink feat. Fluid Outrage (prod. Kelakovski)

Kelz hits G-Unit exile Young Buck with a banger - and the UK continues to play its part in the US hip hop scene.

Seriously though, who calls themselves Fluid Outrage? "Yeah, yeah, I've got Fluid Outrage on the hook." Sounds like something you'd tell someone in strictest confidence.

Young Buck - Let's Have A Drink feat. Fluid Outrage (prod. Kelakovski)

Scorzayzee - Raging Bull (Mixtape)

The aforementioned mixtape from Notts' Scorz is here. This is the warm-up to his upcoming album, Peace To The Puzzle.

Did he get that gaff and motor from his Shane Meadows paypacket?

Scorzayzee - Raging Bull (Mixtape)

Scorzayzee Over Big L's Flamboyant

New Scorz over Big L's Flamboyant. You'll find this on his soon-to-drop mixtape Raging Bull.

Scorzayzee Over Big L's Flamboyant

Kelakovski Stateside

Eat Good Records' Kelakovski has made a couple of recent moves with US artists, namely ex-G-Unit member Young Buck and Chicagoan Verbal Kent. The Brummie producer is no slouch and continues to make great, polished hip hop.

Verbal Kent - Now (prod. Kelakovski)

Scorzayzee, Shifty & Tempa - Bars On A Bass Drum And Snare (Video)

The Nick Stez remix of this is probably more like what you're after.

Scorzayzee, Shifty & Tempa - Bars On A Bass Drum And Snare (Nick Stez Remix)

Richy Spitz - Who I Am feat. Si Phili (Video)

Richy Spitz calls on Si Phili of Phi-Life Cypher for Who I Am, made available today.

You can catch Phi-Life Cypher at Suspect Packages Live this Friday @Vibe Bar, Brick Lane.

Jeye Severe - The Hierarchy (Out Now)

He caught producer IMAKEMADBEATS' and Sway's ear and now Jey Severe's served up The Hierarchy to get you even more familiar.

Soldjasoulz - Soul Sellers EP

Soldjasoulz - Norwich's Reds and DPF - bring you their Soul Sellers EP as a free download. Production comes from J-Roots, Dillijence, Mr.Laws and Jimmy Green.

Jon Phonics - Half Past Calm 2 (Out Now)

Now part of the mighty YNR line up, Jon Phonics' Half Past Calm 2 is available for free for a limited time from the label's website. Entirely self-produced, the album features Jehst, Kashmere, Verb T and Micall Parknsun, plus extended fam Melanin 9, Cyrus Malachi & Nasheron of Triple Darkness, Obba Supa, 9 Planets, Sonny Jim, Kosyne, Ramson Badbonez, T-Bear, Fliptrix and more.

What you still doing here?

If you're having trouble with the link at YNR, try this. And if you want a physical copy, then head this way.

Mysro & Nathan "Flutebox" Lee w/ Charlie Sloth On 1Xtra

With Sarah Love having recently flown the nest, Charlie Sloth has filled her shoes over at 1Xtra.

For his first show he called on Mystro, who brought through Flutebox for the debut Fire in the Booth showcase.

Black The Ripper showed what he's about for last night's programme.

Anonymes - 59 Killa (prod. Chemo) (Video)

Why a French video? London's Chemo - one of the best producers round these parts - on production.

Here's another example of his work, from Certified Banger's On The Radar series:

Chosen Spokesmen - Mad Real (prod. Chemo)

Farma Hits It On The Head

This exact same sentiment has crossed my mind more than a couple of times:

"Hip hop as a worldwide sub-culture is one of the most contrived and hypocritical in existence. Why do i say this you may ask..well, To me it represents being a rebel, an outlaw, an under dog, a non conformist etc, but in essence it has more rules and regulations than any other group of people i can think of."

This Diggaz Love interview with Farma Giles is a must read, and probably one of the most insightful you'll find from an artist who is, or has been, part of this scene.

See for yourself

Braintax - D90 Rules (Asaviour Remix)

Some say Braintax done a runner with the Low Life roster’s earnings, others disagree and, likely, most people don’t care either way as Biro Funk is a seminal UK hip hop album and much of his work before and after then is classic.

Once a signee to Joe Christie’s pivotal record label with his The Broken Ladder set, Asaviour has put together this remix of a Brains track from 2006, D90 Rules.

Braintax - D90 Rules (Asaviour Remix)

Paul White - Ancient Treasure feat. Guilty Simpson

What Stones Throw's saying:

"Paul White & The Purple Brain – the collaborative instrumental album between the South London producer and Swedish neo-psych-rocker S.T Mikael – is out on June 8th in all formats. A deluxe version of the LP will contain an exclusive 12” single featuring Guilty Simpson’s version of 'Ancient Treasure' and two exclusive remixes. We’re making the 12” available digitally now."

Paul White has consistently been releasing great music and sticks firmly to his own script. Chuck in one of Detroit's filthiest rappers and it's a wrap.

Paul White - Ancient Treasure feat. Guilty Simpson

Delusionists - Prolusion Plus (Out Now)

You can get the new Delusionists album, Prolusion Plus, from the revamped Delusionists website. And because you're a UK All Day reader (and that makes you special, in the good way) you can get 25% off the price of the download by using the code UKADFAM

If you're a bit of a high flyer you might want to ignore that discount code completely and splash out on the CD version.

Check the Certified Banger review to get the verdict.

Roots Manuva - Snake Bite

Is this the hardest thing Roots has been on since Witness The Fitness? I've only given his last couple of albums cursory listens, so perhaps not.

It's a right biggun though, that's for sure. He must've summoned up the power of Banana Klan.

Sonny Jim - The Purple Patch Part 1 (Video)

Sonny Jim's first of four Purple Patch installments gets the video treatment.

Four minutes of unashamed raps from the scene's biggest bully and Kelakovski on the beat - what's better than that?

Get the mp3 for repeat listens

Joker Starr & DJ IQ - Don't Get Left Behind (Mixtape)

Don’t Get Left Behind is the fruit of DJ IQ and Joker Starr’s labour. The unofficial tallest DJ in UK hip hop is nice with the beats and Joker has already been very hard at work this year, returning to the fray with various mixtape projects and releases.

You can familiarise yourself with Sunshine – also on here – or just start downloading from the get go.

Joker Starr & DJ IQ - Don't Get Left Behind (Mixtape)