Still Underground (Documentary)

This serves as a snapshot of UK hip hop as it is today. The aim of the documentary is to gauge whether the scene is still considered underground, by speaking to the people involved in it.

My take is that you have to be strict and pedantic about how you define UK hip hop for a definitive answer. I suspect the handful of people reading this consider sample-based, 90bpm music that has a lineage with the sounds of 2000 to represent the truest sense of the term. And if that’s what you consider to be UK hip hop, I would say it’s still very much underground and actually has a less avid following than it did five or more years ago. That style of music won’t ever cross over to the mainstream because it has no mass appeal - but is that even a problem? Why pander to a fickle public just for the sake of being able to lay claim to a larger audience?

Chester really hits it on the head with his comments.

Get in where you fit in.